Hi Everyone, So here we are with a roundup of Main round 1173 and Turbo round 1174, which we will provide an overview of what happened! We hope you enjoy the read.

Starting with the Main Round 1173:

- A big build from Inner Circle's Leadbelly clearly indicated to the rest of the game whose round this is!
- A few new familiar families returning, the famous Traphouse family, Money_ Making_Mafia, and a new family ran by an old veteran Kingie_Porello.
- The Traphouse return could be an interesting area to keep an eye on, many ex-players returning with some big names joining back in, will they continue into next round?
- Sixset continue to grow in size especially with the merger with one of the games oldest families Brotherhood, a fine addition to the family.
- Some powerful looting continuing in the game especially from Sixset, Foundhell and the Prophecy families.

Level 4:

Level 4 GOLD– Leadbelly (Inner Circle) $61trillion: The gold was taken by the rounds early build Leadbelly with a $61trillion net, followed by Asian from the newly formed Sixset family who took the silver with a $20trillion net. Foundhell got themselves in the tiers and took home the Bronze with Mechanicz finishing up with a $6trillion net, a cheap bronze I would say!
Level 4 Silver – Asian (Sixset) $20trillion
Level 4 Bronze – Mechanicz (Foundhell) $6trillion

Level 3:

Yet again we see Inner circle taking home another tier Gold, Triggerman23 takes home level 3 Gold with a net of $10trillion, a decent reward for his fine looting!

Jtome of USK brings home the Silver with a safe net of $4.7trillion, a decent reward for the hard work of USK.

Looterking of Foundhell clears up the level 3 ranks with a Bronze and a net of $3trillion, another impressive finish for the Foundhell family.

Level 3 Gold –Triggerman23 (Inner Circle) $10trillion
Level 3 Silver – Jtome (USK) $4.7trillion
Level 3 Bronze – Looterking (Foundhell) $3trillion

Player Name: LOOTERKING:
Blogger: Hello and Congrats on taking the bronze last main would you like to share any comments on your victory?
Looterking: Hello, Thank you it was a good round, would like to thank Benny for bringing me back to The Mafia Boss.
Blogger: Congrats again mate, and well deserved no doubt!
Looterking: Thank you. Just an old looter in a new world..”

Level 2

Badek from USK take the gold with an impressive win in level 2 ranks finishing with $6trillion, Butch from Inner Circle takes the silver with $5.6trillion closely followed by Sixsets Rock who fell short by only $600billion and finished at $5trillion.

Another great tier finish for both USK and Inner Circle.

Level 2 Gold – Badek (USK) $6trillion
Level 2 Silver – Butch (Inner Circle) $5.6trillion
Level 2 Bronze – Rock (Sixset) $5trillion

Level 1

Real_Fred of Inner Circle family clears up the gold with $5.1trillion, Levi of XXX takes home the Silver with $3.5trillion. Icon of the ever growing Traphouse family takes the bronze with $1trillion. This was a competitive round for level 1 tiers.

Level 1 Gold - ReaL_Fred (Inner Circle)
Level 1 Silver – Levi (XXX)
Level 1 Bronze – Icon (Traphouse)

Player Name: Icon:
Blogger: Hello congrats taking the bronze level 1 last round! Is there anything you would like to say about that?
Icon: The whole of Traphouse is just chilling! We are all too broke to even sub up atm! I ended up getting 3rd level 1 simply because I was online I think! And also can I shout out Traphouse especially hype the fat c*nt! Make sure you add the fat c*nt part plz lol.
Blogger- Thanks for your time and no doubt speak soon”


Over at the killing department we saw USK and Sixset going at each other with Doomshop and D00mshop hitting each other hard from the start to the end of the round! A random player Cholo came out hitting everyone in sight (TO BE CONFIRMED) excluding Inner Circle and Sixset, is this another killing method of Inner Circle?

Prophecy take home two silver medals between different tiers along with the USK family, some good work from the smaller families.

Level 4
Gold - CHOLO
Bronze - D00MSHOP

Level 3
Gold - triggerman23
Silver - Spectacle
Bronze - B_MADOV

Level 2
Gold - bot
Silver - Sabretooth
Bronze - Rock

Player Name: Bot

Blogger: Congratulations on the killing bro is there any comments you wish to share on how to become a good looter as many new players would like ideas and tips?
Bot: Thank you so much.... How to become a good looter: I would say is to learn how to use your keyboard shortcuts. ctrl + click to open bunch of bots and ctrl + tab to switch tabs while attacking. That's a must have tool to be fast and loot good money. I am happy to help any new or old players that want to learn, and for Free player killer kps - Don't hit active players that are subbed aka Levi. They will kill you as soon as you hit them.”

Level 1
Gold - Dark_Angel
Silver - Sir_White_Dragon
Bronze - Pro

Family Ranks

In family ranks, Inner Circle take another gold followed by their second family Sixset who take home the silver. Foundhell complete the tier ranks by finishing third and adding a bronze to their badges.


Turbo Round 1174

The round started with heavy looting from several small families. Using 100% banking rules to their advantage they were able to stash away loot totals in an upwards of triple digit trillions.

Notable families seen looting heavily were TheCigarLounge, Time-to-play, and BOOMIN. With one hour left before end of round we saw how important looting would impact the outcome of the round. A single cap was seen from the BOOMIN family that was quickly challenged by TheCigarLounge.

The challenge was answered from the BOOMIN family and led to two late caps between the two families battling out for the win in the last few seconds of the round.


Thank You
- The Mafia Boss