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    Hello All

    It has been a while since I spoke to you all.

    Okay so you all know me as the Admin dude you see on the main page panel or whatever: So it’s been a while since I last spoke to all of you, so here goes...
    Some background for newer players...

    Older players may remember me as Man_Tits, the looter who had a foul mouth and loved this game more than anything and some of you who played with me know me as the loyal dude who always fought for the cause, whatever that was at the time - Others may remember me as the fucker who stole your cash, and others may hate me as the fucker who swore at you and insulted you until you went offline and swore revenge until you died, on me. The rest of you may not give a shit. That’s also cool with me.

    Everything changed for me as a player, when Larbi (MafiosoGod) made me an offer that I could not refuse, I left my old job because his offer was so good, that it allowed me to pursue my dream of playing music full time and also still being involved in The Mafia Boss.

    So skip and fast forward 2. 5 years: My mission NOW as admin: to try and learn how to provide the best customer service we can, to everyone, free players, supporters and mid spenders alike, so that you all feel safe playing here

    A crap load has changed since I started playing here. My bottom line is that I believe so strongly that Larbi/MafiosoGod is trying his very best to provide the best experience for everyone, grow the game and also keep abreast with modern day game fairness principles and I truly believe in this, because I am old enough and experienced enough in life to trust and believe that he is the one who can lead this game into the future.

    A lot of things have changed in this game and the old ways are gone, but with upcoming revisions, I do believe that we will be addressing many issues which you, the players, have spoken to us countless times about.

    (Yes, changes are coming shortly, and when I have a clearer view, I will be chatting to you all again about this! I cannot say too much now because it is still in process of being worked I may not give accurate info)

    MafiosoGod is the original creator of this genre of games and the rest of "other (Shit) Mafia Games" are fucking copycat motherfuckers. True story.I know that the changes we made since Round 363 when we removed transfers, was a fucking bitch for many of those who have left and also still to many who have stayed.

    However, now we are working on finding middle ground for all players. It should not be too long before we tell you all what we gonna do to change shit up to keep it fresh.

    Recent events with trusted Staff fucking up shit, (who were recently removed), that I have been trying to build, has really made me sad as hell, as I trusted and always believe in the goodness of man and woman kind, but, still, I believe that this game and the players who play it, will have an awesome experience if they just get into the game itself and forget about the BS.

    I got a lot more to say, but I just wanted to inform all of you that we hear you, and those players who post shit to my mail saying BS about whatever, that’s cool, you can say and think what you like, the bottom line is that staff are trying to move toward improved customer service and the haters out there who do not get that bit, can go play one of the other second rate other mafia games out there.

    For those of you that do support us, thank you very much for your loyalty to our game and for you kind words I get in my mailbox and on Skype all the time!

    - Storm

    Contact me at:
    Skype: tmb-storm
    Email: [email protected]
    In Game PM to: Storm

    Game Admin

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    We miss Man_Tits - not his awful profile though


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      Tits needs my loving :3


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          LOL! Hi Cass<3

          Hello Drizzle More loving is cool!
          Game Admin


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            Its called dreadlocks S....I mean Napier, LOL
            Game Admin


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              I love Man-Tits.....*giggle*


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                That pic looks like you got in a fight with a bag n the bag won and went all python on your head o.o


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                  Thanks for the update Storm. I think that change is good for the players and look forward to them. Unless you plan on removing me from the staff. LOL


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                    @ Drizzle, that is 31 years of dreadlock growth or python...whatever floats your boat, lol

                    @ Sling: You are welcome brother!

                    @FM: I am sure he loves you too honey, I hate his guts, he is such an asshole.
                    Game Admin


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                      Strong words bud! Keep up the good work, the reason why im still here after so many years is cause i trust you!
                      And haters gonna hate!


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                        Theres alot of stuff that will float my boat atm


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                          Nice Post Storm. You were like easily my 6th best staff member


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                            Originally posted by Storm View Post
                            @ Drizzle, that is 31 years of dreadlock growth or python
                            Looks like 31 years of broken dreams.


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                              Napier.... do you want me? Just say so. I understand.

                              Shit, It's NutZ
                              Game Admin