Greetings Mafiosos, Today we have a look back the most recent 3 rounds to get an overview of all the exciting happenings that take place in the word of the Mafia Boss! Certainly, we have witnessed with incredulity, the bloody epic happenings of main round 1125, and the subsequent reprisals.

Turbo Round 1124

This round's winner was TM aka (Someone from Inner Circle) Came in with $80 trillion and the runner up BBW came in at $50 trillion. With TM's crew using only 80 trillion to win, there was plenty of cash to rank personal friends and family.

The killing ranks were fairly close and competitive, with the differences in ranks close across all levels, there certainly was no short in killing, and it appears that this has become quite the popular past time since the latest game changes!

Overall: It was a quiet round with no one contesting the winners.

XrissXross, Mullah_Mullah, Fusion and Royal, were this rounds top killers!

Congrats and good job to all the killers!

Main Round 1125

Round 1125 was not your “Business as Usual” kind of round. VERY EARLY in the round, Ripster built to 10 million Defenses, signifying that RU_IU family want to secure the round domination, early. Nothing was out of the ordinary with this, as a main round hasn’t been challenged in many rounds. It seems that the big guys have become content to play it safe with each other.

A few days into the round, a mystery player called Jah_Love built up and killed Ripster. That’s the short story..... Now, considering that Ripster had well over 10 MILLION Hitmen, this was an earthquake that sent shock waves across the entire community. Jah_Love had built to double Ripsters DU’s.

Some....Rumours.... of Ripster hitting Jah_Love first had begun circulating. Eventually after hours of protection, ultimately Ripster was defeated in a hard fought battle by both and Jah_Love enjoyed his moment of triumph.

Questions on the forums and other corners of the community began circulating, asking who Jah_Love was. Some whispered ex-Traphouse, others mentioned Inner_Circle family. No one knew who he really was, until he finally joined I/C. Only an exclusive interview with someone in IC would be able to determine for sure who it really was/is.

There were still many questions left unanswered; like: why he challenged the main round?

What were the leadership in RU_IU was going to do about all this?

Also some Eyewitness accounts reported that Jah_Love hit Wasting_Effort family banker/bank. In retaliation to this, Hypocrisy (from W/Effort family) hit the operatives, creating more friction between the allege d alliances. So, while at a first glance this appears to be between RU_IU and IC, Wasting_Effort family somehow seemed to play a role here to escalate the heat.

Despite all the fighting, all the profile messages and rumors: One thing at the end of round 1125 was for certain: death was on the horizon: by the sudden and cataclysmic appearance and build by The Punisher and the Flames himself: TMK! He proceeded to do a MASSIVE build and overcame Jah_Love.

TMK is not a sight most want to see, if they intend on challenging to win a main round. As the ending days of the round were approaching, most understood that there was now very little chance to dispute and contest to win – as this would be the round TMK definitively takes his 96th Made-Man, Big Kahuna Level 4 Gold medal.

Turbo Round 1126

While the fighting was taking place in the main-round, other players had their sights set on mini-round 1126.

A Player named AA unloaded a clip of credits and secured himself [it seems to be].... his 6th gold medal. Eyewitnesses reported that AA was Jah_Love from main-round 1125. After being wounded by TMK, he proved that he isn’t one to stay down long and challenged round 1126 and made it his bitch.

As the minutes ticked down, no one stepped up and he won the round with a solid $280 trillion with the runner up big_shoe at $110 trillion.

No matter what sentiments our readers have on all this, respect must be given to someone who takes a hard knock, awakes from the ashes, and rises to the top again.

This rounds top killers in their respective levels- CDN, SPYDER, LOWKEY and LOS_POLLOS.

Congratulations to the round winners, the killers, looters, bankers and everyone else who helped their families get ahead!

See you soon with more new and updates on our latest projects and features!
- The Mafia Boss