Greetings Mafiosos, we hope that you and all your loved ones are all staying safe in these crazy, difficult times and upside down world, that we all live in today. In this new blog, we bring you News, Short Interviews, one longer interview with legend killer, Tears_For_Fears, and also some very important game Update news. So strap in and we hope you enjoy the read!



FEMME_FATALE: In turbo round 1090 FemmeFatale ,a longtime member of Trap-House, Playground, and recently, now....Wasted Effort Family, took home the turbo level 4 gold...

‘Hi, Femme, how was that round for you? How did it go?

‘No nervousness here. I did my part in turbo... and I guess the boss men and family wanted to surprise me!! Needless to say, I am pleasantly surprised! Everyone put in effort and I am very thankful to have a family like mine!!

TMB_Blog: Well, congrats again, on your 1st win! Well done!'

POPEBENEDICT: We like to try and pay attention here in the tmb blog team and during that round 1085 we noticed an old familiar player some of you might know ... He ran the infamous CHEESE family and his name was PopeBenedict. We caught up with Da_Secret for a comment and this was all he had to say:

'May have to wait and see if that has any relevance in an uncapped round"

TMK: Was seen lurking around, and I am sure there were many nervous trigger fingers around the game. SO I sent him a short hello message:

Storm: hi Bud. How’s the family and how are you doing?

TMK: 'Hey brother, I am doing well! Way too busy to play unfortunately, but really miss the game!'

IU_RU_HQ FAMILY:Let’s chat for a minute about this family and what they have been up to right now. We can never write this family off, they are one of the most winning successful families to ever grace the TMB community.

Current IU-RU boss, ItalianBoss won round 1089 and IU took 3rd place family rankings. The round before that, they took 7th place in the family rankings, and ItalianBoss took 2nd place. Could we be seeing the return of the juggernaut known as IU to the competition arena again?

We saw some drama unfold in 1087 between the newly upgraded Tree People, seemingly some of TiS, Underworld Mafia, and some other stragglers,... against Inner_Circle ... The war only seemed to last a little over a day, but we saw some heavy lifting from both sides, this is what Boss of Inner Circle Snoman had to say:

TMB: Can you talk to us briefly about the 1 day war with Tree Mafia people? What happened?

Sno_Man: "There was a lot of back and forth between what is left of Tree and what is once again Underworld Mafia. Seems as though not all parties were 100% in agreement on how to or even if they all wanted to come after us. Lots of accusations flying around over there. Their fault, not ours.

Anyway....They hit us early while we were not yet built. Hits were traded back and forth along with the run-of-the-mill trash talk I suppose, then a couple of us decided to build. They surprised us by spending a little to hit our upper build (credit sales, am I right?), then we decided to see how dedicated they were to it. After a rebuild and a 3 hour protecting seminar by Doomshop, Babbo approached them and offered a way out. They accepted and regardless of how the ****** on the forum try to spin it, the fact remains.....we're still here. Always have been. Always will be.

[ Well since we heard from Snoman and the InnerCircle side of things we figured we would reach out to DoomShop and get his side of it all.... ]

TMB: Doomshop tell us what happened?

DOOMSHOP: "All I got to say about the IC war is, the point got across.... UNDERWORLD MAFIA is here to bring new life to this game and we aren't scared to end it as well. It's kill or be killed!

MAIN ROUND 1087: Speaking about the top spot level 4 gold ... for this round it went to Inner Circle’s Essential. He stopped by the studio to answer a few questions we had about it all.

TMB: Hey Essential, thanks for coming by and congrats on your most recent main round 1087 win!

Essential: haha! No problem, thanks and yea, 1st main round win, felt pretty good

TMB: ok let me just ask ya straight up, you were formerly Kimbo_Slice from TrapHouse/PG is that right?

Essential: yea, that’s me

TMB: so, then what’s the deal there, no longer with them?

Essential: we had a damn good run, they still are, I have so much respect and love for the majority of that crew, at the end of the day I play the game for fun and relaxation. It was just time for a change, nothing at all bad happened, I just dipped peacefully and went about my way, decided to give IC a spin and have had a great time thus far with this lot

TMB: fair enough, I guess it’s wise to not burn bridges these days in TMB that’s for sure

Player Name: Tears_For_Fears
-My Brothers- We Will Meet in Valhalla-
Fear not death for the hour of your doom is set and none may escape it.
~Volunga Saga, c.5

The wood of the Viking ships make the sound of tired aches, bending as the water slowly slaps the sides, I sit there beside Tears and ask him for his TMB story, he doesn’t want to go into everything with full detail, he says its just too much, but he takes a draw of his cigarette and blows the smoke... I see his greying beard and the stress of life upon his face, yet he smiles as he begins his tale...

I started out in TMB as a subbed looter and then I went to killing. Most of my time in TMB I have been a supporter. My Daughter Raven sent me into IU to be trained by Lopov- I am a Lopov IU Killer.

Tears_For_Fears: After taking a break, I have returned to the game and the rules have changed, I have had to play as a one star, yet I was always scared of being a one star due to the lack of turns and quality of game play. Yet I have found within these new rules it could possibly be the greatest of game play equal to any other star; the competition within the one star killing ranks is real and highly competitive based off skill as oppose to the money spending 4 star ranks.
This gives the game a new exciting edge that never existed before.

When men meet foes in fight, better is stout heart than sharp sword.
~Volsunga, c.19

Tears_For_Fears: There are so many great one star killers within the game including, DrawPoint, MassCarnage, Ares and ChicanoWolf' who are cool headed, responsive and very good at their game. Combining all what they said, I believe this is the way to gain that full tmb potential that makes it so great and inspiring to play.

Often times it is not numbers that wins the victory, but those who fare forward with the most vigor.
~The Saga of Thrond of Gate, c.19

Tears_For_Fears: My greatest memory or inspiring aspect of TMB Id like to mention is The lord of kills Masui is watching, over 100 killing medals, and Bono is possibly one of the greatest killers in TMB History.

Hollywood_Hubert is one of the greatest Dons of TMB history who thinks of everybody else but himself.

Those who know me know what to expect in War, There is a lot of history within wars that its too much to describe or explain from all the years playing.

To My Brothers and Sisters- IU/ RU, IC, Avengers and friends I talk with over the years throughout the game and a special shoutout to all those most respectful players over the years.

-Stay Defiant to what you Believe in-


Feedback about Farming:
From next round, KP’s made in family, against anyone in your family to max them....will not give any kill points not anymore. Coding is done and tested and this will be LIVE next round

Changes to family prize structure coming:
Families will be allowed up to 30 members. Only 20 will be able to rank, selected from those who got the highest to lowest in the family bank. If you had no money in the bank, you don’t qualify to rank. If you had 30 people in your family and only one person has money in the family bank, only that person will receive the prize turns and/or medal. We are in the coding planning stage with this and it should take 2 rounds still from next round to complete

Getting New Players directly into a family:
Each family will be allowed to accept a mandatory number of 10 newly signed up players, into their family, [over and above the 30 we will allow ] Here we will allow a new signup to have a direct select of families and when each family is full, they will be removed from the list. This is a base build for part of a bigger plan.

Once it’s working smoothly, we will tie in rewards for new player activity, recruiting, login, time spent online, and similar activity rewards, not only for new players but also for returning Mafiosos.

Well there ya have it! Check back on the next blog and dont forget if ya have something to share find TMB_Blog in game and drop him a line!