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The Mafia Boss Forum Rules

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  • The Mafia Boss Forum Rules

    1. Spamming & Double Posting: Do not spam the forums with repetitive posts or threads; also, if you must make another comment after posting, please simply go back and edit your last post instead of creating a brand new one.

    2. Inappropriate Language: The use of excessively inappropriate language in the forums is forbidden, this includes vulgar terms, racist comments and overly sexual references. Exceptions to this rule may happen in instances such as “Flame War” and similar threads; however, this will be noted within that particular thread. Any variation of the following can NOT be in the title of any thread: fuck, fuk, fcuk, fvck, cunt, cvnt, kunt, kvnt, nazi , fuc (unless used in a proper word such as fuchsia) The following and any variation are prohibited in any thread/comment at any time: KKK (on its own), Nig (any reference or variation to nigger), Spic, Wog, Chink, Adolf_Hitler, nudity, advertising of any kind, insulting someone's race, religion, mental/physical handicaps or sexual orientation.

    3. Trolling/Bashing either the game or staff: Do not make threads to bash the game under any circumstance. Do not make threads calling out/baiting staff members at any time under any circumstance as any issues or concerns you may have with a staff member should be dealt with in private not in a public forum for all to see.

    4. Bumping Threads: Do not bump several of your own threads at a time simply to fill up the front page with them. Necrobumping (revival of threads unused for several months with irrelevant posts) is also prohibited.

    5. Common Sense: Just because the rule isn't listed here, doesn't mean you won’t lose you’re posting privileges. Please think before you make a thread or comment. What may not be offensive to you could easily be very insulting to someone else so if you have to think or ask if it is allowed DON’T POST IT.

    Any violation of these rules will result in a 24 hour ban from the forums. Repeat violations and severity of violations will be taken into account as well.
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