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  • Need Admin assistance

    Hello TMB,

    I've wondered around the "Buy Credits" place and I've seen the "free credits" tab where you have to do various things such as surveys to receive credits.

    I thought to myself why not and sat there for 1hour filling in this survey and I've not been rewarded with any credits which is why I'm on the forums wondering why.

    Maybe an admin has to credit my account.

    Just don't know why that section is there if it doesn't even work.


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    same here iv tried half of em and got nothing exept the one from netflix


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      I want the 1k credits it told me i was getting for doing it.


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        The free credits offers are not managed or supported by The Mafia Boss, these are run by outside companies. So you have to query this with the correct company you did the offer with.

        There are 3 different companies on our offerwalls 1, 2, and 3 , so you have to choose the correct procedure for the one that you chose to do the offer with. (TrialPay or Super Rewards or Token Ads)

        Below are the instructions to contact support for free turns not received from our offer wall.Depending on which offerwall it was here is what you need to do:


        TRIALPAY: (offerwall 1)

        Click on the "support" link on the right, next to "earn credits"

        Then click on:

        "View our FAQ's" and it will take you to their Customer Support site - Just click on "contact support"

        You can then login via Facebook, or fill out their online form to get a link in your email to their secure support form.

        Super Rewards: (offerwall 2)

        If you are experiencing delays please click on "Get Help" on the top right. It will take you to the Super Rewards Site Page. You have to register and sign up there. You can then view your current activity and click on "MYSRPOINTS" to get the latest updates on your status.

        Token Ads: (Offerwall 3)

        If you are experiencing delays on Token Ads offers, please do the following:

        If the time indicated in the offer description is past, you can contact our customer support by clicking on the "Offer Status" button. This page lists the offers you have clicked on. Locate the offer causing a problem, then on the Problem? link next to it.


        - The Mafia Boss Admin
        Game Admin


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          Did you check your email for the link as displayed on the offer?

          Also in your email check your spam and junk mail if you didnt find it in your inbox.

          Keep me posted please

          - Storm
          Game Admin


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            It was the first offerwall, I went to my email to find a an email saying you can collect your reward bla bla click the link below (was a cracked picture) I clicked it and it shown me like voucher for holidays and stuff like that or watches like you'd get from being with littlewoods or something lol

            I don't know how they're going to give user of TMB credits for the game bazaar.

            It's not worth wasting time over if it's on their part, I thought it was TMB who controlled it. Can't be bothered to be honest contacting them and filling out more stuff through facebook thanks though, Storm.


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              Okay please keep me posted though on this, if it was a cracked picture it means the link is broken, and you do need to follow up with them.
              Game Admin


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                It was an image hyper-linked which took me to their site for the rewards (nothing to do with TMB) was for their customers for their company which I didn't want etc the image didn't show but the link was still on it.


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                  The free credit area is mostly just to put adware and spyware on computer. 50% of it doesn't work.