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TMB Patching Updates Notice May 2017

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  • TMB Patching Updates Notice May 2017

    Hi Everyone

    1) Fixed - Only one login per user account allowed. I.E/E.G - you cannot now login from your mobile and laptop into your one account at the same time. It will not allow it, you cannot login to one account, from 2 browsers, from same device at same time

    2) Fixing: Families cannot leave unions once they join - Please note that when we enable leaving families, this applies to single players only. Users have noted to me that it is unfair that a family can leave a union at round end after having the benefits of making cash as a union. We agree and are doing the necessary fix, it will be working shortly.

    3) Updated Rule on Ops revenge:

    If YOUR Operatives were attacked, you have Revenge on that player's Business/Operatives, for 24 hours revenge duration and every time you have a revenge on them you will be able to also revenge their ops [even if they are maxed] at 5% per hour. [for the entire round]

    We will keep you updated of all fixes we are busy with.

    Thank you
    Game Admin