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We continue to see the reformation of the legendary Foundhell family lead by Benny Blonco. They have established themselves as jackpot challengers and currently house some of the finest looters within the game. Some big players have recently joined to help in the rebuild of this once great family. Mechanics who spent much of his time in Inner Circle and Woody who was a long time loyal of Tree-Club family.

Prophecy, Revolver and Shortbus continue to push until the end with large collects and hard looting. Notable returns for the Shortbus family are Northcoast and IvI, some great looting and killing by these guys.

The Bloodline family continue to keep within the ranks and stable numbers led by Zodiac_killer with the infamous Unbreakable Soviet helping out as his understudy.

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In this week’s Hot seat, we sit down with Ping, a player with much history and respect for the game and a name most will know of.

Welcome Ping…Today we had a sit-down to get to know another player from the TMB community, Ping from the Revolver Family:

TMB_Blog: Good day Ping, would you like to introduce yourself? How long have you been playing? Have you played with notable families in the past?

Ping: I am a veteran player of the game and I’ve been an active participant since 2007. During my early days, I played under various names and families to learn and understand the game. However, it was RU and CCCP family that I spent most of his time with, teaming up with the notable player, Mr_Feldman.

TMB_Blog: So, you have played since 2007? That is impressive. Any retirement stretches in your TMB career?

Ping: Despite my love for the game, I had real-life priorities that took precedence, and had to take a hiatus from playing to focus on my education and career. Once I had established a successful career, I felt the urge to come back to the game, where I returned as "The_King" a few years ago. I teamed up with Hollywood_Hubert, he was a good friend and I continued playing until Hubert had to retire, leading me to take a year-long break.

TMB_Blog: But the game called you back one more time, right? Like the movie quote? Sort of keeps pulling you back in?

Ping: The game had left an impression on me that refused to fade, and I returned a couple of years ago as "p," later changed it to "Ping." Today, most players know me by that name, and I love how the game has evolved over time.

TMB_Blog: Interesting introduction Ping. You seem like a hard-core fan of the game.

Ping: My story serves as an example of how a game can become an essential part of one's life and how it can bring people together. Despite the various changes in my life, my love for the game never wavered, and I persevered to make a comeback.

TMB_Blog: Wow, Brother. That is some serious love for the game. It sounds like you definitely have been bitten by TMB bug. Would you say that the game is pretty addictive?

Ping: Gaming has become an integral part of our culture, providing an escape from reality and a platform to socialize and interact with others. My journey is a testament to this, and my unwavering love for the game is something that many gamers can relate to. I hope my story is one that inspires and motivates others to follow their passions, regardless of the challenges they may face. My journey serves as a reminder that with persistence and determination, anything is possible. And for those who share my love for the game, the journey never ends - it only gets better with time.

TMB_Blog: What are you currently up to in the game? Do you enjoy being in the Revolver Family?

Ping: I am thrilled to be a part of the Revolver family, and the current Revolver/Prophecy Union has been a game-changer for me. Since joining, I have felt welcomed and supported by the community, and I want to give a special shout out to Sabretooth, B-1, Scoller, and Vinni for making me feel at home.

TMB_Blog: Do you have any other shout outs before we wrap this up Ping?

Ping: In particular, Shane and CV have become my closest friends in the game, and I can't thank them enough for the crazy fun times we've had together. The Revolver family is truly a special community, and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

TMB_Blog: Thank you for taking the time for the interview, Ping.
THE HOT SEAT: Dr. Chronic

Next we sit down in the Hot Seat with another old veteran and ex Inner circle member, famous for his killing and no nonsense approach, it is the one and only Dr_Chronic.

TMB_Correspondent: Hi Dr. Chronic, thanks for taking the time to contribute to the TMB blog – it is much appreciated.

Dr. Chronic: Hello, and no problem.

TMB_Correspondent: Of course many will recognize you from your time with Inner Circle, but can you tell us a bit about your TMB story before that time, such as the families and players that helped you learn the game?

Dr. Chronic: Going to go back to the depth of Chronics brain so here goes. Well obviously you know my Ronin roots. But I was also in a lovely little family called the Warhounds. Ran by sexy jag and Klown. It was a mixed bunch of rough necks who didn’t care about naps etc. it was more about the laughs and the trash talk. They were some good times for me. Then Roku claimed me for APO again a much organised crew of killers and looters.

TMB_Correspondent: Can you tell us about your experience in IC, and how that may have evolved over the years. Do you think IC could return in the future?

Dr. Chronic: IC was a titan of a force. I fit in well for killing. IC will always be my 2nd home. And the answer to us coming back - Never say never.

TMB_Correspondent: Picking up from some of the recent commentary around Avalon – their rise and fall – they looked so strong and now have suddenly disappeared. Do you have any ideas or insight on what happened there?

Dr. Chronic: Lol I don’t really know to be honest. To many cooks spoil the broth on that I believe. It was a strong force. I wish them all well.

TMB_Correspondent: I believe you have said that Ronin is a family without any naps, to let your members kill as much as they want, but does Ronin have any enemies or rivals?

Dr. Chronic: Ronin is a small tight family. Rock is solid we will ride the wave round by round, Wall Street also is very loyal and helped ten-fold . Ronin will be taking in looters and killers. As long as we get some turns either being in the killer ranks or in the top ten.

TMB_Correspondent: What makes a good killer in TMB. How does someone earn your respect as a killer in the game?

Dr. Chronic: Someone who is silent for starters. Who is a level one killer, free killers gain my respect as it’s hard. It’s a dog eat dog world. The aspects are timing, skill, keeping low and having a sharp eye.

TMB_Correspondent: Do you have an idea of who you think the best killers in the game are right now – and how about the best that you have played with?

Dr. Chronic: The best at the moment are obviously my man the rock, Ares, mass carnage, and the Leah. That chick can kill.

TMB_Correspondent: Can you tell us more about the vibe of Ronin, and what kind of family you want to establish. Is it a casual place to log in and kill as you please, or do you have bigger goals - For example, to be recognized as the best killers in the game?

Dr. Chronic: The answer to that question I don’t know. We take it round by round. We will take in anyone. As soon as you join, you’re Ronin, we fight together. Rock and I don’t really care. Wall Street has a lot of input here also.

TMB_Correspondent: Ranking is a key part of TMB. How important is ranking opportunities to your family, do you think the current system is okay for a family like Ronin that is focused on killing, and why/why not?

Dr. Chronic: Again ranking is not important to us. As long as there are targets we should gain something. If not in the top 5 I will be happy with top 10.

TMB_Correspondent: Any shout outs before we wrap up?

Dr. Chronic: Just my brothers Rock and Wall Street for sticking around and helping.

TMB_Correspondent: Great! Once again thanks for the time Dr.