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Account credit help please not posting !

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  • Account credit help please not posting !

    I got 6000 credits for $15 dollars and they have not added turns . i tried to add 3100 from the credits to turns please help

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    hello Oli

    You have used 3,100 credits this round

    They are in your reserves turns and you still got the balance in your account


    Game Admin


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      I dont understand i got 6000 with $15 then converted 3100 over to turns and it still says 100 ?


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        Originally posted by Oli-Buice View Post
        I dont understand i got 6000 with $15 then converted 3100 over to turns and it still says 100 ?
        The turns you purchased would go in your account as "credits" to use any time you like. To find them go to the main menu and look at the top left of the screen and you should see something like this.

        Credits : 6,000 Won : 2,000 | Buy Credits | Free Credits

        You need to manually move them from your account to this round (if now is when you want to use them). Just click on them and enter how many you want to bring in and what round you want to use them in. Once you have done this, they will appear in game under your "reserves"... not active turns. To find them, just go to the Main Menu and just above "Game Announcements" on the left you will see something like this.

        You have 6,000 Reserve Turns you can use.

        They will stay there until you add them into active turns. To do this just click on the link and add as many as you like. Once you do that they will become active turns for you to use.

        Remember though.... if you add turns from your account into the round, you will need to use them before end of round or you will lose them. The ones that you purchased and remain in your "Account Page" will not expire.

        Hope this helps.
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