Greetings everyone and welcome back to The Mafia Boss Blogs. We had some downtime with the forums as we had to update the software versions and this took some time to do. We also did updates to the game software version at the same time so that we keep the game updated regularly.


So last round was the first time we saw the new credits daily limit play a solid part to reward players who build early and go on to win the round at the end. ‘FUN’ won it [A.K.A Young Killer]. He went in with an early build and managed to last until the last day without being challenged, and took a very comfortable but fair and very well deserved win!

When day 9 ended it was clear that no one could pass him as you are limited to use only 1 million turns on the last day, We changed the end of round model because we had a lot of complaints about round stealing...for us at TMB it was a tossup decision: round end battles are awesome...but in the end we decided that we would host the bulk of our MAIN ROUNDS with this setting:

As it produces a fair result for more than just the supporters alone.

The main query we received from a lot of players was that: Players, who buy in early and do early big builds, should not have to be jumped on the last day, by someone who didn’t play hard all of the 10 day round and grind and build early....we should not allow that the round end become such an open risk and ignore the hard working guys, by what could possibly amount to one hour of total gaming time in the 10 day round.

This also weighed heavily against opposing family members, other players, who work hard all round looting and killing and they get jumped at family level by a last minute challenger, who can then rank their family also who possibly did nothing all round or did much less grind, than a second or lower place family.

We will still occasionally host rounds with no daily limit, mainly in Turbo’s and once off in a while, MAIN rounds - but we will for now keep this as our main setting, where credits will have a daily cap limit.


We fixed NAME PROTECTION and it works for SUPPORTERS ONLY as a supporters perk. SO If you recently bought a sub or turns from us you get supporter status and you can save your player name for up to 30 days. No one else will be able to claim it for the time. This ONLY APPLIES to players who did actual purchases on PayPal in the last 3 months.

vector Babe.png

If rules state: 9 days uncapped and last day capped at 1 million: You can use unlimited turns until day 1 on game-clock marker. On the last day of the round you will be limited to use 1 million turns. Turns used are counted by HIRE, PRODUCE and COLLECT. Any turns left over go to waste. So for those of you who do support, please MAKE SURE TO CAREFULLY READ THE ROUND RULES, so you have full control of maximizing your turns.


We are currently planning the build for a second database to plug into the game, which would run on a separate server. Here, we plan to measure things like player and family activity, like how much you loot, when did you last post on family board, what’s your ops kill count, Ditto for DU kill count, basically it will become an in depth activity data engine.

We will then use this information to create notifications, new rewards and prizes and new gameplay builds. For the game play builds we had older ideas now become possible, like a looting bank, bank attacks, best looter, best ops kill etc...this will all now become possible with this new development. We expect it should take a few weeks, we are currently in brainstorm about it, what to measure, and what will it output.

We would welcome in the comments below to get your feedback about what you think will be some cool stats to display and case we miss something obvious.... that you, the player, may like, that we can possibly incorporate.


- Remember to register your email please. You can message Admin to update to your latest valid email address.
- Supporters: Please make sure your game email matches your PayPal email. You can message admin to fix it.
- All Players: Remember to change your password regularly!


To login to the forums, you first need to create a forum account. You can do this by clicking on: LOGIN/SIGNUP on the TOP RIGHT of the forum page. Then just choose ‘SIGNUP’ and fill out the simple form on the page. It will create your account instantly. Then just troll away at leisure!


Same IP accounts: If you share an IP with someone, we will not issue family sub pack subscriptions to that player. We do not want players to exploit using many accounts on same IP for a start....and certainly also do not want it to be blatant abuse of our systems to run more than one subbed account

We have been getting reports from players about others who they say are using more than one account. Please note if they are on the same IP it does not mean its a multi but we have taken the above extra step.

So if you share an IP with someone they must get a separate sub bought for them from their account preferably.


Please look out for the next blog report which will cover the game play, and latest drama and happenings with players, families, war updates and other assorted news. We thank you all for your patience while we worked to get the blog site updated, thanks guys for your understanding and patience with us.

Thanks to everyone who plays our game, we will not be here without your participation and a special thank you to all our supporters, big and small, for helping to fund the site and keep the game alive and kicking strong still, after 16 awesome years!

- Thank you from Storm at The Mafia Boss Headquarters