Greetings Everyone! This first part of this new blog, features short shout outs from various players for Main Round 1085, and in the second part, our very own TMB-Bloggerette speaks to prominent killing bigwigs about.....the fine art of killing. So strap in and we hope you enjoy the read as much as we enjoyed the editing.


Main Round 1085 big news was the win by
Gasface. He had this to say about his recent triumph:

Gasface: 'It was great to finally get my first JP win! Huge shout out to Dirtynick, Tammygunz, Day-o, TpK, KingMe and Raven, for their support, I wouldn't have been able to do it without their help! Big thanks to everyone else in Wasted_Effort who looted their asses off all round too! Out of curiosity, when do I get paid???'

We also briefly caught up with MIRU... he is an elusive looting legend, and we checked in with him to see what’s up:

Hi Miru, Are you still affiliated with TiS or are you doing your own thing now? Since your Turbo JP win, you have been sort of quiet, anything going on in Miru’s world?

MIRU:I’m doing my own thing now I already completed my badges so I’m just chilling every round now.

CLICK-CLACK @ APO Family had this to say:

CLICK-CLACK: Last round [1085] started off slow, we at APO had a small falling out with Foundhell Family, which resulted in hits thrown back and forward. No one was willing to give up it seemed but eventually we saw peace.

The end of round wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, I personally would like to see more excitement and someone else challenging for the pots out of the normal 2-3 families that usually go for it.

The family killer ranks seemed to spice things up though so we would like to see more of those thrown in every now and then.



By TMB Bloggerette

Persians: “Our Arrows Will Blot Out The Sun!”

Spartans: “Then we will fight in the Shade”

Killing in The Mafia Boss: Contemporary Rules with a Spartan Spirit

“No retreat, no surrender; that is Spartan law. And by Spartan law we will stand and
fight and die. A new age has begun. An age of freedom, and all will know, that 300 Spartans gave their last breath to defend it!”

Over the years The Mafia Boss has continuously changed the rules to keep game players on their toes and to promote a challenging platform that suites all style of mafia game play.

Love it or hate it, when the rules change, it sets the stage for a new way of playing, ranking ruling and fooling... whoever is onto the rules usually has a better chance of successful game domination. The year 2021 is no different.

“Spartans! What is Your Profession!?”

PLAYER NAME: ChicanoWolf

'A Wolf Observes his Prey in TMB an Old Vets Fangs are still Lethal '

Bloggerette: You have become very active in TMB recently Chicano, and im sure you of all people know how the killing rules have changed since your Rebel days... Can you give me your perception of the rules and how you have adapted to them?

Chicano: It’s been so long. See what I remember. The killing has changed few times. Back in the day kill count was how it went. I’m trying to remember if it mattered if someone had guns or not. I think at first it didn’t matter and it all counted. Then whoever defense needed aAK47’s for it to count. Also I remember a kill was a kill, even if someone attacked you and the guys they lost in the fight counted.

Then it was changed to only the attacker would get kill points. Which I liked, the kill count, I think most did. But then for some reason guess cuz some players that weren’t even good or active or stayed long were complaining about it.

And when they changed it..... I don’t remember all the killing changes but I remember it being dumb and that’s when many players left the game, even I did. Or course I have played on and off throughout the years but that was a moment when many felt that it messed up the game for killers.

I think even killing ranks were taken away as well for awhile. The game was just for collectors mainly. Killing, collecting, sending transfers anywhere or within your family or union as that changed few times also but those were part of the game that kept the game interesting and versatile. People started leaving. Over time, some would come back, but either to visit, or to leave again, because of all the changes.

Changes to killing were made again to what it is now, which is ok, except for farming. I like being able to max family but not the KP’s people get from that. So if they let us max but no KP’s from family hits, it that would good...... but there has to be a way to avoid letting people leave families to farm off of them also.

A Lot of my killing has been the same, from kill count days. I learned in the fiery days when killers were everywhere. It was like the Wild West ha-ha! The families, the messages, the profiles, the fighting, the wars, the conversations, the friends made, the memories ....

Bloggerette: ....Ok Cowboy I heard you got a bit fired up and attacked some people recently?

Chicano:Lol nah I wasn’t fired up, but I am always full of energy, although I’m chill guy.

I am walking ball of fire and lightning. Yeah I always hit these days. You know how it is and how I am. That was me just hitting the enemy.


TiS Australian Slaughterhouse Rampage Killing Machine

'No Farmhouse Only a TiS Slaughterhouse'

Ok so I've actually been told from some players that your killing in TMB has been commendable, considering you are a 4 star, but not from a collection family, but a looting family. Hence your kills are through handwork and not farming at the end? Can you give your perspective on that element of the game?

JAKEY420:G’day mate , well I don’t have much time to spend on TMB at the moment so when I do, I want to have fun as much as I can and what’s more fun then killing??

And the best way doing it is to have as less naps/allies as you can , some guys here don’t understand the game , if I kill you it doesn’t mean I hate you or it’s personal it’s a game and some guys are good sport take it the way it should be.

About farming- I don’t do it- I think it’s a game-killer. I gain my kp’s by actually killing guys, not killing my own on last day, but yeah some doing it and it gives them the turns and medals they want... good for them!

I do it for fun not for virtual medals.

You can confirm with Storm if you want - most of the rounds I kill more than anyone on the first 8 days then after farming I just stop and barely even on .

That’s why I like it in TiS, because I’m not chained to anything, we just do whatever we want, most of us looting (best ones in the game by far ), and some do the killing and we still get ourselves a high position in the game, without a single collection! (i tried that 1 round almost killed myself being bored lol)


Drawing The TMB Point

Killing with Perfection

DrawPoint: Free killing, to me, is a lot about patience, and timing. I enjoy it because it has different elements to it: Who are you killing? Ratios of DU's? Preserving enough to keep a solid base? When to go all out and timing those revenges that could come back at you....!

The thing about free killing is looking for the bang for your buck from the above considerations and more.

It's definitely a game of patience and what you put in, you get out. Fortunately I’ve had some good environments to do my free hits from. Mass and Romel are utter legends and help me get set back up into the game a few rounds ago, and I think I’ve ranked every round since.

On When using a sub to kill:I think it's a different sport, it all about treasuring those turns and each unit of yours, I haven't big timed sub killed, but it seems to be a war rather than a hunt

Bloggerette: Could you offer advice for new Rookie players?

DrawPoint:Advice? Observe the free killers, and the big killers, get in with a good bunch and ask questions and most importantly learn from your mistakes. They cost more to us free players, people respect the free game, but it definitely goes both ways.

“Give them nothing! But take from them everything!”

-Keep Calm and Just Farm

Nexus Gets Real on Contemporary Killing.

Farming has always been a part of the game. Back in the day the subbed up union leaders used to post on their profiles to glock up and hit them. Back then you got kills for winning, so they passively collected kills.

Farming still exists in today's game, but not as prevalent in the main round, my guess is the established players have their medals, and the newer players need to prove themselves before the vets allow themselves to be farmed. Still farming exists.

Turbo seems to have a lot of farming going on, any free player with more than 3 mil kps is suspect. It’s not impossible to get that much, it’s just that there are not enough targets to hit those numbers.

So farming is the answer. That said, people are still looting faster than humanly possible, but guess thats an issue for another blog.

“- King Leonidas: A Spartan's true strength is the warrior next to him. So give respect and honor to him, and it will be returned to you. First, you fight with your head...

Queen Gorgo: Then you fight with your heart.”

Bloggerette: Well that concludes the discussion on Killing in TMB please feel free to discuss the topic further in the comment section below, remember to be respectful or you may end up in a TMB Body bag.