Greetings Mafiosos this is your friendly TMB-Blogger, back again with another round of Whose Question Is It Anyways? Today we will to jump right into it. We selected a few choice players and posed them all the same set of questions, and let them have at it. So lets go!

Here were the questions asked in main round 1115…

1 - List the games CURRENT, best 3 killers
2 - What is your biggest fear
3 - What is your biggest pet peeve
4 - Do you have any pets
5 - Do you play TMB more on your phone, or your pc?

First up we travel to Little America and catch up with Dogsplayingpoker from the IC family to see what he has to say…

1 - Best killers, that’s hard to say, but I would rank them as myself, Kimbo ( as we have had our battles) then Chicanwolf because he never back down but tries to be a thorn and I respect him for that. For straight killers its Kimbo, Griff, and Bobby, kimbo knows how to kill and loves too, griff is my buddy so shout out, and bobby is a thorn but if he shut up he would be better, he loses me in the talk
2- My biggest fear is being without family, whether in real life or in game, my family always comes 1st
3 - Leaving empty drinks on the table or end table, you go get another 1 well how about take the 1 and throw it in the dam trash. How do you build a beer pyramid if you keep throwing the cans away?
4 - I have a pet cat and rabbit, kids hate the cat cause he’s mean to them, I have been trying to cook the rabbit but they asked me not too, but I know them rabbits are dam good eating. Rabbits = delicious, maybe not the kids though you savage
5 - I actually play 99% on my tablet, I have a computer but figure if I loot too much on the computer then people would quit and complain lol, who am I kidding I suck at looting
A dog with a cat, interesting, ha-ha, thanks for playing DOGS! ......Next up we travel far and wide to a strange looking undisclosed van parked by a river to catch up with WAYLANDER

1 - Ares, B_madov, ELMO
2 - Humans
3 - Useless killing in mob games, mobsters don’t kill unless useful, killing means income loss, police attention, go play modern warfare
4 - I’m a pet myself LULZ
5 - I’ve played TMB on my phone for years now
Dam... that was sketchy, so since its been a week and I had to re-up, I headed over the SmokeHouse to catch up with ELL and pay them so money I owed them… here is what
ELL had to say about this weeks questions….

1- What is a killer? Is a killer the person who has the highest wallet and more turns to spend? Or is it a player who can work well in teams and has a solid group of players helping them out? Hey man, I ask the questions around here
2 - Failing
3 - People who think they are better than others
4 - GSD X Husky
5 - I am 50/50 between my phone and laptop

I don’t know why my eyes are so red every time I leave there, isn’t there a Waffle House close? Moving on, next we catch up with a USK king and friend to the game, don’t let his name fool you, ELMO is up….

1 - List the games CURRENT, best 3 killers. Don't know bout to the top three but the worst killer is that girl. Greenes her name is... OH BURN
2 - My alarm going off in the morning HEARD THAT

3 - Probably their owners
4 - No but there is a cat that lives in the same house I AM NOT A CAT PERSON


Well thanks for catching up sir. While across the pond I stopped over in Istanbul for a quick chat with NuGGz, and boy was it fast, this is what he had to say


Well sir, thanks for nothing! After all that travel I needed to catch a nap and grab some coffee so we popped into the Coffee Shop and had a chat with BigErk.
Welcome to my corner of the shop, enjoy a cup on me! Now let me get to these unfortunate questions I suppose...

1 - Have no clue, killer simply just doesn't arouse me, and so I truthfully don't pay to close attention to killers currently.
2 - Biggest fear is if I were to be murdered, or someone going through my browser history. Yikes.

You and me both
3 -My biggest pet peeve is 100% is those imbeciles that chew with their mouth open and smack. It is so repulsive and makes my skin crawl.
4 - No pets at the moment but have been brain washing my husband into getting me a puppy

Yea dogs kick ass, I have 3
5 - Lol, I have always played on my phone. Have yet to see how my PC game play would be. When I started playing last September I started using the app, but then switched to using Chrome for my game play.

Thanks for stopping by the shop! Appreciate you having me, and they were right, that is 1 dam good cup of “joe”. From the cozy Coffee Shop walls, to the crazy blurred lines at the Kabukimono house, we stop and check in with the man with the sexiest profiles, steady handed looter Phat-Tony.

1 - Mass Carnage, Tears, Sebastian
2 - Running out of weed
3 -That fornax never accepts my invites
[Yea he never does for me either, and I’m supposed to “work” here]
4 - Just the horses and dogs for hunting foxes, the bear that dances for my entertainment and the pheasants and peacocks that roam the grounds
5 -PC with VR headset for the full experience


Oh I’m sure that’s exactly why you have it, dirty man! Now to catch up with 1 of TMBs most interesting bosses, the long time leader of the UC family, Mr. Hollywood_Hubert

1 - Three best killers in the game? No clue don't really pay that much attention to that but I will say the best is mitsui
2 - Being a burden to someone
3 - Probably when someone leaves a little bit of food instead of eating it all. Just finish it. Annoying

4 -Love dogs but my dog died and be reluctant to jump back in but I do dog sit for my niece and friends when they need it. That is enough dog fun for me, for now.
5 - I play 90% from my PC. Phone is from naked pics
Well there ya have it, naked pics and babysitting fur babies, doesn’t sound too bad to me! I wish I had more for you degenerates but with storm giving us a holiday weekend to get hammered and cook on the grill, shit happens! Be on the lookout as usual for me to grace that lonely inbox of yours with some kick-ass questions for next week’s blog! As always, be kind to others and help those you can, even when you know they can’t help you back!

- The Mafia Boss