Ok!! Here in the TMB STUDIOS today, we have a vet and Jackpot winner, very popular and powerful player in today's Mafia Boss, Mr TPK.. now I have not had the privilege to meet this well dressed Calvin Klein smelling Mafia Godfather but I'm really excited.. I shaved my legs for the occasion..

Last of the Knights... of The TMB Round Table

Cerdic :
“You come to beg a truce, you should be on your knees.”

Arthur: “I came to see your face so that I alone may find you on the battlefield. And you would do well to mark my face, Saxon, for the next time you see it, it will be the last thing you see on this earth.”

TMB_Bloggerette: Welcome TPK and I'm sure you are currently on a high one of your members just won a Jackpot not so long ago!

Brad(TPK): Hello! Yeah, was a smooth EOR. J got another one! Fam Gold, and squeezed out a level 3 too Not a bad way to start the weekend!

TMB_Bloggerette: No its certainly not, so Sir I'm just back in TMB .. how long has your family been somewhat of a current TMB powerhouse?

Brad(TPK): Well, that in itself is a story! This version of the family has won like 6 out of the last 10 mains.

TMB_Bloggerette: That's impressive

Brad(TPK): But I was brought back from being out of the game last September and we basically hit the street running. We went through some changes about 3 months ago over a difference of opinions and some friendships were tested. But we are still kicking.

TMB_Bloggerette: Being a vet no doubt you have done interviews before and discussed ur history but can you give a brief of who trained you and what family do u derive from?

Brad(TPK): So many names! Honestly I learned from getting my ass handed to me back in the day! Then somehow myself and Tony (RealT) got to chatting and he used me and my Legends crew (previously the Pimps families) as soldiers. But my first fam was some random that I don't even know who the people were in the fam. We were called Borgata. I guess you could say I had a bit of trial and error.

TMB_Bloggerette: So how do you explain your old gameplay to being the current king of TMB?

“How many times in battle have we snatched victory from the jaws of
defeat? Outnumbered, outflanked, but still we triumph? With you at my side, we can do so again. Lancelot, we are knights. What other purpose do we serve if not for such a cause?” - Arthur

Brad(TPK): I wouldn't say I am the King of TMB. I just have solid players around me. We have a tight core crew and we are all ready to handle business. It makes it real easy.

TMB_Bloggerette: 6 of of 10 jps you must hold alot of power and I'm wondering do you work with other families like a rotation?

Brad(TPK): I am just a small squirrel in the forest trying to catch a nut! I guess you could say I have been fortunate.

TMB_Bloggerette: You are very humble, but your family must work very hard

Brad(TPK): A rotation? Honestly when the turn limitations started I did create a chat with the 4 main fams at that time that were competing for rounds. I suggested we start working together. It worked out pretty good but there were some challenges along the way As for working with others, yeah. We do. People come to us and we talk with others usually at the start of the rounds or even before the round ends.

TMB_Bloggerette: PG21, IC and Tis seem to be top 3. Who do u work with and who do you consider an enemy family?

Brad(TPK): Man these mafiosos do put in work. I mean there are times when we all become a bit complacent and that shows with the ranks from time to time. Well, TiS is not a threat so... They have the best looters in the game, but outside of Turbos, I don't really consider them a threat.

TMB_Bloggerette: So do you work with IC or completely on your own?

Brad(TPK)DAMN! did I really just give them a complement? Enemies, well... we don't really have any but we like to hit TiS still.

TMB_Bloggerette: You did.. thats great even enemies can show respect if deserved, So you work with IC or completely on ur own?

Brad (TPK): We work completely on our own. There is a rumor floating around that IC is getting paid by us or some shit, that is completely false! We sent IC money in a turbo because they sent to us to take a JP there several rounds ago.

TMB_Bloggerette: Ok thats good so its legit real competition, You did.. thats great even enemies can show respect if deserved.

Brad (TPK) I guess you could say that. They have a good strategy and its working for them. But they do get a bit salty when they cant use those Turbo JP to pay for subs! Yep! Straight up. We don't challenge IC and they don't typically challenge us in Mains. But other than that... batter up! Lets see what you got!

TMB_Bloggerette: They are looters you said, but you are a collector? So its still essentially a collectors game ?

TPK: We Chose to Make it So..
A Collectors Game

"Knights! The gift of freedom is yours by right. But the home we seek resides not in some distant land, it's in us, and in our actions on this day! If this be our destiny, then so be it. But let history remember, that as free men, we chose to make it so!”- Arthur

Brad(TPK) Collecting will out do looting in Mains hands down, its just a matter of how much are you willing to spend to do it. Take this past round for example. They had about 38 Tril, very respectable looting total. We had over 70 tril and the JP. Even with the credits used, J still broke even on what he brought in the round, maybe a small loss.

TMB_Bloggerette: I just hear so many say "it's a looters game" still I see collectors winning.

[A Knights Advice on Killings ...] Ok this is a hot topic also, on peoples profiles about killers..

TMB_Bloggerette: With the Ability to farm ur own family.. everyone's accusing everyone, thinking positively how do you think we should approach and fix this issue in game and game spirit?

Brad(TPK): That is a good one! Here is my opinion on that, I have never and will never hit my family for KPs, with that said, the way the system is set up, if they are not armed with AKs, you get shit for the hits. What’s the big deal? Kill 200K Hitmen and you get 300k KPs. If they are not armed with AKs, you don't even get that. A kill is a kill! If you are hitting and you lose DUs... what does it matter where the hit happens? In the past, I did take out my own family to keep others from getting the kills, but that was years ago. We would all do it, but they were unarmed kills, I don't think they counted then either.

TMB_Bloggerette: Well strong families in this format would have the advantage of always winning? Or am I reading it wrong?

Brad(TPK): There are two approaches to KP. Take mine for example. If I go for a round, I typically go for Killer also (because you get absolutely shit for winning the JP). So, I took killer with like 12mil KPs or something and did that all in the matter of 20-30 minutes right at the day mark. The other theory is to build low over and over and hit the smaller built guys. Thats great for a free player or even a decent supporter/sub player. The issue there is your losses are just as much as you gain. Now a way to keep farming from happening is to simply write it where only AK kills count. Then its AK vs AK. True kills!

TMB_Bloggerette: Ok, do players often have wars or attack each other like old fashioned build offs or is it just KP focused now? Well strong fams in this format would have the advantage of always winning? Or am I reading it wrong

Brad (TPK): I don't think I addressed this, I don't think "strong fams" have more of an advantage. They typically just have bigger builds. Bigger builds help you gain more KP in the fact that the ratio of kills to losses is greater.

TMB_Bloggerette: For example would an old fashioned killer like Coca .....would his game play still be relevant in killing?..Ok, do players often have wars or attack each other like old fashioned build offs or is it just KP focused now?

Brad (TPK): there is rarely old fashion build offs or wars anymore. I think the game has changed so much over the years that it’s just on the same. There has been some epic ones over the past year though, I think so. I mean if I remember correctly when you just clear the board... that’s a shit ton of KPs!

TMB_Bloggerette: Right obviously with rule changes we all must adapt. Old build offs and dog fights were very exuberant in tmb it bought alot of fun and anticipation..

TMB_Bloggerette: What gets your tmb endorphins rushing most?Other than winning a Jp

Brad(TPK): Easy! I cant stand to loot bots, I have tried and tried to get into it, but I just can't! I still enjoy chasing a bank at TOH and catching someone slipping. Jumping a bank max is almost as good as getting those JPs!

TMB_Bloggerette: That’s fun and even efficient bank rolls?

Brad(TPK), Even when you only get 1 hit in, its still fun cause typically that other fam's maxer will message and you get to cut it up a bit.

TMB_Bloggerette: You must have a very experienced and regimented family and you claim you work on your own

Brad(TPK): HAHA! Efficient bank rolls? You have never been in our family chat even going back to the TH (TrapHouse) days... efficient and bank roll was NEVER listed together. Some reason we suck ass at bank rolling. Someone (Salty) (headbang) usually comes in right as we are done and says " I am here, I just sent up"

TPK : A Knight, Just a Moving Piece on the TMB Chessboard

TMB_Bloggerette: Having that success what advice do you give new Mafia Rookies looking to rule the underworld Oh I’m sorry to me efficient bank rolls on time and fast are important ....You must have a very experienced and regimented family and you claim you work on your own?

Brad(TPK) wait... We do well together! I am just one of the moving pieces. This family doesn't work without all of us in it. I can't remember the last time we took money from another family, outside of looting it

TMB_Bloggerette: Maximizing the bank .. however I'm thinking back when we would bank under fire.. its a different rodeo now I appreciate your detailed replies btw
... Oh I’m sorry to me efficient bank rolls on time and fast are important

Brad(TPK)Me too! Thats like the only time I get seriously annoyed. We did have a banging system but then somehow as players came and left, that changed, But hey... it keeps it interesting I like banking under fire! It gets the juices flowing

TMB_Blogger: Yes now we are lubricating Sir! Haha .. oh that joke wasn't in the interview

Brad(TPK): Whoops well you did say you shaved your legs for this!

TMB_Bloggerette: Well you certainly have passion for all concepts of the game and in the current rules thats awesome and probably adds to urs and ur family success Lastly.. and to be a little controversial, what families do you admire and which ones do you not like or have beef with?

Brad(TPK)Some of the new rules I dislike. But you have to adjust. Personally, I see no point in having the first 9 days unlimited and then dropping the last day to 1 mill. Storm, explain that rational please sir!

Lastly.. and to be a little controversial, what families do you admire and which ones do you not like or have beef with?

Brad(TPK): pull up a chair! This one might get deep!

TMB_Bloggerette: I love your attitude

Brad(TPK) Honestly, I don't really dislike families as much as players in those families. Lets see... I have a good relationship with IU. Some of those guys/girls are really cool. I know we have had beef in the past, but even the worst enemies typically turn things around. IC... They were always the rabbit to chase. It was more of a love to hate one another. They were always watching us and we were always watching them. Now we just communicate and tell one another things from time to time.

TMB_Bloggerette: Your advice and opinion on these topics are very appreciated.. keep talking Ur just making me more manic as you reply!! IC.. wait they are very experienced do u ever ask for advice from such families or is there still a divider, meaning you have respect but ur still different and in competition?

Brad(TPK) Found hell... where to start! Well, Bishop was an ok dude. I never had an issue with him but then he wanted to come at me about two players that joined us after leaving him. At the time, Queen was with us but as you can see has now joined Bishop! I don't dislike them but we just don't see eye to eye on things. But I don't have any ill will! Whats happening Charlene!!! You still big mad at me? You don't even say hello!

I came back in game she was in TiS .... Then there is TiS... They just run their mouths and try to get under people's skin. It is quite comical. What is awesome is when you block them and then some random 1 star starts right up with the conversation.

I tell ya one family I do like is Tree_Club! Ol Chicano just still gets them going. They are not much of a powerhouse, but you have to admire their tenacious attitude. All in all I guess you could say that I have some admiration and dislike for all families. A mixture of both.

What some forget is this a game, some play as an escape from the daily grind, some to hang with friends, and then some, this is their life! The ones that this is their life... those are the ones that really make me laugh. They will get so bent over the littlest things!

TMB_Bloggerette: Real people, real psychology and real money.. I'm glad you can maintain a positive balance and outlook.. some you describe may struggle and fall to these aspects within the mafia boss, however thats what makes this game so different in depth and great.

TMB_Bloggerette: So you are ready to fight anyone in game and are afraid of no player thats very King Arthur of you.. You are turning me on We should let you go though I dont want to burn up all ur energy

Brad(TPK),No. Im not afraid, if I get beat, I get beat, doesn't mean I will not come back! I mean where is Freak? How many times have we retired that dude? I say we because we all have had our turn with himJust hitting my stride... Its 5:30 here in Texas! Time to crack open the Crown and water!

Thank you so much for us contribution to the mafia boss. I know you would of had previous interviews but this sir is and has been a pleasure. please feel free to send shout outs. Once again I appreciate your time and wish you well in future rounds.

Final Words From a TMB Knight

Brad(TPK): Cheers Anytime! I always willing to cut it up! Shout out to the best pals in the game! Nikki, Brian, Jason, John, Jamie, Abdul! To all the haters out there, cheers to you too fuckers! Without you all the shit would get boring!