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Unauthorised users account access

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  • Unauthorised users account access

    Hello Everyone

    We had some serious issues earlier; where someone accessed some user accounts and used their credits and also attacked some users. This falsely raised the JP.

    They since contacted me, are cyber-security experts and showed me what we need to do to improve. They have assured me that there will be no further issues and will show me further places we can improve our security.

    I am working through the following:

    - Diagnosing to see all accounts that got accessed
    - Sending all credits back to the users – this will be done tomorrow
    - Setting up meets with our coders to get the problems sorted so it doesn’t happen again

    I am also checking how we can resolve this round, and see what the fairness aspects is affected. I will ensure that everyone who got credits taken from their accounts will get reimbursed properly and anyone who lost DU’s please contact me.

    Thanks and apologies this happened. I will keep you all posted about it further.

    - The Mafia Boss
    Game Admin