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Turbo round 785 - No Maxing not working properly

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  • Turbo round 785 - No Maxing not working properly

    Hi Everyone

    We noticed that some players are getting maxed in a No-max round. It's obviously a coding error and I cannot get it fixed during the round

    I will get it fixed and work out a way to make it up to everyone

    Sorry about the inconvenience, it is the first time I set it like this, and most players don't max out but it seems one or 2 accounts do.

    - Storm
    Game Admin

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    Originally posted by Silentmafiosa
    more then 2 accounts storm and strange fact is that most of the accounts who we wos not able to hit are from IU.
    Please, let's not blame or start rumors that dont exist about anyone. Yes you are quite correct that there was more than one account and in fact the first person to tell me about it was Lopov. So let's not go around blaming anyone, this is a coding error. And he [Lopov] was hitting someone else not in his team when he reported it to me. I really don't know why it happened , I am checking with the coder, and I am chatting to the team to see what we can do to make it up to you guys.

    Sorry again about this.
    Game Admin


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      yes make up sex would be nice since some of us wasted credits ...


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        I found a few players maxed and not in Iu......
        Why always bring up Iu...... seriously grow up...... Don't be a hater.....