Here is the lowdown on macros for once and all for everyone:

1) If a player uses an outside program to alter the outcome of something: (gets more cash than normal from collects/Get more DU's from hiring) then obviously we have a problem and this is a glitch or problem in the game code that causes this and needs to be fixed. If a player does not report using such a glitch (if a problem on the game code side) and gets caught, you will be banned.

Comment: You can moan about getting attacked real fast but the truth is that I can personally attack your more than 6-10 times per second using google chrome, so staff wont entertain fast attack complaints. Anyways common sense tells you that if you fast attack the HQ whereas you could have gotten more value from attacking the drugs then you lose out anyway so its a 50/50.

2) If a player uses a program to remote manage game tasks while he is not at his computer - you will be frozen from the round if you dont respond within a reasonable time. So check your mails, regularly, it may be staff checking to see if you are at your PC. If any player spams you while you are legit hiring to protect, THEY WILL BE FROZEN FOR SPAM. It is against the game rules anyway to spam

3) If a player complains to staff about players using macros and they (accused players) do respond within reasonable time - Nothing will be done as we cannot prove 100% that the player is cheating. We will ignore further complaints from you (The accuser.)

4) We do have a tracking tool that records all your actions. Protection hiring Macros can be setup to hire at different times. If a player complains that you are hiring for many hours at the same time stamp every minute4 exactly and we track you even after you respond and note that you hire on the SAME second every minute, you will be frozen as this is impossible to do a few consecutive times.

5) At all times we will keep all player ID's confidential (ACCUSERS)

6) We wanted to install a human verification tool, but we dont want players to type in some codes to verify that you are human during every collect and hire maybe at every 45 seconds?? We will break your hiring patterns and you will lose protection of you are playing legit to answer this. So we wont go that route.

7) You can message any staff member on skype to check player behaviours and if I am not online they can report it to me or tiki and we will take further action - based on staff observations after you lay the complaint. I will make this a new separate thread and ask all staff to post their skype addresses on it.

8) Lastly, this thread is closed. You can message me in game via PM or email to [email protected] if you have any further suggestions. If they are useful I will add it to this list and then make it a game rule. As it stands now this post is the current official ruling on macros and I will add it to the game rules when we have added useful player inputs.

Thank you