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Community Staff needed for twitter

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  • Community Staff needed for twitter

    Hi Guys and Ladies

    if you wanna earn a few turns and have some experience with Twitter, I am looking for people who can do tweets for the game Twitter page

    I am also looking for someone to manage it also

    Please message me in the game if you are interested

    - Storm
    Game Admin

  • #2
    The manager position is filled but we are still looking for staff to help twitter
    skype = tmbtiki


    • #3
      The Position's are still Vacant please message Storm or Tiki or myself in regards's too available position's

      In game name : Titus


      • #4
        Numerous Position's still available.

        Those interested must have basic knowledge of Twitter and its feature's.
        Must have skype.

        Add me on Skype ( Redux-Returns ) or message me in game ( Titus )

        Look forward too hearing from you soon.


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          That number will eventually decrease with more staff naturally i am not expecting a tweet every 30 mins for 4 hours that is too many tweet's a day.

          we will work out a number that is best for our staff and our follower's

          Regard's Titus


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            Im not going too debate with you about how many tweet's we would like or not like, one too post each day,
            If you wish too continue this discussion about how many their should be per person each day then,
            Please feel free too inbox me, either in game ( Titus ) or on skype Redux-Returns.

            As you seem too have an opinion on this i would be please too accommdate a discussion with you in regard's to these matter's.
            that would benefit all involved.

            Regard's Titus


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              If you use Twitter and are looking too make a few extra turns each round.
              Get hold of me in game ( Titus ) or on skype (redux-returns)

              If you like the idea of earning some extra turns each round i look forward too hearing from you.



              • #8
                Ill join again if needed just msg me titus


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                  damn id do it if i knew ne thing about twitter lol ne thing else u need help with im interested Leith2.0 in game