Greetings Everyone, we hope you all had a Happy Easter Long Weekend! This week, we bring you news from all around the game, have a look at some controversial topics, and get some short updates from Admin also. So without further ado, let us get into all the gossip, rumors and drama that is The Mafia Boss Game.


TMB Blog caught up with Wasted_Effort Family member, Chrispy; who outranked all others in the latest turbo round 1096. He took home his 1st level 4 gold win…. Here is what he had to say about the round:

“Thanks, it was really fun, we heard that IU Union wanted to the take the turbo and they are already looking like they are going to take the main, so we decided, with credit to Soulja and the team at Wasted_Effort,[ I was tipped off in the morning of Round End Day, that we may go for it.

In the last hour it was [would be] decided, whether it was looking likely or not, that we were going [to challenge]. It just made for a cleaner game plan, as opposed to playing it by ea. In the end we had a clear win, thanks to the c**ts at

It is always exciting getting that 1st win, I remember mine like it was last year (oh wait, it was) moving on….

We all have noticed that the last few rounds there has been a battle between the FoundHell family run by Bishop and the Wasted_Effort crew ran by TPK…. We reached out to these respected parties for comment on what is really going on with them., Bishop as per his usually old grump self didn’t have much to say except for this:

BISHOP: “The more things change, the more they stay the same. I’ll let them tell it. Maybe won’t be accurate, but It should at least be entertaining”

So after a little more digging for the story from the FoundHell side, the ever gracious The Queen sat down with us for a few to give her account of the action between these 2 fams….

THE_QUEEN:“This war could accurately be described as the "Ego War" Facts are this war will never be won as long as Bishop and Tpk are allowed to talk to one another. They see the game differently and will never agree that one could possibly be weaker than the other. Even their views of "winning and losing" are very different to each of them and their family members.

Honestly, I do not ever see it ending as things are right now, so how could this ever end one might ask? I would propose a special Turbo. One where you signed up with your family and the playing field was level. Everyone starts with the Level they are at and they get the normal turns, reserves may be additional special reserves at the 24-hour mark. No bought, no won turns could be added. Then we could finally see who can play this game.

The only problem I foresee with this is I don't think the top or "rotation" families would participate. I believe they would be too scared to try but would play it off as "There is no gain why should we" or "I don't have time" or I don't have to prove myself look at my medals" While all this may be true, I think they would want to prove something to the TMB community at least I would and I definitely would if this special turbo were offered... Just Saying”

Well there ya have it, very very interesting comments for 1 of TMBS finest female players! We appreciate it Queen thank you as always! Special turbo huh? I could see that possibly gaining some traction as I have seen some rumblings of ideas of a 2nd turbo on the forums! Something to keep our eyes on!

Now as far as the main round killing in 1095, we saw 2 TMB Heavyweights trading blows the last 48 hours going for the killer gold, it was down to the wire between ICs The_Mob and Wasted_Effort’s Raven.

We met them both at the mall food court where they took time from selling bootleg iPhones to parlay.

Raven:- it was fun man, MOB and I were even B’S’ing during the runs, that it was going to be a quiet round for me. But certain people out there had to run their mouths. So I showed them that collecting isn’t the only thing I am good at!

THE_MOB:- Raven did good, we both knew what was going on and it was great having a little friendly competition, Pissed off I lost though LOL, if only we could change the game to Australian time zones so I could have done better.

Well guys, that was cool seeing y’all get after it and still having that mutual respect for each other!
APO Much?

Now we noticed that APO has been doing really well with ranks and tiers for their players. Recently, a player named Fizzy, or Fiz, [as he is affectionately known as, when you abbreviate his name,] got his 1st level 4 tier. SO naturally, we wanted to ask him about this and the success they are having latel. So I packed up the truck and headed North to PA and the APO headquarters….

Fiz, tell us about your 1st level 4 tier and time in APO

FIZ: ” It was good getting my first level 4 however the most important thing is that we as a family had a good round. Tiers are a bonus for our hard work. I came back to TMB when the first UK lock down hit last year spent a few rounds with some old friends in LOCO who now happen to be in APO.

It was very easy for me to decide who I want to play with when I came back (again, due to lock down). Things in APO tend to go according to plan, it is a very organized bunch of players, that get along well and make being in this family a joy. As for the increased role, my friends here know what I’m good at and I just do what I do, which at this moment is looting. But you can ask Coffee_Shop to vouch for my hitting too, lmao”

Well folks, there ya have it from FIZ himself!

Another thing we really noticed in round 1095, were some new hits going back-and-forth between Inner Circle and Coffee Shop. So..we know that I.C and Tree Club had been trading blows for the last few rounds. But now that C.S is involved, we had to go straight to source.

The man of many thoughts, and a definitive leader amongst the bean-brewers,
Luka_Brasi, to see just what was going on…

TMB_Blog:Thanks for stopping into the Blog Lounge, LUKA, so the TMB world is wondering just whats going on with your family and IC, are you all backing Tree Club or was this something totally different?

LUKA: “We were not backing Tree_Club as we can't seem to get along these days. As Far as IC- I'm sure the people involved have their own history and their own reasons. All I know is our banker got hit. And if you do that we're going to be annoying. One way or another we'll find a way to be a general pain in the ass for rounds to come. *Slurps Coffee*”

TMB_Blog:Fair enough and thanks for the reply! BTW… I like my coffee like my women, black to the soul and super hot!


Many players have speculated and discussed the topic of Round Rotations. So today we decided to pry into the very much hush-hush world of backdoor wheeling and dealing, to see if we could establish if there was any validity to talk about this nefariously notorious practice.

So, firstly, let’s chat about the basics.

Q: What are rotations?

A: It is when families allegedly pass the jackpot win to each other without opposing each other.

Many players have alleged that round after round, certain families win the top spots only, why can this be?

Possible Answer= It can only be because they set rotations. Right?

So in the spirit of establishing the truth, we got a chance to catch up with leaders of families who are [allegedly] in this rotation.

Here is what Babbo had to say when we approached him...

TMB_Blog: Is it true? Are you in a rotation!?

BABBO: "We just focus on making money every round and we are just here to do our best. I appreciate when my family has enough money to win jackpots without a challenge. But if anyone wants to challenge for the jackpot, we welcome it!"

Now we turn to TPK!

TPK : "Here is the rotation answer. I know I’ve said it before but I guess the brains in TMB just can’t comprehend what is being said, yeah, we set a rotation before but that’s basically gone.

Some of the spenders have continued to discuss to allow people to split rounds. Now with that being said, if you don’t like it... challenge it! All it takes is a click of the PayPal. Let’s see if you can handle it!"

So: there you have it, as it stands so far.

Babbo is a bit modest, but they both bring up fair points -- no family dictates who wins because any round is open for challenges. None of them hold guns to another's heads to stop anyone from taking a jackpot. Any round where a family's plan fails is always upsetting...This holds true as we discuss past jackpots in recent forum posts.

TrapHouse VS. FoundHell. S3XTOY stole a round from Pee_Wee and won one of the biggest Rounds in TMB history. Rounds are always open to take, at any time, if someone really wants it, they will make it happen.


Hi Everyone.

We have been working on a lot of fixes this past months and it’s been slow going, but we are close to done restoring many basic functions to the site, after we migrated to another [much better] service provider.

So we had to do a lot of work to reintegrate everything and we had in some cases to start from scratch on certain areas of the code – so that we could adapt it to work.

We also have been working on ways to integrate new players faster into the game and this is still ongoing, and we will tackle it as soon as we have finished some search marketing fixes, and new player on boarding and small design fixes.

Anyway, so soon, this will all be completed. In the meantime - it is time for us to have a look ahead at the future of the game and game play and get general feedback from players, about many topics around at the game play and experiences.

So, I will soon be bugging players from around the game, to kindly ask you to take part in a survey about various topics about the game and game play. I would appreciate a chat on Skype or send you a questionnaire, [if you got time] that you can just fill in your responses and mail back to me, I would really appreciate the help.

It will allow us to be informed on how we should proceed into the future for improving the game. So your input and feedback will be very valuable to us!

Thanks everyone for playing the game and for being a part of our community! Look out for follow up stories, blogs and tips coming again, soon!

COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAM..[or ‘a nice way to pry for game-gossip’]

Here at the TMB_Blog we like to reach out to our community. So just a gentle reminder, if TMB_BLOG sends you a message in game, please be so kind as to take a moment to help us out, we want write these blogs for YOU!

Well that’s all we have in this session of TMB_BLOG, remember, you can ALWAYS submit ANYTHING you want for upcoming blogs, just find the TMB_BLOG account in the game-staff family and send a message! See you all next week!