Greetings Mafiosos, Round 1235 and Turbo 1236 Updates - We start with a quick reminder that there is a special offer in place for this round credit purchases:

- A -25% DISCOUNT on all HARDCORE CREDITS PACKAGESS will be in place.
- This current Sale will run for Main Round 1235 and Turbo Round 1236.
- SELECTED CREDITS PACKAGES will be bundled with extra RESERVE turns as follows:


25k Credits + 10k RESERVE TURNS
50k Credits + 20k RESERVE TURNS
180k Credits + 70k RESERVE TURNS
360k Credits + 140k RESERVE TURNS
800k Credits + 300k RESERVE TURNS


* All Credit packs reserve bonus turns issued automatically on purchase.
* Reserves must be used THIS ROUND or TURBO, No Carry Overs allowed
* No Transfer of Credits, Turns or Reserves is allowed between players

Also, a reminder for one of the new rules implemented within the MAIN ROUND game: Strict Farming Rules will be applied this round. - Farming Kills from Players who end up in the same family will result in a round freeze for the farmer. You can attack family members.

AVALON: Wherefore Art Thou?

Last round’s burning question that remains to be answered is still circling TMB, it is being answered with whispers and rumors amongst other families.

That question is “Where has the Avalon family disappeared to?”

The family that was once on everyone’s watch list to be a steady competitor for the games top spot was nowhere to be seen at the start of round 1233. Did they disband? Are they working covertly in the shadows with other families? Our goal was to find out and bring the details of what happened to the shooting star that was the Avalon family.

We reached out to several of their scattered former members and leaders and did not receive any reply. Leaving many questions unanswered. Is the silence proof there some truth to the whispers and rumors?

**Post your comments below if you have any relevant information**
THE HOT SEAT: Zodiac_Killer


This installment of the Hot seat we caught up with Zodiac_Killer and discussed how things are going with The_Blood_Line family, a family we have continued to see for some time now.

TMB_Correspondent: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions Zodiac
Your family has been established in TMB for a little while now. Where did the name The_Blood_Line come from?

Zodiac_Killer: Sure, well I like vampire movies and Halloween and I always thought vampires are cool in general. They have a mysterious vibe to them and I think are just cool in general and then I just basically tied it in with the mafia boss and thought it would be a pretty cool family name.

TMB_Correspondent: Can you tell us a little about how/why the family got started?

Zodiac_Killer: Sure, I returned back to the mafia boss and it was probably around 3 years ago now and I was a headache to deal with, you know, and I had issues with the naps because I used to attack other people in other families and break naps on accident so you know I would kind of bounce around different families.

I basically almost quit the game and decided to make my own [family] and to become a better player and to learn the game, to learn how to play, you know, I gave the game it's like third chance and it's the bloodline I came up with.

It gives players a second chance or third chance in general, a fair chance of playing the game compared to getting booted from family, or you know, not understanding things and just figuring things out, give him a fair chance, and being less strict, you know, and I think that's cool because it helps people that are learning the game and it made me better player and helps other players in general to.

Marvel was actually Katie of Avalon, that’s when she returned, she was in bloodline too and she went to Avalon and I still talk to her, other veteran players, you know, like see if they have less time playing or kind of forgot things, stuff like that, it helps to remember things, and to become a better player, and stuff like that, even myself, I'm still learning and getting better.

TMB_Correspondent: Was it a solo project to begin with?

Zodiac_Killer: Yes, it did start off as a solo family, and then once I was solo for a while I decided to add more members and to see what I can do with it, you know and to give people a second chance and to help people that learning the game and see if they can if you want the top families in the game basically.
TMB_Correspondent: Does The_Blood_Line have any goals or mission?

Zodiac_Killer: The goals are missions for the bloodline, I would say to grow and get bigger. To be one of the top families in the game. In the top five and just you know give players a second chance in general, a fair chance of playing the game and being a looting and attacking family in general, that's just, you know, what they are or what we are at the bloodline. I think also to be the biggest family in the game in general.

In general, we either loot or attack, it's 50/50 you know, half players loot half the players attack and go for the KP points. It’s either one, right now we're doing a lot of looting mostly. I think because most of the families are doing that in the game in general right now.

TMB_Correspondent: It does seem as though the game's current set-up promotes looting more than killing (for example because there are family ranks for highest total). The problem with having family killer ranks (I think), is that families could make deals, or agreements where they farm their allies for KPS, and big families with supporters have a very big advantage over smaller families - Do you think this is a problem and is there is any solution to this?


Zodiac_Killer: What do I think about the current setup of the game? It’s cool, it's fine, you know. You got to be more active. I think you got a little bit more bots. It doesn't change how the game is played, just like being more active helps and looting helps for your family to rank up and you in general, like your player level.

I think you could have half and half, some players loot, some players kill for points. What I learned in being a boss and the challenges of it. I think basically, you can loot a lot of cash is all.

TMB_Correspondent: Lastly - on the topic of the current game setup – do you have any thoughts on the rule changes that were implemented in Round 1215 (the daily 150k turn cap etc.)?

Zodiac_Killer: What I think about the current game or that round. It basically makes it more fun and interesting like going to be on more, active and use more turns basically. There's more activity with the players it makes it more interesting and fun I think I'm general.

TMB_Correspondent: Great stuff, thanks for the feedback and the interview Zodiac. Any last thoughts or shout-outs to wrap up the interview?

Zodiac_Killer: You're welcome TMB_Correspondent, anytime. Yes, I would like to shout out to all my friends and teammates on the bloodline.

Ffirst, present and past. I would like a shout out to FU punk, fingers one, sick angel, unbreakable Soviet, money market, Kayte of Avalon, and vels88. I would also like to shout out to Revolver and USK. Because it's been a while since I got back to playing the game again and figuring out how to play the game and I'm sure there are others too I missed but those mainly.

THE HOT SEAT: Mechanicz

We were lucky enough to bring another player over to the hot seat and this time we managed to persuade Mechanicz of the FoundHell family to give us a moment of his time to discuss his recent Turbo win.


TMB_Blog: Hello Mechanics, Congratulations of your turbo win. Care if I ask you a few questions?

Mechanicz: Thank you and yes, I have time

TMB_Blog: Great Mech. What was the mindset going into the turbo? Did you have a gameplan set?

Mechanicz: We did have a little plan put together. Mostly to look see what EOR looked like?

TMB_Blog: It appeared to be a very strong push for the JP at the end of the round. Did you expect a challenger, or was it a message to any potential challengers?

Mechanicz: Always have to play it like there is a challenger.

TMB_Blog: When did you start playing TMB? Which families have you played for in the past? Any great bit from history that stick out in your mind?

Mechanicz: Started playing back in 2006 but didn’t play long don’t really remember which family I was in actually. Tried the game again back about 12 years ago the family I was in was Murder_Inc but left again after 2 years of playing. Finally came back about a year ago started in Nameless went over to FH after that was in Avalon for a couple rounds now I’m back here in FH.

TMB_Blog: Thanks for the quick interview Mechanicz, we’ll be looking to hear more from FH in the future.

That's all for now Mafiosos, we will be back soon with your latest news. reviews and interviews!