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How come its cool to be gay and lesbian these days ?

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  • How come its cool to be gay and lesbian these days ?

    its larrrk once it was cool to be black that's why ya have all thoughs wiggas such as kingie motherfukah poreello.

    But nowadays the new hit thing is to be gay n a lesbo... especially lesbian... its seems incredibly easy for a woman to just turn lesbian... ive seen it... they go to prison n then instantly turn lesbian.. or they have a bad relationship with a man then turn lesbian and hate ALL men because of 1 man..

    Yet they say sexual orientation isn't a choice ? LOL

    I think it isn't a choice for some people. However some people most people just put it on because its the ''FASHION'' of today.

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    think its just more socially acceptable to be yourself with out having to hide who you are, who you love, and what you like... in the end who really cares? their just people, like you, like me, who just want to be with the people they love. get over it lol


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      If you are in social circles where its "cool" to be gay, you are deffo knocking around with the wrong type of people.


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        Man said it!


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          I'd like to know how come you are still here after being banned a godzillion times already from the forums.


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            For real why do they let you talk?


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              cuz he is not a proppa man.

              he cries like a lil beotch when he gets banned

              he knows who to blows.


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                howecome your on MY thread if you got nothing decent to say about this subject ?


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                  Theys nothing wrong with my thread at all. Im not hating anyone, but common we hear about gaystuff in the news everyday and with a referendum in Ireland allowing gay marriage... it seems its becoming the cool thing to be, .. where as just a few years ago the people that thinks its cool would have been hating on them. BUT NOW all of a sudden they views change because its now the ''cool thing'' to be ? and also a lot of people are suddenly ''coming out the cubboard''. That's the point.

                  Im trying to see what TMB communitys views are also on this subjects ... ive giving mine I want yours. You don't have one then get off my thread naaah mean son.


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                    they banned him and were silly enough to let him back on, people will never learn