Greetings Mafiosos and welcome to our latest blog - which covers the last 2 round reviews and also some updates from Admin. Currently we are working on our side on many critical projects and I hope that the updates will provide you all with a view to what we are busy working on right now. So without further ado - read on!


The landscape of TMB has indeed been volatile the last few months. We’ve seen many families come and go; and change in various ways. But Maxx and Southside are one name that still wave their flag high. We’ll be keeping an eye on their progress. Another family that has gotten our attention is Prophecy_West. It’s been more than a few rounds now and they’ve proved they can loot and so far have proven to be able to hold their own.

This round opened with Dub from IC building high.

At first it looked as if he was perhaps going for the round. It didn’t take long for player “Bananabob” and friends to be the first to aggress. There was some speculation as to who some of these mystery players were. However It is very likely that this is the same war that’s been with IC for the last few rounds now. -

The hits were back and forth, amongst all the fighting Gasface from Wasting_Effort can be seen building close to 10m hustlers- This was to be Gasfaces 2nd gold and he’d do it while the rest of TMB was busy fighting.

It appears that if the bigger families were avoiding conflict in the past; this may no longer be the case as A few days into the round TMK built to zero Gasface. This marks the 2nd main round battle for level four gold of 2021- both of those steals coming from TMK himself. If there were any doubts about the man's ability to steal a round despite the new rules, this should silence them. If the top dons were communicating and trying to get along, it is clear- The gloves are off.

Congratulations to this rounds Winner: TMK, and Top killers for their respective levels- Bananabob,Levi, Yak, 69myballs (nice name!)

This rounds mini round started with the pot quickly jumping from $200 to $326 indicating someone was potentially interested into the round.

The looting was competitive and close with most of the top families looting trillions.

The killers were off and within the first day millions of DU’s had perished, leaving Yep,Mafias_K, Chocolate and Frenemy with killer golds. Near the final minutes of the round approaching, The_Circle ran by SAW can be seen forming an end of round family. “111” can be seen capping out sending off to saw.

But at the same time “Knuckleball” is seen rising in net worth, it appears multiple families pooled together to overthrow SAW by close to 50 trillion.

A close round where looting and team work and strength in numbers came up strong. Congratulations to Knuckleball’s gold and our killers Yep,Mafias_K, Chocolate and Frenemy!

And of course thanks also to all the looters and other people behind the scenes: thank you for playing the game!!!
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Hi Guys, so here is some updates about what we are working on currently: All the work we are doing now is informed by you from player feedback research we did 3 months ago. Our main focus now is based on a key theme you guys gave us which is: The game needs more new players.

In understanding this, we had to dig deep to see what exactly is the issue that lowers retention and acquisition of new players. One of our main glaring issues was that our site needed more optimization to be in line to rank better on search engines, when people search for a mafia type game.

Since we migrated our servers to current providers, we lost a lot of the old marketing builds plus we had to get up to date to be more compliant on this to get better results

Initially we employed a company to do it but this had a very small and unnoticeable effect. then recently this year - We got some super advanced and nicely focused help from one of our players on very advanced SEO strategies that we then implemented.

[You know who you are, thank you very much!!]
SO onto a brief view on what we are currently working on:


We created a new player training family where all new signups land immediately after login. From there, we try to engage with them using volunteer players and try to teach them and get them into a game family.

Currently the return on this is low still for noobs to catch on what to do next after signup, and we are working on providing a few things to help here:
New family page re-design with more clear directions and notifications.

We will code and design to provide some tasks also after activation for the new user, to do some further actions that can teach them the game: Attack some more bots, post a message on the boards, message other players, read the game message boards [we are also shortly going to provide this for everyone], etc.

We will try to Provide rewards for some basic actions:

Along with above, we will make it like ‘missions’ to complete and then provide some rewards for it. Like: Attack 20 NPC and earn [X] turns. Or....deposit [X] into the family bank and earn [x] – try to make things more interactive so that on that critical point where the new player is just logged in - they get a road map of next actions to do.

And we want to build into this quite deeply so that it gives reasons for them to stay online to better understand the game.
We urge all families please to recruit new players and soon we will work on a reward system for having new players in your family and try to create space for them so it doesn’t affect the size of your normal crew.


Here we plan also for all players to get rewards for achieving certain goals and for being active and online doing actual actions in the game. It will be based on game actions done and certain achievement goals reached.

Also a part of retention on the social side: we will create a game wide message board – by popular request

Here we noticed that more than 60% of all players and up to 75% of new players who signup are on a phone on the mobile version or the app. The training family feedback we got from some new players was that the design needs to be more intuitive and compact so users can better understand/access the page’s critical functions.

SO here we are working on mobile layout and trying to compact it and make it more easier on the fingers with less clicks and to display important parts of the page instead of seeing headers on the top view on your phone.

This will take some time to perfect but we are finally at this point now after spending a long time to upgrade the site and provider an app backbone and mobile design, we are ready to improve on this, and mainly because our KPI is showing a very steep increase in mobile users

Alongside this we will also streamline the desktop version of this. We will still retain the old game design version, we know our old players like it very much. We will try to provide of course critical tools to both versions like the game chat board to both designs but other things like family page redesign will only be aimed at mobile users

NEXT week we have to do some important work to upgrade the app and also to debug the servers for the error 403.

So by Monday 20 September we will do the debugging and there will be some downtime or service disruptions for 2-3 hours.


Here we did the first build where we force a refresh on the first attack button, but afterwards you can still fast attack on the 'repeat' button. We are gonna enforce this a bit deeper still - we have noticed the total amount of attacks have more than halved since we did this , in this past 2 rounds already.

Our aim is not to nerf good looters, but it has become an increasingly annoying point to our community of players who use outside programs to get a jump on everyone else. if we impose too strict measures it punishes good looters but if we do nothing then we have tons of complaints.

There are a bunch more things we will build, shortly – like game wiki with full tutorials and videos onto main page, a notifications sidebar panel also on main page for more noticeable critical messages, pop up info messages aimed at new players only- all onto the mobile version aimed at enhancing new user access to important game info to get them into the game better.

SO these are all new things for us to do and we will adopt as best we can to make on-boarding of new players to be a much stronger presence on the game.

Some of you have provided feedback on some irritations on some rules like hiring protection, errors on action links etc...and we will attend to this shortly, currently we have some critical updates we must fix for the next week or 2. As soon as this is clear i will filter through everything in order of urgency and try my best to address each issue.

Thank you to everyone for playing and supporting here, we are trying our best to keep updated on your feedback and each project we are undertaking is based off your feedback from player research we did 3 months ago.
Thank You
- The Mafia Boss