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West_Coastra_Nostra now recruiting

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  • West_Coastra_Nostra now recruiting

    West_Coast have been around since the beginning of this game, it has taken different forms but original members are back and we NEED YOU!

    We are open open to new players and experienced ones. We like to loot, kill and chat some shit along with having evening walks by the lake..

    if you are a newbie - that’s great too - happy to train you up and help you get to grips with the game. If you’re experienced that’s amazing - we need people like you to be apart of the early stages of growth!

    WC is a historic part of the game - look through past rankings - we have always been around. And now we are back! If you want to be apart of something special please hit me up.
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    Still waiting on my weiner touch frim blizzard before i join


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      Blizz called and said he has bigger weiners to touch.. I on the other hand...