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  • Hey the staff!

    In an effort to increase staff response time to player queries, and to make sure you are getting the best playing experience possible, I'm creating this thread so that players can have better access to staff and learn a bit about their background in the game.

    I'm Captain West.

    You can contact me by in game messages, in game chat, or on my skype, which i leave running 24/7 (although I am not always at the computer) at skype contact Captain_Jack_West

    Ive been serving the game as staff for almost three years now, and am a mod in game.

    I have a varied background in the game, being a killer, a collector, an indie player, a union leader, a banker, and other odds and ends in the game at various times. You can feel free to message me with questions about any or all of this in game, or feel free to hit me up in chat in game or on skype.

    I am a nocturnal guy and am usually online in the "overnight hours", so feel free to hit me up at any hour of the night or early morning. I can be your staffie to go to when it seems no one else is online, and even if i dont appear online in game, just hit me up on skype and im just a message away.

    That is a bit about me, and the other game staff will be posting a bit about their background and their contact info here as well. Keep the responses positive so we dont have to lock this thread!


    Cap'n West
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    Hey everyone! I'm Righteous.

    I've been on staff for almost a year. Being that I have three jobs in real life, it varies when I'm able to be online. Just depends on the day!

    Usually, though, I'm online early in the morning EST and late at night (5-6:30 am or 10pm-1am).

    If you need anything feel free to skype me at Righteous.115.

    I'm here to help!

    (I'll post a bio later, off to Job #1!)


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      Hello, I am Zero

      I am always here to help whether that be in Private messages, Skype, In our game chat or right here on the forum's

      My Skype is zero_tmb so feel free to add me and any questions you might have feel free to direct them my way

      I have been a member of the staff for 3 months now as a helper. I currently work with our training grounds program introducing new players to the game. I also help moderate our blogs/forums and I am currently the Twitter manager for our social sites

      My background includes various roles whether that be as a collector, killer, banker hell even a touch of looting here or there. I have been in indie fams as well as helped lead major unions. So most anything that you can throw at me I've probably had some experience with.

      I do live in the US and am for lack of a better term a "night owl" so during those graveyard shifts you will most likely see me trolling around so if you ever need any help during this time period toss me a message on Skype or in game and I will do my best to help you


      “It wasn't me who was wrong, it was the forums.”


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        Hello, I'm Crimson,

        I have been on staff for 2 years and have played TMB since round 57.

        You can contact me via: Game Mail or Skype (Crimson-TMB), I'm always here to help with any question.

        I'm Available mostly in mornings eastern time zone, And late night eastern timezone.

        As a player i have done it all in game, From running unions to being a Don of citites. I have seen and done it all.

        Any questions please feel free to ask.



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          Greetings people of TMB,

          i am Pandemonium aka Pandy aka Pandelicious aka Pandemaniac aka PandyShame aka Boss of Rain.

          I'm too shy to talk much about myself (lol) but i have been a staff member for almost 2 years, and a TMB addict-playa for 6+ years.
          My time zone is: EU +1GMT , i'm trying to be on as much as possible , you can always message me in game or skype: pandemonium.tmb or email: [email protected] .




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            Hey I'm Relentless,

            I have been on the staff just over 6 months and I am nearing up my 7th year as a player, ladies watch out!

            I'm from Europe but tend to stay up quite late loot. My schedule might change now with a move and a job coming up.

            I have mainly spent my time killing or collecting in the game, whilst leading families or a union.



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              Hi All

              Been playing 3.5 years, admin for more than 2 years now.

              I am on GMT+2 - and on at 3-2 hour marker, also at round starts and ends and sometimes pop in at 21 hour mark.

              Skype: tmb-storm
              Email: [email protected]
              Game Name: Storm
              Game Admin


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                Hi Everyone,
                Just incase you can't read my name on the left hand side I'm Tiki.
                I've been playing the game for almost 4 years now and will have been on staff for 2 years come August. Now for true confession time - I'm addicted to the game or maybe to the people that I find here, what ever you can find me here at all hours of the day and night. If you want to join TMB anonamous just contact me I'm sure we can put together some sort of support group! Also feel free to contact me any time if you have issues or queries about the game. I have played a lot as looter, banker and dare I say it - collector. Usually I save killing for revenges and as they say revenge is best served cold!
                Feel free to add me skype if I'm not active in game I may still be on skype even if it's not showing online.
                Remember no question is too big or too small
                Skype name is tmbtiki
                skype = tmbtiki


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                  Extra sweet - I'm under Storm
                  skype = tmbtiki


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                    Always a fun place to be...


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                      Hey everyone. My name is Slingshot. I have been playing here for over 5 years now. I have done some killing, collecting and banking. I tried looting once, but failed miserably. I have talked to many of you in game over the years. I have run families and also had some time running a union. I really enjoy signing in and talking to some of my "extended family" here.

                      I have been on the staff as a helper for a little over 5 months now. I enjoy helping people in game and think that this is a great way for me to pass on my knowledge of the game to others. We have a great group of staff members here and can normally assist you with any issues that you might have.

                      Aside from my helper duties, moderating forums and blogs, I am the blog site manager. I am in charge of the blog writers, media makers, editors and general maintenance of the official TMB Blog Site. I am always just a message away in game and my inbox is always open for your queries. I live in the US and I'm in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.

                      I am always available on Skype: Slingshot-tmb

                      If you feel like submitting a blog to be posted for the blog site you can email it to: [email protected]

                      I really look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with anything that you need.



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                        Hello players

                        im Shame the super staff member...if u have any questions dont ask me


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                          Shame you are dreaming again.


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                            Hey'yo Stark here!!

                            I've been playing this game for about 5 years,and just currently join this awesome group of people I work with!I'm a helper at the moment and in charge of giving tips and teaching new and old vets getting use to the game how to play.
                            I have experience in collecting,killing and banking.Loyal member of my current Family I've been with for 3-4 years!I have leadership role and also a rebel at times!
                            I usually on at odd time of the day,so if you message me I'll get back to you ASAP!

                            Contact info:
                            [email protected]
                            Or just private msg me in game
                            Staff Helper-Here to help


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                              Hi - this is BobbyBoats. As a player I have been in this game from round 30ish. As a staff member only four months.

                              My time in game has been as a Union leader, Killer, collector, and some time as a looter. I have seen it all and still enjoy the game a great deal.

                              You can find me on most evening and weekends. On the East coast of the the USA.