Hello Everyone. It has been a very eventful past year, around the world, and it has been no different at The Mafia Boss! I would like to take this honor and opportunity, to say thank you to all our players and community, for playing our game, spending time here and an additional especially huge thank you to those of you who spend you hard earned money to support the site.

Today I would like to share some updates, news, plans and thoughts with everyone

This past year has been awesome and frustrating at same time- the Game business performance is fine and continues to perform favorably, but on the frustrating side, the evolution on things has been slow due to unanticipated problems. We have been very slow to bring new features to the game.

On our side, we experienced a few challenges: last year we had a security intrusion, where we then noted that there is a lot of maintenance required, on our software/3rdparty programs/server upgrades and security. So yes, these all were outdated and needed upgrading to latest versions and practice. So this required immediate urgent, extensive critical work. It has been one of our major challenges, to keep the backbone of the game updated, and secure.

'We did achieve completion on this now, we updated the forums software version, and some critical areas, to try our best to keep the game more stable and safe.'


Here we installed some security layers that are set to strict and it blocking some types of activities/actions, while you are playing the game. We noted some family and business board postings, bank page activity, sending messages, and posting certain texts, uploading certain media file types, causes this error to occur.

So this is causing some interruptions while you play the game and really sorry about this, people, we apologize for this annoyance to your experience. I am noting when you send me messages and links, thank you very much. It is quite an extensive fix or tweak as we have to dig into the logs. So your input is very helpful, thank you.


I would like to share discussion about some projects, which we hope can be effective to improve a few key areas. I got a lot of info this from reading your guys PM messages to me, and from reading the forums and blog comments.

I will leave the headline base idea-points for you all to discuss or think about and later, I will welcome very much to chat with anyone interested to give some opinions, ideas or feedback.

1. Get New Players directly into Families-make it easier for them to join a family
2. Make it easier for existing players to get new players invited directly into your family
3. Provide strong incentives/rewards for taking on new players
4. Make family Sizes Bigger/Unlimited, so it can accommodate new players and more friendly returning players, [Boss and Consig can choose [x] players to rank so we don’t flood the game with won turns]
5. Improve the Referrals and the way it works and is displayed
6. Give more reasons to login: Create Daily/Weekly Rewards for activities goals, or time spent online,

vector Babe.png

We currently have a team working on the search engine marketing right now. A lot of the tech side of the work got undone and got broken when we did the recent upgrades and migrations, so there is still a lot of background maintenance work going on the marketing side so we can rank better in the search engines. This really pushes the number of new visitors we get each month up very high . So this is being fixed also, as I write to you all.

- Please register your E-Mail - you can do this from the 'MY ACCOUNT' link, top right
- Please change your PASSWORD every few months
- Email Admin at [email protected] or click support link if you need help
- Report Bugs to ANY STAFF member
- If you have any sales/purchases queries, contact ADMIN:

So as you Wise Guys and Mob Queens can see.... the underlying goals is about focusing on how to capture the attention of new players straight into the game and daily rewards for logging in and rewards daily for doing stuff, and fixing referrals, and improving the social aspect of team game play.

So here is going to be a tight balance between making some enhancements on new player acquisition and giving players something new to play with.

Like I said earlier, please feel free to drop me a PM in game, with any comments, and please feel free to drop some comments below, I will be happy to hear from you guys