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  • new here! need help!

    I'm new here and i need help. I dont know how to kill i m attacking but i cant kill anyone

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    Hi ELpepa,

    Welcome to The Mafia Boss.

    If you want to kill other players, you first need to make sure you have more Defensive Units (DU's) than them. Categorically, there are three types of DU's: Hitmen, Thugs, Bodyguards. They are listed strongest to weakest.
    1 Hitmen = 1.5 Thugs
    1 Hitmen = 3 Bodyguards
    1 Thug = 2 Bodyguards

    Then, you want to arm these DU's with guns. AK-47's are the strong gun. Anyone on this game will tell you to fight with anything else with the intention of winning a hit is almost pointless. So for now, I would use that weapon.

    Now that you have some DUs and guns, you are ready to go to war with another player.

    You can attack any player that is in your range and is not maxed.
    Range is the interval of networth in which a player can be attacked. A player that has anywhere between 0.5 and 4 times your networth can be attacked.

    Your networth (found on the main page and on your profile) is: $5,000,000,000 (5 Billion)
    You can hit a player anywhere between 2.5 Billion and 20 Billion in networth. Anyone outside that scope cannot be hit by you (unless you have a revenge)

    Now that I introduced range, let's move onto what maxed means.

    If a player is maxed, that means they have been hit the maximum amount of times for that hour. Every hour, this counter resets and a player can be attack again. In order for a player to be maxed, their overall networth must be decreased by 2% of their original networth.

    Example: If a player has not yet been attacked for this hour and their networth is 5 Billion, their networth must be decreased by at least $100,000,000 (100 million) in order for them to be considered maxed.

    If you have a revenge on a player (meaning they hit you within the past 24 hours), you can hit them an unlimited amount of times. Once they are maxed, but you have a revenge on them, you can still continue to hit them, whether by Driving By their headquarters (you must have cars to perform this action) or by Extorting their operatives (they must have hit your operatives first if you want to extort their businesses after they are maxed).

    A final note is about Operatives (or OPs). These are units that will bring back money for you. There are 5 types of operatives: Punks, Card Dealers, Whores, Hustlers, and Bootleggers. It will be up to you to find out which, if any, are beneficial for you to hire.

    Let me know if you have any further questions. Feel free to send me a PM (private message) if you want further help or instruction.