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Subscriptions Auto-Renewing or Expiring too early

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  • Subscriptions Auto-Renewing or Expiring too early

    Hello Everyone

    I have been receiving reports from players for a while that subs auto renew 11-to 24 hours early every 3rd or 4th cycle when they run it on auto renew, like every 30 or 40 days that you keep the auto renew running.

    We have set the sub expiry time at 10 days exactly and it seems that somehow PayPal times for auto renew happens early once every 3 or 4 times that you consecutively auto renew.

    This has been happening for a while and I have asked PayPal to try to check what is going on, and have no response or action as of yet. They have said their tech team is working on it. It has been a while now and they cant seem to fix it.

    So this is something I can fix in the game if you notice this on your account and report it to me:

    If any of you notice that your sub did renew too early, even if you only notice a few weeks or months later, please contact me to check everything and I will add on manually the amount of hours/time that you missed, which you have paid for.

    I dont know when your sub has renewed early as I dont look at each players PayPal acount, but as I said: when you report this I will definitely look into this, fix it, where the claim is valid and send you the extra sub time you paid for.

    Please I would also respectfully ask your help also please to keep an eye on your account if you use paypal and don't hesitate to contact me if you spot any problems like this - It is fixable - I have helped several players already who have come forward with this problem. Just PM me in the game and I will check it for you.

    - Storm
    Game Admin