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Im Only in need of a women TILL I HIT 40

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  • Im Only in need of a women TILL I HIT 40

    Id I get to 40 or even mid 30s and I haven't had a women since then... it will be too late because I wont be able to have kids then it would have all dried up.

    Women then start to looks for the normal men after theve been treated like shit through the yrs going after they waste of spaces trouble makers.

    I just wont be interested I don't think. seriously because I wont be getting anything out of it an since I would have been used to been alone all my life anywhere... that's how I will MAKE MYSELF LIVE till I die with no compromising.

    So its up to women really.. I am available now... in a few yrs time I wont be.. whether I have a women or not.
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    I heard u can find someone theough them online dating websites. Also maybe u can step away feom the computer and actually out yourself out there.