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Rules Clarification and Admin Update

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  • Rules Clarification and Admin Update

    Hi Everyone

    I just want to clarify a few things for everyone, where we need everyone to have a clear view please:

    They are as follows:


1) Players being removed from families. - we will do it if:

    a) At any point in the round at the Boss/Consig or Dons request for Banned and/or
    Frozen players - allowed

    b) In the first 24 hours of the round at the request of the Boss/Consig or Don for any
    member of their family or unions provided that no major gameplay actions have been
    taken (i.e. major attacks in/out, transfers in/out or significant amount of the family or
    unions NW in their bank.)- allowed

    c) Requests after this will be handled on a case by case basis with a good enough
    reason for the removal. Spamming of union or family boards to not qualify as a good
    reason so please be sure you know who you are inviting prior.

    d) No requests will be granted after the day 7 mark to ensure anyone removed will have
    ample time to log in before the day 6 cut off to join another family. 

    e) All requests should be sent to Rain and Tiki

    2) Name Changes Requests

    a)Any name that contravenes the game rules will be changed by admin to a name of the
    admin’s choice.

    b)Spelling errors in player/family/union names will be corrected on request.

    c)Under exceptional circumstances other changes to names will be considered on an
    individual bases for the first 48 hours of the round .

    d) All requests should be sent to Rain and Tiki

    3) Queries to Admin: There has been a change in the way we are handling messages sent to the Admins in game: Tiki and Rain will be handling any and all in game issues and queries. Anything to do with sales and subs and credits sales queries, please go to Storm.

    To be clear: any and all sales related issues should be directed to Storm and anything gameplay related should be sent to Rain and Tiki.

    The Mods and Helpers are also here to help with any issues you may have and they can direct any issues you have to us as well that they may not answer themselves.

    If there are any issues please feel free to contact Tiki or Myself with questions


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    Sales enquires (subs and bought turns) - Storm
    General game enquiries - helpers, moderators, Rain & Tiki
    Reporting spammers - moderators, Rain & Tiki
    Name changes requests- Rain & Tiki
    Removal from family requests- Rain & Tiki
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      So anyone who missed it a few weeks ago has a chance to read it.


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        Round reminder
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