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Kingie p vs dopey : Rap battle !

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  • Kingie p vs dopey : Rap battle !

    looks like Dopey1 wants to challenge me okay then Dopey1 let's get our game on!

    there is a few rules

    1- we only post one reply/comment
    2- we allow any type of comebacks,profanity
    3- only the community will vote on the winner via poll after the battle
    Last edited by KINGIE-PORELLO; 07-01-2015, 07:37 AM.

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    U can't talk about my third nipple tho ill be fuckin pissed lmfao gimme a few hours this should b fun


    • #3
      Dont disappoint me dopey


      • #4
        Dopey 1
        takes it up the bum
        Can't stack shit
        Cos its fulla dick


        • #5
          I've won.,..........................


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            Hop in the cypha
            Kingie step up ill Wesley snipe ya
            We get hypa
            Twist ya cap ya Budweisea

            See u run wit the cartel
            All covered in fart smell
            I come from a dark cell
            N play darts in hell

            Who do we have here kingie the beast?
            King of the streets?
            How you talkin wit my ring in ya teeth

            Put a knot in that string in ya twat
            Thinkin u hot
            I'm Thinkin u not
            Ill shit on ya spot

            Don't make me call BH
            For Pete sakes
            bend ya ass over n ask u how ya knees taste

            You be groanin
            By the time ronin rolls in
            Holding they dick growin
            Covered in spit n lotion

            Dopeys a throat slashing soul assassin
            Come get a dose of this action
            A fo fo packin cat
            What's happening
            Put my fist in ya ass while I'm clappin
            Ya fudge packin fag
            Ya clits draggin
            My clicks laughin

            Ya bitch fuck
            I seen pics wit ya dick tucked
            Cum all over your face
            Beggin to get ur clit sucked

            I react to the beat
            Like tinactin to feet
            When half the masters compete
            Then only half the task is complete
            Packing phat raps never have to retreat
            Who got the rap medallion lets battle to see
            kingie think he badder than me
            I flatter mcs
            Bust this mufuckas ass while I'm laughin
            So please

            Grab ya kotex
            Break ya nose
            Which bone get broke next
            Ya pole smokin lovin fag
            Down wit goat sex

            How u live ya life
            As a midget hermaphrodite
            Don't think of grabbing the Mike
            ill be ripping ya ass right
            sipping a pint of henny
            N twistin the Dutch tight

            Another show done another verse written
            Your heard spittin
            but its sweet like a bird pissin
            Call the nurse in his pulse is weak n his purse missin
            I'm a big mean dog n even worse ur a hurt kitten
            Kingie n dopey battle the first edition
            Last edited by dopey1; 07-02-2015, 07:30 PM.


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              I meant put a knot in that string in that in ya twat


              • #8
                Dopey immah use yooo ass as a sling


                • #9
                  KINGIEEE immah use dopeys asss as a slingshot then sling maa cum in yaahh FACE AHHHHHH


                  • #10
                    Dopey wins... Kingie can't even come through ...


                    • #11
                      Damn. JewPac to the rescue later tonight. Stay tuned


                      • #12
                        No response its a sad sad day


                        • #13

                          Dopey1 you wanna grab ya nuts n run its Russian roulette its my time to spit my words lethal like a Tommy gun its automatic!
                          Ima the newest upcomin the worst you could even think of challenging/ but your new to me so here is ya Christening G
                          my flow is wild so much for EBOLA my shit is worst off it gets inside ya head leaves ya fuck ya mentally then ya suiciding then dead
                          methophors crazy lines but not as bad as mine you stand up sit back down with a frown keep up get laid out on the ground now
                          I will bounce you against the wall of shame with that style of a name you must be stupid but hey your name says it Dopey1 the dumb cunt you will be leaving singin love ones songs I will call ya james blunt no ya not swag your not a stunt !

                          K-ingie is the best
                          I-s nothing you can ever contest against
                          N-o one can show what my flows show ho ho ho mofo
                          G-angsta gangsta your a low life singing in the wind under the light of the moon all night
                          I-rrestible is I by 100 times
                          E-nding is what I do you nothing I something I top you bottom I reserved your spot sit down there the ground!


                          • #14
                            Same shit roll the blunts pour the drinks toke the pipe we up all night
                            counting stacks hanging the weed plants on the racks freshest threads walkin the city with rolls of bread
                            we shine high we might as well be the stars in the night sky we glow with our dealiest gangsta flow full of words its absurd!
                            you can try soon to die trying my strength is your hating can keep me going for gold till I am 100 years old
                            I might aswell start to fold paper do paragami with all this money in front of me paperplanes I first fuck you over then shoot you down in devils flames !


                            • #15
                              That was Aight but I think I got u in that one kingie