He is mysterious. You may or may not know him. Looking at his recent achievements, you definitely don’t want to be on his bad side. This enigma was extremely tough to get a hold of. His current balls-out approach to playing TMB has warranted that we had to send TMB-Blogger on a special mission to find this rare creature. Blogger managed to get some short choice words from Raven, and we are pleased to bring you a short session with TMBs very own current trending badass … .Mr. RavenT!

Chapter 1: A SHORT CONVERSATION with RavenT


Before we get started: Let’s just note this man’s recent pedigree:

MAIN ROUND Jackpot gold winner: 1073/1069/1061/1041 - THIS is pretty impressive by anyone’s standard considering it returned a value of over $7,300. So: here we go!

TMB-Blogger- Thanks for giving me a few minutes brother, we were asked to get a few interviews from who we thought had a big impact on the game in 2020, and my pick was you… does that make you feel special?

RavenT - Oh super special, kind of like when you wake up in the morning with a strange itch and cant remember what her name was and your wallet is missing …. !!

TMB-Blogger- Um … ok well with that being said lets dive right in … do you have your mask on?

RavenT - Let’s not ever get started with co-vid (which thankfully I just got over)

TMB-Blogger- Damn man, glad you are back, ok … 1st basic question … how long have you been playing and what got you started

RavenT - Man to be honest it was just dumb luck that I stumbled across TMB about 14 years ago, strictly as a free player

TMB-Blogger- I see I see, and once into this text based drama filled virtual reality who do you remember linking up with

RavenT - I guess the first player that really helped me out was RealT but I haven’t seen him around in a bit. Other than that just a few people here and there, I was pretty constant as a player for a few years then life got in the way and i was off and on for quite a bit.

TMB-Blogger- Ah yes, I think most have known, seen, or heard the stories of the infamous TMB hall-of-famer RealT… and as with knowing the legends, I think most of us have had plenty of hiatuses over the years…Ok so tell me about your favorite round you remember playing in over all those years
RavenT -
My favorite round is an easy one. I was with Foundhell for a few rounds after I came back fully into the game when i realized they were just waiting for a spender. So me and Petenasty decided it was time to shake some shit up. I was tired already of the same old same old and just built and hit and built and hit. We were also joined by a few others and that pissed a lot of the TMB elite off lol and the hate mail that round was fun…..

TMB-Blogger- Oh man, I remember that round, nobody was safe and when you have no care in the world it can be the most fun just doing your thing! Props to yall for shaking things up!!! Ok man, like I said, this was a short session…I am sure we will be hearing more from you in our future blogs as you continue your journey above and beyond! Please feel free to give the fans some shout outs, no matter if it’s good or bad lol !!

RavenT -I want to give a shout to all players in TMB. You all make this fun and an escape from reality. Keep it up. Also want to shout out to PG i know things look a little different but here we are still standing still taking gold when we choose….. To all the haters ( you know who you are)..... You can talk all the shit all you want. You still are irrelevant in the grand scheme of TMB

TMB-Blogger- Strong words from a strong man… keep kicking ass and taking names and thanks for giving us a few minutes of your time man

RavenT -No problem, see y’all around !!


Welcome to the new improved TMB Studios, Co-vid free and bullet-proof, in this new year 2021. Now we are pleased to bring you an interview with 12 year veteran, ThaIVIonster. He is currently been sighted frequenting the notorious TiS Family, on looting duty. Today he shares with us his history, and shoots the breeze about the current state of affairs in TMB.

They always told me to be afraid
of the monsters that lay under my bed.

Years and years I spent terrified,
too afraid to walk outside,
too afraid to live my life.

(Kelsi Herring, 2014).

TMB-Blogger - Monster I'd like to start off with your own history in TMB before we touch on current politics. So when did you begin your TMB Journey?

ThaIVIonster: Well, contrary to my 9 year badge, I got my start about 11 or 12 years ago. A real life friend and neighbour of mine got me started and hooked when I was just a kid... Like most players I haven't been active the entire time. I've been on and off the game and taken year long and even longer than that breaks... I believe I made my return to the game recently, about 3-4 months ago.

TMB-Blogger - I legit played for about 12 years straight myself so there are nuts out there like me hahaha, ok so this is good, because I'd like you to reflect on old school TMB vs the current rules and game play, can you give me your opinion on that concept?

ThaIVIonster: Oldschool vs Newschool huh? Back when I first started, I couldn't really tell you I had good knowledge of how the game worked. It wasn't until later years I got hooked up with decent families that were in the mix and fighting wars or what not. When I first had a decent grip about the game I was a free killer, around the time UC and IU were at war... I loved killing and I left for another break shortly after the game changed its killing rules and introduced KPs, also taking away killer fams upset me a bit. Now I play the game as a looter. Wasn't a big fan of all the changes at first but rejoining the game, I've learned to adapt as best I can to find some success.

TMB-Blogger - UC vs IU.. I was there, and which side of the fence were you on?

ThaIVIonster: Oh, for sure. I knew of you back then, I was in UC at the time. I was always part of the underdog family it seems, haha!!

TMB-Blogger - Well it was fun even the 'underdogs' gained so much respect from players and many long term friendships and alliances were also built. Years later Lopov and Hollywood joined forces a few times so all is not as it seems and both families are very much respected and TMB icons to this day. - Ok fast forward and this is where I need you to fill me in as Storm had me in Dom's Warehouse for 15 months hiding me from TMB Covid-19.. tell me about TiS ....your current family..... and apparently you are the spokesperson for Hype ??

monster.pngThaIVIonster: Ahhh Dom's warehouse, I've called NaMeLeSs home for a long time. For the 19!! He picked me back up outta UC when I came back to the game late last year. Activity was dwindling over there, so my brother from another, Coast, and I, explored our options... ended up experimenting with SHEVEL in a family of our own called BMF and shortly after starting BMF, maybe our 2nd round as a new family, Hype had sent me a very convincing recruitment message... I didn't know how long we'd last in the game as BMF, Coast and I were the only true sources of cash flow give or take a few 100 billion maybe. Hype had assembled a team of looters and noticed the numbers we pulled so we we're recruited... it was nice to finally have some of the weight taken off our shoulders to have other players loot with us.

The team we have at TiS has got to have the best dynamic and chemistry in the game. We are constantly growing and adapting... As we just won the round 1080 Turbo JP. Shout out to Jakey on his win and 2nd level 4 gold medal! Also, yes, Hype has asked me to handle some of his messages. He's a bit busy these days but still finds enough time to put in work in the game!

TMB-Blogger - Jakey has also been in TMB a while as well So tiS is a looting family? But collecting in turbo? Many say TMB is a looters game now, however most JP winners are actually collectors so can you discuss that with me?

ThaIVIonster: Oh yeah, Jakey is a legend in my personal opinion. I believe he has ties to West Coast back in the day. But, yes. TiS is mainly a looters family... we may have a few inactive players at times who decide to collect for a round or so instead but for the most part, all of our income sources from looting. In turbo there's just too many turns to use all of them looting so yes we collect for an extra boost at the end. We would most likely fall way short from winning if it were just our looting numbers doing the talking. I'm not supposed to go too into detail with it all but we do well for ourselves without those big spenders/builders. Main round is a different story... Turbo is a looters round. Main is still for collectors who drop money into the game.

TMB-Blogger - Haha yes do not tell me all you're secrets sir....Ok so overall in your opinion who are the top 3 strongest families in TMB at the moment?

ThaIVIonster: InnerCircle and FoundHell seem to have the best footholds right now, FH gaining Knuckles as an addition to their loot squad was big for them as he pulls good numbers. PlayGround still seems to want to hold onto their seat so I'd put them in 3rd for the time being... That being said, these families wouldn't be very strong without their wallets out. Throw them into a looters world and we see what happens More gold medals for TiS. IU making a comeback, I'm sure if y'all keep at it, you guys will breach my top 3 soon.

Well... IU players are very.... I'd call 'game intelligent' but so many are now retired. I am not surprised by IC they have a solid group of strong collectors.. I was surprised by Foundhell, however that is great they have also maintained a solid foundation.

I noticed last round and the round of the new year the JP was won by a guy called tpk and he also won best killers, I dont know him so is this a usual or typical win in TMB or is there like old times a hidden Jackpot Rotation going on?

I believe PG and IC do have a deal to rotate jackpots, yes. The details to that deal are unknown to me but I have heard of them switching off...

TMB-Blogger - Interesting.. hmm so do you know the song 'Monster' by Lady Gaga?

ThaIVIonster: So the jackpot was given, and im sure he farmed the kill points to win killers as well. Jakey goes for killers in main about every round and is outdone by the farmers.No, I can't say I've heard that one from her lol

TMB-Blogger - Ok so there is still opportunities to farm kills in TMB?

ThaIVIonster: absolutely, especially with hits allowed in-fam you can farm your own family for kill points.

TMB-Blogger - As I said earlier I do not know TpK or his gameplay so I must remain unbiased, however I am certainly looking forward to interviewing him and asking him some controversial questions and also IC as well.
And like all history in competition there are different perspectives.

But thanks for you're open opinion on contemporary TMB it has been excellent In family farm.. well yes thats very much like the old unions So last question.. I'm intrigued.. what kind of Monster are you?.. a serial killer.. or a blue cookie munching monster? I have a crazy imagination so I must know Maybe you are like TMB ***** munching blue looting hairy monster

ThaIVIonster: Hmmm good question, you know the monsters that hid under your bed as a kid? Or the ones that hide away in your closet? Think of those haha!! I do enjoy munching ***** but not blue hairy ones

TMB-Blogger - You sound scary now.. you can stay away from my ***** and my closet!

ThaIVIonster: Your ****** was safe from me but that closet was lookin juicy hahaha

TMB-Blogger - Ok Mr Monster thank you so much for the time today, and thank you for your contribution to The Mafia Boss, I wish TiS all the best in The Mafia Matrix and hope you have many rounds hiding and looting from peoples closets! You may take a moment for shout outs to your most respected and memorable TMB players friends and enemies!! And I hope you have a fantastic evening Sir !

ThaIVIonster: I appreciate you having me! My first shoutout will have to be my brother from another, Coast. I introduced him into the game some odd years ago and he's still riding with me. Also, big shout outs to Hype, Jakey, Kash, DeadMemories, Luigii, Castelo, Hulk, Grim, and Boysoldier. These are the guys that keep me playing for real. Long time thank you to Domenico and Scoller as well as Hollywood_Hubert. I don't think she plays anymore, but shout out to KK as well! P.S. - Levi ain't shit.

- The Mafia Boss