Greetings Mafiosos, This blog takes a look back at MAIN ROUND 1117, where we saw a few yet substantial changes to the landscape of the TMB game (battle) field. Also lower down some short updates on the BOT settings for next round and current developments news. But first, lets get to all the juice from last round.

Smoke_House & Looters_Inc:

The families Smoke_House and Looters_Inc have been carefully uncovering some familiar faces and are around for a few rounds lately. We do not know their motive or intentions yet, but we will be diligently looking out for them.

Disband & Emerge:
More and more families are disbanding and re-emerging very cautiously. This seems to be a current trend, especially with a lot of new features being installed in the game.
One example of this, is the sudden disappearance of the Coffee_Shop family.

Are they hiding? Or did they merge into another family? This would be an interesting topic to cover for another day but would require a little more excavation.

Another example would be Prophecy_West family. To many of our new players, this family might appear unfamiliar. But, this name should ring a bell to our old players. Either way, with plethora of familiar names showing up, we hope and expect Prophecy_West will shake up the things a bit sooner or later. It is not if but when.

WARS- A brief:

From the outside it is mystifying to tell what is always going on. A lot of us gather tittle-tattle in game chats and on the forums, but we have to do a lavish amount of inquest to find out the most possible true report. The last few rounds have been an explosive. Most of the TMB seems to be involved in some sort of feud right now. Let's go over some of the prominent ones for now.

IC vs TH

Inner_Circle and Trap_house have been at it for two rounds back to back now. Both the families have been throwing big punches at the start of the rounds itself. While it is clear that the defenses of IC are thick, it can’t be denied for fact that Trap_house has been using unusual tactics to do a substantial damage to IC. They have got the TMB’s attention for sure and they will be watched for the next few rounds to see how all this will plays out.

TH managed to accumulate over 11.5M KPs and took a dominant lead for the first half of the round, but then IC continued to pickup their pace and ended with over 15M KPs.

While KPs are one good standard to measure how well a war is going on between families, just want to state that it isn’t everything. And when looking at KPs of 11.5M to 15M, it is definitely close but for sure a bloody fight.

At the end of the round, both families finished high in their rankings and have registered their wins. Kimbo_Slice lead the KPs for IC with over 6.3M, while TH players FuNN and Castelo_Vixen lead the KPs for TH with around 2.7M KPs.

RU_IU vs Kabukimono

RU_IU is often seen in many conflicts involving some of their well known killers in the game. Is it personal or just business? Only the killers know. Roughy had the most KP count in RU_IU this round, with around 2M.

Kabukimono has been firing back this round, earning nearly 4.5m KPs. More than a half of those kills were from Vinni, at around 3M.

We would soon be interviewing Roughy and Vinni to understand what this war’s all about. Stay tuned!

The Conclusion:

At the end of round 1117, Inner_Circle secured their golds. U_S_K looted exceptionally well to earn their silver. And, RU_IU came in a close third.

It was definitely one of TMB’s bloody rounds. Now we will wait and see how the round 1118 will turn out to be. Will the wars continue? Will the disbanding and emerging continue?



Hi Everyone, next round we will do the final tweak to the bots numbers as follows:


- 20 bots per city
- Half will refresh with 20,000 armed hitmen/10 Billion in loot
- The Other half will refresh with 100 Hitmen/3 Billion in loot.
- All refreshes happen at the same 3 hour intervals


Our next task - we are busy building a game training family that all New Players who sign up into the game, will go into automatically.

We are currently looking for interested players to assist with training of new players and helping the get started. We want to have someone online 24/7 to assist with this. So we need a few people to help here.

You can email us and apply in writing to:

[email protected]

Let is know how you think you can help, please, we would love to hear from you!

Thank You
- The Mafia Boss