Greetings Mafiosos, welcome to our recap of Main Round 1179. Today We chat to various players about their achievements and experiences during the round. We feature some short and less short interviews from our community and we hope you all enjoy the read.


Blogger: We have the king of Prophecy family here, Hello Scoller, congratulations on an unexpected level 4 bronze finish. With many not used to seeing your name on the podium at all. How did last round go for you? Any words for us all here at The Mafia Boss?

Scoller: Cheers! Ah, that’s nice of you to say but I am no king, just a loyal member of Prophecy here. It was another great round from the guys in Prophecy, these bastards are what make this a home. The hard work they put in is unreal!

As a boss previously I have never wanted or expected to rank, my role is to reward these guys not take rewards away from them. In the new Prophecy, I am no boss, it’s a team effort. I should not ever rank if I don’t pull my weight. These guys put me to shame round by round. Just so you know... I am the real Scoller.


Blogger: Hello Dr-ChRoNiC! Congratulations to you on taking the gold in level 3. With an impressive finish for Inner Circle family, taking gold family to! You must be happy with the overall finish. Anything you want to say about last round?

Dr-ChRoNiC: Thanks man . Yes I am very honoured to be with ic and to all those who ride the wave with me . There was a few low level builders not mentioned who but they got dealt with accordingly.

Shout out to all in Inner Circle Family , Babbo and SnoMan for putting up with me. Peace!


Blogger: Hello Duck_Oioi! Congratulations on yet another medal thus time taking the silver in level 2. Any words on this fine victory?

Duck_Oioi- Hello again, I would basically just like too thank everyone at TrapHourse for working as a solid team, massive thanks too Mike, Brad, kingme, icon, and all the others too many too name, always remember if you ain’t TH, We Couldn’t give a fuck happy hunting 🦆


Blogger: Congratulations yet again Who, Another fine performance from yourself which is noticed from elmo sees you pick up another silver level 1. Any comments on that?

Who: In our USK family, effort equals rewards, it’s always tough, as we are a team of hard workers, who continually show up the spenders. Kudos to our EOR champions who always read the end game well and produce medals for the team!

LEVEL 1 BRONZE- Leadbelly

Blogger: Yet again another winner from the Inner Circle family yet again a very familiar name! Congratulations taking bronze level 1, Leadbelly! With the family running away with most of the medals, you and the family must be pleased with the end of round?

Leadbelly: I was finally able to close out my medal rack. It was exciting to finally be able to complete them. I have to thank Babbo for helping me get it done. And thanks to IC. It’s a solid crew with a winning pedigree.

Blogger: Well yet again congratulations on filling the medals man. Thanks for your time and response as always.


Blogger:Today we have the Terminator of last round Killer Bigben, Congratulations yet again another level 4 killer for you and another medal for Inner Circle. Any comments on your killing?

Bigben:-Was not after killer, but would not let Benny have it

Blogger: So YOu went for it just to stop Benny getting it?
Bigben-Yup.. Something like that..


Blogger: Hello Congratulations taking the level 2 killer gold last round. You must be pleased with how the round went right? Can you share your thoughts or even maybe be a shout out?

O_BLOCK: Sure. Shot outs to tree club for letting me join their family it's been a long time since I've played this game. Shout to Silentkilla on a personal level lol. Hopefully I can get something’s going but right now I'm dealing with an injury so I'm not really playing that much. Shout out to the winners in their rightful tiers and families.


Blogger:Hello Today we have f_u_punk in the building man, Congratulations taking silver level 2 killer. Did u plan on going for the killers or was it something during the round you thought man I have a good chance.

f_u_punk: I enjoy killing so I was going all out. I started a few days late but seemed to work out for me.

FAMILY BRONZE- SouthSide_Treeclub

Blogger: Hello I wanted to congratulate you and your family taking the bronze in the collecting family last round. With you being the boss can u share us all your reviews on the 3rd place finish on behalf of the family?

MaDd_MaXx- Were just happy we were in the top 3 family rank. We've been doing good whether it's as SouthSide or TreeClub. We are doing as we do best- Surprising everyone with come ups and rank steals. I love this family . We are tight knit and we dont bother anyone . So with that said, I'm very happy I'm here . And we will continue to do our best and keep slowly moving on up the ranks.


Blogger: Hello Today we introduce to you Mitch the boss of Money Making Mafia. First of all I want to thank you for your time. Here at TMB we want to know more about yourself. How did the name Mitch come about, is it a nickname or surname?

Mitch: Hello thank you for having me, Mitch is a shorter version of my surname Mitchell.

Blogger: Ahh well that makes sense to the name. I for one have seen your name for many many years, How long have you been playing for now Mitch?

Mitch: A long time now, I did spend a short time away from the game. But joedog asked me to return. So overall I would say around fifteen years ago.

Blogger: Wow 15 years! That’s some hours on the game there. When you first signed into The Mafia Boss, can you remember the name of your first family you joined?

Mitch: Havoc_Evil_Pain i was there for around a round or so. Don_The_Vampire was the boss and Black was his cons.

Blogger: Wow even remembered the Don and Co Dons name lol. What's families have you been in since playing the game?

Mitch: I was in a few different families, on top of my head Omerta, Brotherhood, ICS and a few others. But at the moment you have caught me off guard.

Blogger: Some well respected families there. I think Pops ran Omerta if I remember right, and they were allied with NYC union?

Mitch: Yes back in the day we had a lot of fun.

Blogger: Yes there was so many wars I guess, Which always makes things a little more fun. Last question as I know your busy with real life. If you had to join another family not being Money Making mafia. Who would it be and why?

Mitch: Easy question. USK Family, because of Elmo. Back in the day he was a great player, he had a side kick, who's name escapes me right now, but together they were really something to see.

Blogger: Fantastic Mitch Thank you for your time. Keep up the great work.

Mitch: you too Brother.

Thank You
- The Mafia Boss