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Kill Points: how do you get over 1 miKlink as a level 1?

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    Btw gotta get your shit straight before talking lmao First we suicide then we are great folks?
    Just stop bitchin and start killin!

    and Jumbo, Max, Nexus and myself are called AVENGERS, or did you want to ingrace some members?

    A few of them even sympathize for you lmao
    I think you're just a little wuss whose only way to get some silver is by hiding in turbo, and even then you can't win the Superbowl!

    Cuz it's hard, idiot!
    No matter how much you diminish people's efforts by bitching every single round!
    JuicyFruit could do your rounds total KP's overnight and you'd still be whining! ROFL

    The only way to get respect is by earning it, and you've never earned shit as a Killer!
    Try killing for real next round, no low-net killing on competitors and bitchin on forums, and people will acknowledge your work! As per now it's only complain, whine and bitchin! lol

    Originally posted by Super_Fly View Post
    At least CortoMaltese, Jumbo, MightyMax, Nexus, Jackanapes, Killers Inc, Schofield, Markoez, even certain members of shitsquad, a.d nameless don't have a gang of tier 2, 3, and 4 "players" who target level 1 all round and then feed farm kills to the same douchebags every other round.
    04-21-2015 08:45 PM #42
    They didn't sell out... they bought in ... underdogs...turn for turn you can't touch us because we volunteer for credits and have level 1 and up inside and outside of our family to suicide on the competition when it comes to killer rank spots.


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      I don't know who to believe. So many angry fucking liars on here.