Main Round 1177 RECAP: We began this round with attacks back and forth from the Inner Circle (IC) and FoundHell (FH) families. Apparently, hostilities stemming from the end of round challenge that occurred in Main 1775 led to preemptive attacks by IC in retaliation. FH’s boss Benny-Blonco quickly jumped to action and counter attacked IC pulling heavy kill points which would later secure him Level 4 killer’s gold.

Benny’s final build against IC and the protection battle that ensued was eventually laid to rest when TMK stepped up and capped the round, built, and zeroed Benny. The attacks continued thru the remainder of the round. Towards the end of the round a mysterious jump in the jackpot was seen leaving many to question if there would be another surprise challenger or if IC had added to ward off any challengers.

This was answered in the last hour of the round when Woody was seen building. While it looked like Woody didn’t have the edge to take the jackpot it did appear that he was attempting to secure the Madd_Bros family gold. IC quickly capped another player in the last ten minutes securing both the jackpot and family gold pushing Woody and Madd_Bros to family silver.

Top Looters for 1177
SnoMan, Madd_uCaR, FowlMouth

Level 4 Winners

Gold- This was won by Babbo
, from Inner Circle.

Silver- Woody (Moon has taken the time to fill us in as Woody is busy in real life.)
Blogger: Hello was hoping you guys, would give us a comment on Woody’s behalf on his level 4 silver medal please.
Moon: Yes, so Woody is taking a break for a few weeks/months, and wanted to go out with a bang - it rattled a few cages!!
Blogger: You guys are doing some remarkable work at the moment. And it's well noticed too. Any shout outs at all?
Moon:Yeah a big shout out to all the Tree Club Crew, both past and present.

Blogger: Hello COMEONJUNE congratulations on taking the Bronze in level 4, would you be so kind to share your reviews on last round?
COMEONJUNE: Yes Hello, I would first like to thank Billy for allowing the sheep to take a break while he ran EOR. A Big shout out to Jason's mother in law for not squawking it, was a great round even though Scoller wouldn't share his Mrs. BIG BIRTHDAY BASH WITH SHEEP ALL AROUND.
Blogger: Wow okay wasn't the response I was hoping for lol, I hope you enjoy your sheep.

handgun.pngLevel 3 Winners

Blogger: Congratulations on taking level 3 gold, yet again another medal for IC. What's your reviews on last round?
Levi1: Ty, I basically stuck to normal looting and watched my team mates kick butt. I also lmao at all the "big time" killers getting my glocked up 2 or 300 defence units all round, congratulations to Traphouse on their successful failure to beat us ( again )
Blogger: Thanks again for your time bro.

Silver- JTome
Blogger: Congratulations man yet again another medal for JTome! Any reviews on this fine work.
JTOME: Hi brother, yes, I’m very happy for 1 more medal.I must thank to TMB for to make 100 % banking this way is better for me.
Blogger: I've heard it's helped a few people loot more congratulations again brother.

Bronze- eLgIN
Blogger: Congratulations mate on the bronze level 3 man. Any comments on the victory?
eLgIN: Thank you, honestly I was surprised as I didn’t expect to finish the round top 3. I wouldn’t have ranked this high if it wouldn’t be for Unbreakable_Soviet's support and help.
Blogger:Thanks for your response as always congratulations again mate.

Level 2 Winners

Gold- Waf

Blogger: Congratulations on behalf of the mafia boss on your silver in level 2. Any comments on this victory or a shout out?
Vinni: Yes, I would like to give a S/O to Vixen, through CV's tireless commitment, training, and hard work I could never have made it. He [She?] truly is the brain trust behind Prophecy!
Blogger:Thanks again man.

Blogger: Congratulations taking the level 2 bronze mate seems usk family are smashing the individual ranks at the moment. Would you like to say a few words on the victory?
Who: Sure mate I suppose the 100% banking really helps us small guys survive as you are rewarded with the effort you put in. Whilst we are no match for the big spenders we keep plugging away and make our presence felt in a small way. I would say that USK family fly’s the flag for the small players in this game showing them all what can be achieved with a team effort.
Blogger: Thanks bro.

Level 1 Winners

Gold- Leadbelly

Silver- Duck_Oioi
Blogger:Hey buddy congrats on winning the silver level one, no doubt it was deserved 👏 any comments on that?
Duck_Oioi: Hey there, I would just like to say a massive thanks to everyone in TH, couldn’t have done it without you guys we rock 🦆.

Bronze- SWD

oldcar.pngLevel 4 killer Winners.

Gold- Benny-Blonco

Blogger:Hey TMK it’s me again. Congratulations taking the silver from under the nose of Billy47 in the last hour. Any comments on that brother?
TMK:Wasn’t aiming for that I zeroed the “challenger” with 60 seconds to go lol.
Blogger: Thanks again.

Bronze- Billy47
Blogger: Well done Billy47 taking the bronze killer last round. Any comments on that?
Billy47:Thanks man, and yes killer wasn't in my view at all. But as the round was coming to an end. I had to make use of the bought turns I pulled. So decided to try and get a killer medal.
Blogger:It makes sense man congratulations.

Level 3 killers Winners.

Bronze- Pops

Level 2 killer Winners.

Gold- Nexus
Blogger: Hello Nexus congratulations taking level 2 gold killer in the last round. Any comments or maybe a shout out?
Nexus: Wish I had something for you, but can't think of anything this time. Apart from shout out to the one and only Avengers.

Silver- Shame
Bronze- ToxicAngel

Level 1 killer Winners

Blogger: Hey Spuds congratulations taking level 1 bronze last round man. Would you give us all here at the mafia boss your comments on that?
Spuds: Thanks, I just got lucky I suppose. A player named Darren last round told me I wouldn't rank.

tony.pngPLAYER INTERVIEW:SnoMan [Inner Circle Family]

Blogger: Hello everyone, and welcome back. Today we have the one and only SnoMan how are you?

SnoMan: Doing well. Thanks man how are you?

Blogger: I'm good thanks Brother. Glad you’re doing well? We like to try and talk to a few players regarding their history ect, is this okay? So can you tell me a about yourself Snow. Like how many years have you played this game for?

SnoMan:I'm not sure exactly how long fully active actually. There were several years in which I was in and out, followed by several years that I was gone completely.

I started in 2006 with Original Outlaws and stayed with them for a couple years or something helping Flaco, Koldkilla, Ro, Liu and the gang. Was in and out for the next year or so going through the transitions with those dudes from OO, Jokers, Vegas Legends, etc. Took a long break due to personal reasons and came back in 2016 full time. Landed with BH briefly when I first came back until I attacked IC and started talking shit with them, then we realized it was a match made in

Blogger: Wow Brother you have so much history! With IC Controlling the game at the moment. Who would you say your nearest competition is?

SnoMan: Long history with random intervals of trying to take breaks. It doesn't work long term lol. I just wish I could have kept my same account when I came back in 2016. Would be nice to sport the OG badge but I'll get there again.

Any of the top 5 or 6 families could be considered close at any given moment in my opinion. USK has been doing well. TH tries. Prophecy looks good at times. I don't really think I can pinpoint who is closest because all of the top 5 or 6 families possess their own traits that can keep them relevant. Teamwork is what sets us apart from the rest. We're close and we know each other. Minimal bickering or trivial issues. We know what we want and we know how to get there.

Blogger: Definitely team works is no doubt the key towards success. But what I want to know in general is how did the name SnoMan come about?

SnoMan:I am not proud of that answer lol. I had my habits back in the day.

Final question, if IC family wasn't about anymore. Which family could you see yourself in?

black-mrket-gun.pngSnoMan:With the exception of a few newcomers that may be in and out, these guys are my friends. We communicate daily in and out of game and we know one another, trust one another and are here for one another. I can't see myself anyplace else.

Having said that, if anything happened to IC as a TMB family. I would log in under an Original Outlaws family name and just hang out and see who pops up...maybe bounce around visiting for a bit. I could never see myself being a full-fledged member of any other family here ever.

Blogger: That's a very fair and respected response. Thanks for your time Sno we here at the mafia boss appreciate your time. Hopefully speak to you soon.

SnoMan: I am sure that I will be here when ready !

Thank You
-The Mafia Boss