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ISIS is an American organisation, Why else did they support it ?

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  • ISIS is an American organisation, Why else did they support it ?

    Ive always said it... and I always knew this would happen.. I said it long before it even happened an it did I was right. I am always right BECAUSE GOD TELLS ME STUFF.

    This as been planned for not just decades but hundreds of years... the USA is where the new world order elites come from.. they created the country then have been plotting to take over the world ever since. The USA is the true AXIS of evil.. I don't trust America.... its not Russia or china... ITS AMERICA that I don't trust. Russia will not be bullied and America are bullies thinking they the world police.


    it all started when the soviets where in Afghanistan the US probably didn't want a direct war with the soviets just yet soo they supplied and helped the mujadeen there ( which were basically just Islamic extremists but against the soviet union rather than the us at that time ). So the US sided with Islamic extremists and gave them weapons against the soviets.. baring in mind that 10 yrs later after the us helped them... they then thank the US by bombing the twin towers ?... It just dosnt make sense.

    The US knew all along what was gonna happen and planned it decades and even hundreds of yrs before to create a NEW WORLD ORDER.. WHICH all presidents have said in they speeches. Plus they as been clues and hints with the twin towers on fire if the American dollar is folded in a certain way

    the twin towers was defanatly an inside job. If the planes brought them down the buildings would have fallen side ways, NOT straight fire and heat wouldn't have weakened the metal supports at all so wouldnt have collapsed. The planes were either just computerised or they where real but controlled and no passengers on board all the passengers where killed before hand secretly... its also important to note... that amongst the rubble they found nothing EXCEPT a ''hijackers'' passport and a red head band WHAT are the chances of that ??, its so obvious it placed they afterwards. Also they was NO plane that hit the pentagon it was a bomb from inside the pentagon.

    They tried to blame bin laden probably because he might have found out about the plan and Bin laden was actually CIA agent, so my theory is, that they wanted to kill 2 birds with one stone blame bin laden and do the twin towers and then blame him to GET rid of him AND ALSO do they main objective INVADE THE MIDDLE EAST

    ((maybe the twin towers was a terrorist group that did do it BUT the us gov new about it and let it happen to capitalise on it... Plus afterwards they build an even better tower and probably also brought it down so that it would be cheaper if a plane ''brings it down'' rather then the construction needed.))

    ALSO WHEN THEY APPARENTLY KILLED BIN LADEN.... WHERE IS THE PROOF ? WHERE IS HIS BODY ?... they said they buried him in the water ?. LIES.... I bet he didn't even exist


    is the main objective to drill up oil make money in the process create extra bullshit lies such as weapons of mass destruction as if a poor country as them. DESTROY ALL the stable dictatorships down there make the whole region unstable soooo ISREAL is protected........ meanwhile funding and creating terrorist organisations to create an illusion that they need to be there. MEANWHILE ALL INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE BEEN KILLED.

    in Syria Christians,, muslims and others got along very well under assad ragime and they was freedom.. then AMERICA backs the rebels ( terrorists ) AGAIN NOT LEARNING FROM AFGHANISTAN in the soviet times.. which also dosnt make sense why would America back the terrorists when it didn't work out in Afghanistan against the soviets UNLESS AHHHHH IT WAS A MADE UP US TERRORIST ORGANISATION...

    Now thanks to America.... Christians, and other religious minorities are been slaughtered... BY THE TERRORISTS THEY ARMED AND SUPPORTED.

    I ALWAYS KNEW AND SAID THAT these rebels would become TERRORISTS and they did..... and im not surprised at all.

    Also look at ISIS.. they very well trained, they very well equipped and they even have proppa uniforms that look very similar to American ones.



    I believe it is the true AXIS
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    i think you're really onto something here


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      Originally posted by Schofield View Post
      i think you're really onto something here
      Lol stop encouraging him


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        remain asleep to the chemicals your government put in your drink and food to make you brainwashed... I AM AWAKE THE 3RD EYE IS ACTIVE..


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          Maybe now that you are awake you could go find a fucking job and stop claiming Icke's thoughts as your own.


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            I thought all this up on my own, who is icke.. And if we have the same thoughts then it means that WE KNOW THE TRUTH, PAL.

            We also know that your country turkey also supports ISIS


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              We? as in you and your cat. You seem to know everything and yet do absolutely nothing. Apart from sit around all day smoking that shit while taking Government handouts. Waste of space I think the English call it.


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                well what do you do... im a waste of space cos I don't conform to you CUNTS,

                atleast im awakening the people up to get them to see THE END TIMES ARE NEAR and to watch out for the signs AS THE BIBLE SAYS.