Hi Everyone. I hope and pray all of you are doing as well as can be under this pandemic in your respective countries. Our prayers and well wishes go out to everyone affected and also we would like to thank all our existing players for playing here and after all these years [17!!] we are still online as The Mafia Boss.

So I had my 2nd vaccination shot already, [Pfizer] and starting to feel like warmed up shit, but hopefully it will pass soon! Today I had to take this opportunity to speak to everyone about what’s up with the game, what are our plans, and get your feedback on a bunch of projects, issues, rules and features. So I will share a lot of information on here and I really would welcome your guys feedback on each and every topic where you think you need to share please.

So with our current developmental work, the coder is busy with some critical compatibility updates to the database and then will launch into some of the jobs, which I will share with you all below.

So firstly, we are trying to create some new features and add-ons that can help new players and also provide rewards for all players for recruiting and time spent online and total time playing the game and reward families who take on new players with something worthwhile.

NEW PLAYERS TRAINING FAMILY: [we start on coding this next week:]

Here the plan is as follows: New players who just signed up will go directly into a training family. This special family will have unlimited numbers allowed. We are looking for staff that can help manage and write up and post tutorial scripts and engage with new players to try to interact with the newbie and get them to be active in the game.

For this to be effective, we will ideally need someone online in the family 24/7. So we need a lot of willing players to help. We will allow such persons to have a second account to assist and no attacks will be allowed by/from these accounts, more so we will ask for the helpers here to push new users into existing families as fast as possible.

So far I have 2 very good interested players and we need more! All interested parties please contact
Fornax or Saisei please about it.

It would be awesome if we had one or 2 volunteers from each existing family in the game assisting here and each one gets a chance to send a new player to their family...you will see why in the next topic...Also then we could fairly give each helper a sub- so preferably it should be a free player that helps

[This will be the next feature we code up]

So following on from above: here we thought how we can make it worthwhile for families to have new players and this is one of the ideas I am currently exploring with the coder to check feasibility.

- Increased banking % up to 75% if you got 5 new players or more
- Increased banking % up to 100 if you got 10 new players or more

We can also repeat this reward for some other type of achievement later and I welcome more ideas here.


Please can readers provide a general feedback on this past round 100% bank setting in main? Please share your thoughts and feelings and experiences in the comments below, it helps to keep us informed and up to date on finding a happy medium in our game rules always, when you guys share.


Here I am still working on the concepts, BUT: This is MUST DO tasks that will happen shortly. I will GREATLY appreciate feedback on this and all other stuff I chat about here, in the comments or via a PM to me or send me email to: [email protected]

Rewards for bringing old players back: Here if you bring your buddy back that didn’t play for 3 or more rounds, we want to create a system for rewards for something like this.

Increased rewards for referrals of new players: This is pretty much self explanatory: we need to make it lucrative for our players to do referrals to noobs to sign up and play.

Turns or other rewards for completing certain game actions like: Completing [x]attacks, collecting with [x] turns... and the like, give players extra turns for achievements. Here I need to dig in to create scalable rewards around critical activities that can make it worthwhile for players to be online


Do we need an in-game chat function? Should we try to provide something more noticeable for players to speak to each other somehow than just family, business boards and private game messages?


- [Live] The new Killer Levels Prizes

- [Live] 100% banking or banking %
- Family Killer Ranks in Turbo – How often?
- [Proposed New] Increasing Collecting output


Second last, a few words about the above header: I am a looter. I know how fast I can go without using any add on shit. I have been informed that many players are using stuff like this. Newsflash: you’re ruining it for everyone. Secondly, we have the current attacks out per minute set at 100. SO: Next round will be set at 80 hits per minute and if we see excessively fast looting, I will have to review it with all of you again.

Let me know what you all think about this.

I know it’s not nice to dumb down the game and get a CAPTCHA every few seconds, when attacking. But also its messed up if someone can loot all bots in 10 seconds. This is one of the big reasons we added defence refresh to the BOT’s. Besides it giving alternative targets for kill points, it also deters macros somewhat.

Multies: Guys, we are going to be stricter with players on same IP from now on. We are going to strictly enforce: no subs from family packs for any player on same IP as another.


At THIS CURRENT round start we set DU refresh numbers quite high, and no one liked it because: free players don’t benefit so easily and get affected the hardest, where they cannot make solid cash contributions . However, also I want to say that for it to work patterns of game play need to change – if you can’t loot it so easily no one else at your level can. It balances across the game. So build up some.

That being said, this next round, bots will reset as follows:

1 set bots refresh at 3 billion with a 1000 ARMED HITMEN refresh every 3 hours
1 set bots refresh at 10 billion with a 20,000 ARMED HITMEN refresh every 3 hours


I would like to send a Special thanks to all staff who work hard to help us keep the game going with different tasks, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, doing write ups- you guys are much appreciated!

Thanks everyone, I hope I can get some good feedback on the topics here, and I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead!

- Storm