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  • Fishing

    So i'm just about to go out fishing and try get myself a Sea Bass for my Supper and i'm wondering which of you other Mafiosos go fishing when your able to prise yourself away from TMB?

    Do you Fish, if so what Type of fishing do you enjoy and what Species of fish do you like to target with what Baits etc?

    I'm going out with my Spinning Rod and a selection of Lures/Spinners/Plugs to target Sea Bass from the Beach tonight.

    Oh.. i'm in the UK.

    It will be interesting to hear from other Fishermen/women from other areas with their preferences etc.

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    I LOVE fishing...I enjoy fishing for Large and Small mouth bass. Normally use either shinners or crayfish. The odd time ill just use a top water spinner bait. I also Love fishing for northern pike as well. Normally use life suckers on a lead or a top water spinner bait in a bright ass colour. Also love fishing for pickeral we use minnows or diver...LOVE fishing for trout and salmon,prefer to do it in the rivers though.I use roe for that,unless in deep water then we downrig with a rapala of choice ,depending on the type of day..Ie sun,rain,cloudy ect.

    I also enjoy deep sea fishing. We have caught some nice groupers..Love to try for marlin one day and blue fin tuna. Maybe the next time I hit Marathon (in the florida keys)

    Damn, I love,love love fishing. can I come? LOL


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      I to love fishing.

      I also like to drunk beer and smoke pot.

      Most times I am playing tmb I am doing all three.

      Usually I am fishing for a buzz, but I also tend to catch large and small mouth as well.

      I caught a 6lb last year. As you can read I am from the USA. I fish in lakes mostly.

      I I I I I


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        Yeah, when I can I like to chill out fishing. Im in the UK as well but I fish lakes for carp. Lots of bass around the estuarys where I live. When we kayak up the estuary they often jump out around the boat


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          There is a private lake near me that has unbelievable fishing. I usually catch a dozen fish when I go. Also I own some land on a river that feeds into a lake. Northen pike, pickerel all sorts of good stuff.


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            Damn..can I come to your house?


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              Just got back after a few hours on the Pier and Beach unfortunately i didn't catch anything tonight and i also managed to lose my best surface Lure/Plug Meh! lol
              First time this happened to me.. the Clip on the Swivel somehow opened and the Plug came off.

              Never mind i will just order another Plug and try again on the weekend, my mate did catch 3 small Turbot but he was using a bottom feeding rig.

              I used to like fishing for Salmon and Trout in the Rivers back in Scotland before i moved down South too.

              It's good to see we have a few enthusiastic Fishermen amongst us


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                Great fishing in different parts of Georgian Bay but I just never had the patience to fish. I inevitably tie a six pack to my line and drop it and listen to some music when I did go. Different buds try and get me to learn but I just can't sit that still waiting for a fish. I have an excalibur crossbow and have enjoyed fishing with that.


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                  For bass fishing I use hulls popper for my top water.. Then jma good old rubber worm

                  btw whoever wants to come to my house, unfortunately I have not built on that property. Just got a shed a generator an a boat


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                    georgian bay has lunkers...I live 2 minutes from Georgian Bay actually. But I prefer to go further North for good bass fishing.


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                      All ya need would be a tent then....or a camper...lets go FISHIN~


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                        Fishermen AND women :-)


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                          Word.. Property is in Massachusetts come on down


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                            i HATE sport fishing (if you can call it that)

                            it's like throwing a bird out of the sky, measure it and throw it back up....just as stupid

                            if you hunt for food i haven't said a thing though....
                            It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                              it's one of those areas where i'm not too proud to be dutch since we are the worst when it comes to fishing
                              It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.