Greetings Mafiosos and welcome to this latest news review of round reviews and gangster news! In this blog we chatted to many players from different sides about recent game happenings and news from their families.. And remember, if you think that you have some skill in writing please message me (STORM) in game.

Main Round 1061 News

TrapHouse member RavenT, aggressively and with authority, decided to make his mark on the round with a 1st day build of over 5 million hustlers, boasting an also-impressive 9 million defensives, basically letting anyone know that he was game for a fight! But in the end nobody would provide a challenge and he would leave the round in 1st place taking home a nice JP win!

We have heard that the previous turbo round got “stolen” from him, so maybe this was a statement win letting everyone else know he will not be pushed around!

He had this to say about the round:

Traphouse is now stronger than ever before after dropping some [Insert choice words here]. And the family we have now will always help each other to be stronger . And that’s the difference. TrapHouse also managed to snag a gold for looter FiRESTONE, and silver supporter killer and we snagged a silver collecting family in the process!

WAR!! UML vs TreeOfLife

UML and TreeOFLife families had an old school throw-down during main round 1061, it seems nobody was safe ,with Da_Secret quickly killing most of the Tree family, we noticed several build offs between him and ChicanoWolf.

What CHICANOWOLF had to say about all this:

“I wouldn’t say he won, I simply got distracted” if that is what you call it then so be it, we did notice after a few days the XxX built and took out UML and in the end it seemed the Tree family was sitting with more dus than UML, will this war continue or was it a 1 round fluke….?


We know that there is always different things going on in different families here in the mafia boss. It is hard to know what that is because you aren’t a part of the inner core of these families. Check out these comments from some badass Mafiosos in the TMB Casino room:


Hi Babbo!!! You and Inner Circle did it again. What do you got to say this time? How’d it happen?

Babbo: “This Round was a Team Win and wouldn’t have been possible without every single one in Fam helping! Special thanks go to Dub who looted his old Ass off and J-Money for the backup Build! IC-STRONG, thanks everyone!!!”

Babbo Also had this to say about his overview of the most recent Turbo round 1062:

I am not sure what u already know....but I think Kimbo won, but they missed ranking fam. Not sure if it was the 2nd fam who ranked silver but I think could have been them. Hype family didn’t do well despite announcing he will kill all ops and go for win. We had gold family and a medal in L4 and L3.

Also: lots of killing due to no range. Half of the game killed after day 1 and whole game zeroed at eor

Interviewer: Thank you Babbo! Congrats to you and your family!”

Whats happening at the TRAPHOUSE HQ?

Wasssuuuppp TPK, I know that there’s always a changing dynamic to the mafia boss. Can you tell us what all is happening in TrapHouse? Noticed a lot of new and missing members?

TPK: “Internal issues. What happens in the Trap House stays in the Trap House. Change is always happening. New people... jury is still out on that.”

Interviewer: “Thanks for nothing haha. Guess we will have to just watch and hope we catch it for ourselves”

girl 2.jpg
MisterBaklava from TiS: 'TiS is all about revolution and change

Welcome to the TMB back room casino MisterBaklava. …..I Pulled you down here for one simple question: Tell me….. who the hell this up and coming family of wise guys, that are calling themselves “TiS”?

MisterBaklava: We’re trash and we just came from your dads house. TiS has been around since the dawn of TMB. When the rotations get too boring we emerge from the shadows and take action. We were there when Rome was built. We bathed in the Amazon. Everything we eat is cooked to order by your mother after we fly her in. I just bought a new mink coat for Wednesday and it's the same as my Tuesday one. We just got done talking to several presidents about matters of national security and told them all to be cool. I wrote this with a quill made from the feathers of a peacock”

Interviewer: “Thanks for the words . Haven’t seen Rome and Peacock in the same sentence in too long. Great to see something new out there!

Chatting to Elmo from Inner City Firm.

Welcome you bright eyed brute. Tell me. What is going on in ICF? I keep hearing things on the street about you guys making some real moves?

'We are just keeping ourselves to ourselves and trying to generate as much loot as possible ive not been too active so any success is purely down to the rest of the crew,who continue to impress round after round.'

Interviewer: “If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. Keep making some moves. We are all watching.”

What's happening at VBP?

Interviewer: ‘Hey Guys, We notice that VBP has been growing, any comments for the upcoming blog?’

Day-o: Brad who should reply to this?. Lugzy?.. Our Public information person?
TAMMYGUNZ : Craziest fam ever! I just went home. Is the only place you can find a used condom in your beer and laugh. a no brainer

Finally - Mooner takes the podium:

Hi Mooner, would you care to give some insight on your family and what you are trying to do

Mooner: I'm just tryna do what was done for me from some of TMB greats OG_BloodyD all the way to Hollywood_Hubert teach new players the best I can and help them win credits and medals and understand that with team work alot can be accomplished off a lil bit of time n investment into TMB Somebody gotta be a Lifeline lol

So there you have it for this blog, people, we hope you enjoyed the read! remember if anyone is interested to help, please contact Storm in game inbox. Our next blog will follow soon with game development updates, Admin news and updates. We look forward to chatting to you soon again. Thank you to all our players, to our entire community and staff for making The Mafia Boss tons of fun, still, after 16 years of TMB-LIFE!

- Storm