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Can't log in via the facebook log in

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  • Can't log in via the facebook log in

    I've been trying for two days to try and log in. I usually use the log in via facebook button... Now when I do this it takes me to a 'sign up' page. So I thought I'd try to log in using a username "Hankish" and my password. Well... Like I've told a few folks I've been playing this game for a long time and the account information when I use the name and password method takes me back to my old account when I started way back when, 2006. Even shows an old email I haven't used for years but I used when I began playing this game... Here is that info...
    Account Type: player
    Account Status: free
    Username: *****
    E-mail address: *****

    Logged in from: cleared the ip's
    Last logged in from:

    Change Password
    Old Password:
    3-12 length, a-Z 0-9 Charactors.

    New Password:
    3-12 length, a-Z 0-9 Charactors.
    confirm password:
    change password Cancel

    Email Notifications
    Message Notification: None Once All
    Family Board Notification: None Once All
    Business Board Notification: None Once All
    Union Board Notification: None Once All
    Invitation Notification: None Once All
    Transfer Notification: None Once All
    Attack Notification: None Once All
    update settings
    None: you will receive no notification. Once: you will receive a notification for the first message. All: You will receive a notification for each message.

    You have been a Mafioso since Apr 10th, 2006 <<<>>>

    I just tried to message Family members and Storm for help with the issue with no response to the Hankish2 account I used to log in manually and not with the facebook log in method but I don't have any 'sent' messages in my mailbox. So I'm assuming the no response is because no message was sent...
    Please help, I really miss getting my ass kicked!!!
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    And I just noticed it says posted at 10:48 pm... It's 6:50 pm my time.
    Wish you guys would hurry up, it's almost TOH lol


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      this is my current account and it's been a day and 12 hours since I've been able to log in...

      Ranked 9 in Level 2, and 483 national.

      Currently in Moscow

      This mafioso got 1,014,592 operatives
      and 0 defensives

      This mafioso has 33,732 kill points

      Bruglione of DRAMA family.
      Level 2Level 2

      last seen 1 day, 13 hours, 10 minutes, and 24 seconds ago


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        You should submit a help ticket, use the support link at the top of the main page.


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          tried that... Gives me a blank page... oh and
          PS I want my 10 year badge clowns lol


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            This is what I get when I click the log in with facebook button which is connected with my current round and the handle 'Hankish'
            When I came back to playing this game, I tried to log in with my original log in and password I always used and the site didn't recognize it so I just used the facebook log in. Now it started me over as a n00b... which I figured well what the hell since I've played off n on for 10 years, oh well.

            Sign Up and Create Your Account:
            Login Info: Required

            3-18 length, a-Z 0-9 Charactors.
            Invalid password: a-Z 0-9 -_ charactors only.
            3-12 length, a-Z 0-9 Charactors.
            confirm password:
            e-mail address:

            activation e-mail will be sent here
            confirm e-mail address:
            Mafioso Name: Required
            mafioso name:

            mafioso name would be your nickname in the game
            Personal Info: Required
            first name:
            last name:
            18+ only.

            Please enter the text shown above.


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              I am sorry that you are having troubles with logging in with facebook

              we are in the process of updating our servers transfer upgrades

              I am taking your info and passing it to the admin of the game

              they will be in touch with you soon

              I would suggest that you not put personal info in this forum
              we have helped by making your personal info able to be seen by admin/staff

              Dreamcatcher /staff


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                Thanks... I don't care about too much personal info lol. People want to steal my identity they can have it.

                Thanks... I mean If I have to start over or something or lose the 10 year account so be it... I mean this round i'm sitting holding alot of Fam cash and can't get in...


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                  Hank, just send a direct message to storm.
                  He already went through this with me as well.
                  Though, Facebook log in is not going to work anymore so stop using it.

                  If you ask storm for the log in info, he will send it to you.


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                    I tried to message a few folks including Storm but it says I'm unregistered and shows no sent messages in my mailbox.
                    But Thanks for the suggestion. All ideas are appreciated. Dream is helping me out and relaying the problem. Just missing looting and I don't want to use the old account and join up or start the round and mess up the current account and round. I just did that so I could try to message someone. Thank Goodness for the forums being available.
                    It's all good but I would suggest like 1 million free turns for my pain and suffering...


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                      We can settle out of court for like a minimal lifetime subscription


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                        Most you would get is compensation for the generated turns in the amount you lost out on due to not being able to sign in for those days.


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                          Not sure but I think I had like 16500 won turns left as well... Lost all that. looks like they removed the current account from the game. Got a 10 year badge still associated with the wrong email, lost all my medals. But now I'm a proud 10 year Vet...


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                            hey dream catcher i am having the same problems as everyone logging into my old account i previously signed up with when you all practically started MB please help me get my account back so i can start to play and subscribe to prizes!
                            [email protected]