Greetings Mafiosos, so today we look back at rounds 1175 and 1176, and we feature some short catch up interviews with some players on their recent achievements and to shoot the breeze. So kickback and we hope you enjoy the read

Round 1175 and 1176 Recap

We bring you another exciting round where we had a brave challenger attempt to take on TMK. Last minute builds can be deadly rewarding or costly if you do not succeed! TMK took home another shiny Gold to add to his collection making it his 108th GOLD! ..... Yes you heard that right!!

The SixSet family continued to grow within the game, but of late due to recent dramas we do not see them in game anymore.

We also saw more members are coming out the shadows to join the famous Traphouse family.

Inner Circle continue to monitor their growth it seems, are they prepared for challenges soon? Are Traphouse here to cause some upset to the existing powerhouse families.

Prophecy and Foundhell two of the games oldest families continue to work hard in all departments and their numbers are amongst some of the best in the game. We see more rewards in all tiers as always, something that’s been steady now for some time.

We see the newer families, UTB and Money_Making_Mafia steadily grow and try to attract some new members, good to see the new families standing their ground against the big guys.

It’s exciting to see challenges, new families and many more returning members to the game, let’s all keep an eye what will happen in the rounds to come!

JLW90 (Silver level 2 in round 1175)

Blogger- Hello Jlw90 congrats taking the silver level 2 last round any comments on that?

JLW90- Hey. Just a big shout out to all Prophecy for the constant graft to keep us amongst the medals on a regular basis! I wasn't expecting a rank as I had a pretty quiet round, but as always you get looked after in Prophecy.

Blogger-That's fair enough, prophecy a Family which goes a long way back in the game seems to hold their ground very well. Can you see yourself, maybe taking a few main rounds soon?

JLW90- Who knows lol. Its big task, however, I think Prophecy is the only family equipped to organise a challenge to the current top dogs. We saw what happens when you don't work as a 1 unit and commit to a challenge FoundHell last round.

Blogger- Well thanks again for your time and congratulations again.

maf fam.png
(Silver medal level 3 in round 1175)

Blogger-Congratulations taking the silver in level 3, I feel like talking to you is becoming a regular thing! Usk seriously are a good ranking family! How do you feel last round went?

JTome - I'm already use to being attacked. Everyone is jealous of the USK that despite being a small family, we have excellent players, such as (Ares, Elmo, Who, RD, Meh), and that's why we always manage to have a few medals for each round. Only family gold implies a very high investment and we don't have it, but for the rest we are always on the rise.

Blogger- Love it, congrats again.

JTome- Thank you brother.

Spectacle (Bronze in level 3 round 1175)

Blogger- Hello Today we have spectacle, congratulations on the bronze in level 3 ranks. Any comments on the last round?

Spectacle- Thank god I have an amazing family to rank me ha-ha! Was going for Killers but got smacked

Blogger- Yes, you guys are playing with gun fire. You must be happy overall with how the family is going. Killer medals these days are hard to get. But I'm sure you will get another shot soon. Any shout outs for the blog?

Spectacle- Shout out to everyone in Tree Club!

Blogger- Thanks for your time and congratulations again.

Who (Gold level 2 in round 1175)

Blogger- Yet again another usk another family member taking the tiers congratulations taking gold level 2 any comments on that result?

Who-Sure mate, this round was a bit of a present to me as i've had some real life issues to deal with and haven't been that active in the looting arena. This just shows what a real family are about, the team at U_S_K are just a real family who care.

Blogger- Amazing I hear nothing but great things about USK would you like to shout out to anyone at all?

Who- yes, EVERYONE at USK.

Turbo Round 1176

Again, another great round start with some big looting hauls. Families leading early in the loot count was Gold_Rush and The_Brothel. Just a few hours into the start of the turbo round, a lone cap from Solo of the Star-Warz family laid claim on the turbo jackpot leaving many players to wonder how long it would last unchallenged.

Hours later a single player SXMPRV appeared and quickly answered by zeroing Solo to put themselves in position for not only the jackpot but Level 4 killers gold.

The waters of TMB calmed and the looting continued. The following day a message and medals appeared on SXMPRV’s profile proving he was none other than IC/SIXSET’s DOOMSHOP and announcing his retirement. This announcement raised questions regarding if it was true or not as it has been said before.

The last hour of the round, SXMPRV created The OK-GO family, and was joined by two other players who quickly capped early in the hour to seal the win and ward off any challengers. DOOMSHOP was not available for comment.

TMK Interview and Chat

Blogger- Hello yet again another win for you, TMK, congratulations! Would you care to share your comments regarding the Win?

TMK- Someone had the balls to waste 2 packs and still manage to lose while I was offline. The guy who apparently challenged, claims he was paid to do it. This is someone who I have helped a lot in this game too, just goes to show folks, can’t trust anyone!

Blogger- Wow, it really does!! But as the game says “always watch your back”. What I would like to know as well as many other Mafioso’s is how did the name TMK come about?

TMK - When I first started this game I wasn't competing for Jp's I was just killing everything, so it was The_Mafia_Killer and that's when I realized TMK it is lol

Blogger- Well, we learn something new every day, so you became a killer and turned into one if not a TMB legend. Will you help others find out a little more about yourself, maybe what family/ unions you were/have been in please TMK?

TMK- I’ll keep it brief, 12 years ago I joined prophecy with my cousin Sheikh. Created The Firm, joined RU with our good friend Leo "Mr Feldman" RU and IU ran the game for a long time, many retired, I stuck around and have fun here and there when I got time, there’s good people here at IC so I help them out when I can.

Blogger- Wow, some great families there. Would you like to do any shout outs or even better any words for your challenger?

TMK- Yeah S/O to Babbo for paying attention and sending all the $ over, hell of a guy....Lol nah, I messaged "challenger" directly. I am good.

Blogger-Well, thanks again for your time and no doubt speak again soon!!

para.pngTPK Interview

Blogger- Hello Today we have the famous TpK how are you? Good to see you back.

TpK- I am well. Just kicking around here and there.

Blogger- That's great it’s decent to see you back playing again, how's life at Traphouse?

TpK- It's not really Traphouse. Reality is TH is over and done with. This is just randos from all over that come together. I was hit up and asked to come play again. Through it all, the hate is real here! Crazy how people can react to a name. It’s been good to reconnect with people in the game.

Blogger- Well, when players come together to make a unit. Sometimes it's hard to break!! I like Traphouse for the fact they are here to upset and unsettle, which sometimes the game needs, do you agree?

TpK- Without a doubt! Looking through the previous rounds, it does seem the game is a bit of obvious as to what’s going on. As for the comment about TH being here to upset, nice try, but we are just hanging out! We haven't even discussed any plans yet.

Blogger- The man that leaves us with no info haha. A questionthat I for one want to ask you is: how did the name TpK come about? And what family did you start the game with?

TpK -Well, a real life buddy turned to on to these games and the first family I was with was a no name family, called Borgata, that folded probably 4-5 rounds later. I then hooked up with some of the big names from back in the day.

As for TpK… its ThePimpKnuckles… me and two other dudes started Pimps, and then morphed into Vegas Legends. I was the boss of Pimps so… hence the name.

Blogger - Wow, something myself and I'm sure a few others didn't know. Thanks for everything buddy, would you like to do any shout outs?

TpK- Shout out to all the homies. You all need no introduction!

Blogger- Stay safe and thanks for your time again. And remember always watch your back!

Thanks hope you all enjoyed the content! Please, we ask all our community members, please help our bloggers when they approach you for comments about yourself, family and the game play please! Thank you to those of you who contributed, see you all soon!

- The Mafia Boss