Greetings Mafiosos!! Today we bring you a long anticipated and well deserved profile interview with Bishop, the Don of Foundhell Family, and we share some thoughts and profile with with ChicanoWolf and Kryptomux from Tree_House Family, and a somewhat shorter quickfire from Elmo and Andy at ICF family HQ.


1. Tell me about how you got into TMB in first place and why you stayed?

Bishop: Oddly, I was on a demolition derby forum talking about building motors and a guy posted the link to TMB, so i checked I thought I’d check it out, I think it was round 13 when i first logged in. I stayed because of the cool gangster names and family names, and the challenge of learning a game that was based on an interest i had already been into.

The Mafia, its history and organization was always an interest. So i was intrigued. After the next round, I was hopelessly hooked

2. Who were your mentors and first families?

Bishop: The first family I joined was ChiTown_Hustlerz in round 13. In round 14 i took the family over at the start of the round, filled it with players and wouldn’t invite the old boss...hostile family takeover in my second round. In round 15 ,i must have been high, i started a family called Lost_Heaven, and we were leveled by GoldenGate, thats when i realized just how small of a fish i was in a big ocean. There were so many active players at that time, So after a round of GoldenGate smashing us., I started over, NewFoundHell was the beginning in round 16.

3. Where are you now and what’s your strategy?

Bishop: 15 years later and I am still with Foundhell, I’ve never been in any other family, My strategy remains the same, I want the family to succeed, to have each other’s backs, and keep proving that mid and low level supporters can be quite competitive if the family pulls together and takes care of one another, Family first, make that money, War is bad for business and only as required, Same as the real mafia, make the money, keep the heat low, your mouth shut, and protect the family.,

4. Where are you from, IRL, and what do you enjoy doing outside of TMB?

Bishop: I am from the Midwest, United States, right on the Mississippi River, Besides TMB, i play guitar as much as possible, Take care of the real life family. When i first started playing i was racing stock cars and driving demolition derbies for a lot of years,

5. Who are you impressed by at the moment, in the game?

Bishop: Impressed?…..hmm.. Well, IC is as consistent and as solid as it gets. [Also]…Any of the families that are putting up a bank and being competitive without spending thousands a round to do so. A sub pack and team work, that’s impressive to me, Families that stay together , win or lose, ups and downs and are still here for each other every round, that’s what I find impressive.

6. Congrats on your first JP win! From my understanding you didn’t know you were getting it and weren’t online. Is this true? Tell us more?

Bishop: Lol, I think you may want to check your sources, It was a turbo jackpot, and I was online, and the plan for the JP was in place before the turbo started, As with anyone who wins either main or turbo, it’s all about the people who back you, who work, loot, bank and build, all for you to win.

So it was about the family helping me more than me doing anything extraordinary, I was humbled and thankful that so many would do so much to help put a gold medal on my profile. That’s exactly what it’s all about.

7. Any shout outs?

Bishop: Of course! .... to the FH crew, in my opinion, the best family a guy could ask for, And a privilege to be "Boss " over a group like that, They are the definition of ride or die. Win together, take our beatings together. Outside of the family, to the looters, shout out for the work it takes to be successful, and all of the old school players who remember the roots of the game and the respect, given and received.

Salute' and even a shout out to Storm, I have talked so much shit to him over the years that he probably should have banned me.

Thanks for putting up with assholes like me and still maintaining a community for us to be internet gangsters.

- Bishop


How did Tree club get started?

ChicanoWolf: It’s a family I first made some years ago. Tree of Life. I brought it back December 2019 after I had Phoenix back and running good. YK messaged me in 2020 and wanted us to combine and he had mobsters club and we talked and agreed on Tree Club name. He hasn’t been active or around and everyone who came with him left. But I kept the name. I continue to recruit new and returning players.

Kryptomux: First of all I would like to introduce myself. Kylan by name, Born and Living in Scotland.

Which families where you apart of before Tree?

ChicanoWolf: Families I was with before DG, phoenix, Rebels, IU, RU, Soco-Airborne, UC/UC avengers, Loco way back also. I made some families along the way such as Pathseekers, We the People and Tree of Life. There was Warhounds as well.

Kryptomux: I have been with many over the years, I first started out in UML (Showing my age) I came across Tree_Club over some rounds ago, (I Lost Count), and I started to call this [my] Family.

Whiskey or beer?

ChicanoWolf: Whiskey or Beer as long it’s quality. I do like IPA’s. But I prefer Bud.

Kryptomux: As a Scots I am a big Single Malt Whisky (Not Whiskey) with a Collection of 68 Bottles and grow. My Favourite at the moment has to be Bunnahabhain Eirigh Na Greine (Gaelic for 'Morning Sky') and yes I can also speak Gaelic . I have a very good connection with Benromach who I help promote and also do live tasking review for them.

Blunts or joints?

ChicanoWolf: You didn’t ask that so I added it Joints over blunts but I enjoy pipes better. Vaporizer are nice also. Bongs are good. Gravity bong will put you in the high zone like extra pair of lungs.

Kryptomux: Owww I'm a Joint kind of fan all the way, Girl Scout Cookies & Billy Kimber I am on at the moment. Nothing like to relax after a long hard week and chill away from the Misses in my Man Cave with my Whisky.

If you could change 1 thing about the game what would it be and why?

ChicanoWolf: I would change getting kps off of your family that would help with the farming kps. People can work for kps and others can just farm ton of kps and get ranked for that

Kryptomux: I have started to get use to the game as it is now, yes I do miss the good old days when Citys use to be on LockDown - UML Tokyo On LockDown XD It would be good to see Bots Hire and Attack, as its just either Kill Family or Loot Bots you are very limited as to what you can do. Lets make it fun, let Bots Attack Hire and Attack.

Who do you feel was the best/most dominating player of 2020

ChicanoWolf: No comment

Kryptomux: IC was up there in 2020 but coming to the end I have to say TiS have show and still show great leadership and talent. All of them still show class when it comes to Looting and they are great ones to look at. For me, MisterbaKlava and Agent47 still are great dominating players.

Plans for tree club for 2021?

ChicanoWolf: Yeah of course [we have] 2021 plans for the family!

Kryptomux: We have a lot of New Players in our family, and I am undergoing Training on all of them how to loot like I do. We want to be a Family that grow on Friendship, we are happy, we have fun and we want others to feel the same. We have a lot of plans we want to do but at the moment we are Building a Good Strong Family!


Who and how did ICF start?

Elmo: Not sure I just kept logging in and the empire had been built!!!!

Andy: I like Sesame Street.!!!!!!

What are your goals for 2021 for ICF?

Elmo.: We are aiming high, I hope we can manage to get at least 6 people online at any one time !!!!

Andy: 6..... I’ll be glad with 4.

Whiskey or beer?

Elmo: Where i come from its called whisky !! I wouldn’t drink it if you paid me though, so its milk for me !!!!!....Straight from the Udder ....

Andy: (Sean Connery voice) you're a shame to your country lad!!

Has anyone in your family met another family member in real life?

Andy: [Myself] Andy and B_Madov - we know each other well

If you could change 1 thing about the game what would it be and why?

Elmo : I would have the joining family within the 4 days of round start or logging in brought back to stop bitches hiding !!!!
Andy : My dead horse suggestion... remove medal hide. Be a man and earn your name and respect.

We hope you enjoyed the read. We just got out blogsite and team up and running now recently and we will soon be back with round reviews, news, even more profiles and interviews and updates from The Mafia Boss.

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