Today we chat to 3 prominent players from different families about their recent achievements in the game and share general banter about all the news, drama, and inside views they might have about the game. We bring you DoomShop from newly formed SIXSET family, SMIGG from NYCU-PROPHECY, and MECH from FOUNDHELL Family.


Blogger: Hello Doom congrats on the silver level 4 and silver family seems like SIXSET Family is the place to be right now. Did last round go just the way you wanted it?

Doomshop: Thank you! Yes everything went as planned. Shout out to I.C SIXSET! THANK YOU FAMILY!

Blogger: The success already for sixset is well noticed it seems you and Yak have a great understanding. Would you say having trust is something that will help SIXSET grow?

Doomshop: Yes I have been playing for a while now with Yak. I talk to him every day, lol! I trust him, which is why leading the family, with him, to the top, shouldn't be a problem. This couldn't have been done without the help of the rest of the family also, though. We are one big family.

Blogger: Fantastic!.... so shout out to Yak too. So.... can I ask..... you have been playing this game with the devil for some time now, just how did 'Doomshop' come about?

Doomshop: [Always a shout out to my boy Yak!]....... Back in the day I was going under the name MM7. This was my Omerta and UML_GANGSTAS days. When I came back I decide to name my profile DOOMSHOP because I was really into underground dark rap, lo-fi, phonk. DOOMSHOP records and Sixset records. Both are underground record labels with some underground rappers that I fuck with.

Blogger: Wow.... thats some dark stuff bro. So clearly if you’re Omerta, you are one of the old timers. Just how long have you been playing for?

Doomshop: My first account was made in computer class at school. I was 14 years old, hahaha! I think this was in 2009. My first account got banned because my brother decided to create an account in the same computer we would share at home. Hahaha!

Blogger: Haha! Your defo old school then. So if you don't mind me asking... what is your greatest achievement in The Mafia Boss?

Doomshop: I honestly don't know what's my greatest achievement. But I would like to say where you at Hype? You saved enough allowances to go 1v1??

Blogger: Nice to see you and Hype still close then?

Doomshop: [I have] been waiting for him to make his move.

Blogger: Well... that's everything Doomshop, good luck, thank you and I'm sure we will talk again!


Blogger: Hey Smigg, Rumour in the grapevine is that Prophecy yet again won another Turbo?

Smigg: Yes, that’s correct. I capped 1st, then two more followed to get the job done.

Blogger: Congratulations seems prophecy is not a push over? What was your thoughts on the turbo?

Smigg: I didn’t take the JP, but we did as a family. Turbo was pretty standard, then the carnage happened End of ROUND with a late challenge from Foundhell FamilyH who ended up taking family gold.

Blogger: Seems it was an interesting round. How did the name Smigg come about?

Smigg: Smigg or Smigger is a common nickname for those with the surname Smith. Sorry it’s not more exciting lol

Blogger :It makes sense clearly so what families have you been in since starting to play the mafia boss?

Smigg: I joined TMB 13 years ago under the alias PistoL starting up Para_Bellum, we was active for a couple months sending banks up to the bigger family’s for a Round End Prize rank etc. Then I logged back in about 4 months ago going solo for first few rounds finding my feet, I took a couple golds from looting in main and turbo. USK invited me over, so I stayed with the guys over there for a short while and finally ending up here at Prophecy.

Blogger: Wow you have some history there! What made you come over to ,as I know they have had their fair shares of war?

Smigg: Sir_white_dragon and I were talking for a while and he invited me over. I’m just finding my feet over here still really but we have a few spenders here inc myself so big things are definitely on the horizon.

Blogger: Sounds like we're expecting big things for Prophecy can u guys take a main?

Smigg: Anything is possible...

Blogger: Can you tell me briefly what you thinkmakes a good family in the game?

Smigg: 1st rule of a good family is to have fun and not take the game too seriously, it is a game at the end of the day. Everything else is a bonus!

Blogger: What about organisation? Does this play a key?

Smigg: Of course, having a strong leader also helps, be that the boss or another senior member within the family. Forward planning is also key so everybody knows what is expected of them in their individual roles.

Blogger: Perfect Thanks for your time Smigg is there any shout outs you want to do?

Smigg: Just the one, to CV/Castello_Vixen, for being the life and soul of the party,

Blogger: Perfect! thanks again and no doubt we will speak soon!

Smigg: No problem brother!

mobster-car-g57d614552_640.pngFOUNDHELL FAMILY: Mech

Blogger: Hello here today we have Mech, who currently took the bronze in the level 4. Congrats! Are you happy with the outcome that yourself and FH achieved last round?

Mech: Thanks. I am [and] we are improving every round, with everyone killing it, with the looting.

Blogger: Yes and the results clearly show that FH Family ain't a push over! Seems FH since returning as a family, are working well! Can you see yourself maybe taking a Turbo sometime soon?

Mech: We will see....

Blogger: I love it! Just how long have you been playing the Mafia Boss for?

Mech: When i first joined, I was just messing around to see what time game was like. After that I left, and came back about 12 years ago, I played for a while and left and just came back again this year. So I consider myself fairly new, lol!

Blogger: What makes you keep coming back?

Mech: The People.

Blogger: That's a great answer. So what would you like to see in the game to make it more fun?

Mech: Not sure lol, I have enough fun looting and trying to keep up with everyone

Blogger: Thanks for your time Mech and good luck in the future.

Mech: Thanks!

There you have it, Mafiosos, we hope you enjoyed the read, be on the lookout for round updates coming shortly!

- The Mafia Boss