Greetings Mafiosos and welcome to the first blog of October! Here we include short round ups of recent round results and some short interviews with some prominent players and families to bring you up to date with the latest happenings we get to hear about in the world of the Mafia Boss.

Round 1129

This round we see most of our typical families in the top while a few have been lurking and laying low. For now these families haven’t done too much, but you never know what is going to happen and who is going to make a move. Timing is key.

A few families to note this round is ACID-TRIP: who’s Boss; Babylon went on a killing spree and accumulated over 20 million Kill Points- Is this a rouge band of Inner_Circle family members and who in particular was their targets as members from all over the community had been zeroed.

A split in RU_IU_HQ has been noticed and most of the community is wondering if this has anything to do with the recent chaos that has been affecting the top families?

This round’s winner was Inner_Circle’s Babbo at $1.7 Trillion and runner up ACID-TRIP’s Babylon at $1.5 Trillion. Brotherhood Family came through and once again demonstrated that they were also forces to be reckoned with USK Family also competing for loot.

Top performers of this round were WHoNN, Chrispy and ItalianBoss with 40-50k hits, great looting guys. And the top killers of this round for their respective levels were Babylon, Levi, Julio, and Sinix,...

And of course big congrats to Babbo on his 26th gold!
Round 1130

This round DOOMSHOP secures his 4th Gold medal with 150 Trillion. A-10 coming in 2nd with 62 Trillion.

Top killers in their respective roles for the round are: Xsw, Darling, Dex and Ska. Overall a quiet mini round, where each family focused on looting and DOOMSHOP felt there wouldn’t be enough of a challenge.

Congratulations to the top performers of 1130!

Round 1131/32

The round winner for 1131 was another member of Inner Circle making that back to back golds for Inner Circle! Congratulations to TT for his first gold medal! A great demonstration of teamwork and loyalty.

The Round saw large amounts of KP also coming from IC with Kimbo_Slice going on a killing spree on the last day accumulating almost 15m kill points with Sinix, B_Madov and 69myballs leading the killing ranks.

This round also showed a lot of competition within the family ranks as well. Only a trillion or two came between the top 5 families. Great job looters!

Round 1132 had player "Last" come up with level 4 gold at 250t networth with runner up "yourmomvax" at 72trillion. A commanding victory for "Last"

1, Tig, Chocolate and Newbie earned their killer golds. Overall a respectable victory for our winner!

New Family Merger

- As the top 10 families have been rather consistent for over 10 rounds now, one thing that has changed is an apparent merge between Southside and Tree_Club. Although the longtime face ChicanoWolf is not currently present, Tree_Club is competing well in the loot game, currently holding 3rd place at the time of writing this blog.

We look forward to watching what this family brings to the table. So far, off to a good start! We got in touch with a member from Tree_Club to see what they had to say on the matter.

Q -Do you have any words for the potential blog? What are your thoughts of the direction of Tree club with Chicano's absence?

BILL(TC) - Ok so Maxx, me a few others and Vinni joined them recently from SS. Maybe 2 rounds now.... Maxx and I play mostly as collectors and Vinni was struggling to enjoy his game looting, he is really good at it. So we figured best thing is to join up with another growing family and its been great with the guys here! Didn't know Chicano much but S/Killa and Moon and Ucar are very helpful and its really fun to be in this family.

We WILL steal some turbos and break some hearts in main, you can count on it! We did it before with SS and we will continue even stronger with Tree Club. Thanks to the bosses here for letting us join, its really been fun and great to be in an active family!

Thanks to Bill for helping us understand some of what’s happening with TC, we look forward to speaking with other members from there soon!


As the game has taken some changes, particularly around looting, we thought it would be good to hit the streets and see if we could get some first hand accounts from some of the active looters.

We asked our current most prolific looter on his thoughts on the current looting system and upcoming changes:

MIRU (IC):- as long as it's not 1 second per click, I'm all good on it, I'm just enjoying the game.

black-mrket-gun.pngLOOTER SPOTLIGHT- ItalianBoss

Q: I wanted your opinion on the current state of looting as well as any comments/concerns you have for looting and the game in general.

(Italianboss’s original message contained depictions of nudity that had to be censored, but for those curious it was a cartoon of one man nuzzling the buttocks of another.0

A: I’m actually the only looter now for us, rest are inactive or i already burned em out ;p. I prefer if we all went back to barebones looting

Q I noticed you were the main looter, and I understand the burnout, is that something you notice with alot of new/old players, the loot burn out?

A well most are tier 2-4 looters,tier 1 is like me and Miru, so when i bring these average looters to my level its a lot to handle

Q It can be overwhelming for new looters, and once you prove yourself, keeping up with the best takes a lot of work. For those who don't know, what is barebones looting?

A: Barebones looting would be like back in the 900's when browsers didn't have auto click programs or extensions.

Q. Lastly, some of the community is probably wondering why the split in RU_IU_HQ into two family's. Is there a reason for this split or is it more of a temporary thing?

A: basically it's been a cold war that is about to heat up

Q Yes I figured, I won't ask you to reveal any strategies! What other aspects of the older game play do you miss/think should be brought back?

- big prizes in turbo
- fix drive bys (amount of DU’s lost)
- increase black market prices significantly
- bring back no transfers in main once in awhile

Thank you Italianboss for your insight on your family and of the current state of the game. I know you probably have things to do so I won’t take up anymore of your time. However I hope you’ll sit down again some time and hash over any gossip that comes our way.
Well there you have it for now folks! Look out shortly for our next blog coming shortly from Admin with latest game and community updates! We wish you all a great week ahead and an equally great upcoming weekend!

Thank You
- The Mafia Boss