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  • Skidmark_United is recruiting...

    Skidmark_United is opening it’s doors for players both new and old that fit the dirty undies mold.

    We are an independent family, we enjoy hitting above collecting, long walks on the beach, and cuddling with questionable gender fluid people.

    Founders of the FYUU, and the GWLC, Skids have been contributing to betterment of TMB since round 9.

    We are looking for motherfuckers who agree with the motto “A round ended with dus is a round wasted”. We hit. Every round. Without question. If you are interested in ranking, we are not for you. If we rank, it is unintentional and sometimes downright accidental.

    We expect witty banter on the family board, ability to hold your own in a war of words, and the heartfelt desire to crush another human beings dreams.

    Looking for permanent members, not just people wanting a kip in the Mansion.

    if interested, send me a message

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      if i didnt love my crew so much,then i would apply for a position within


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        doodoo panties


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          Originally posted by braw View Post
          if i didnt love my crew so much,then i would apply for a position within
          You wouldn’t make the cut. Don’t know you from Adam, but you aren’t our type. You are too stupid to get the gist of a post when it is blatantly obvious.