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TURBO : No Range vs. Range ...your thoughts

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  • TURBO : No Range vs. Range ...your thoughts

    In your opinions which do you prefer, range or no range? I enjoy no range. Looting heaven, big dogs are going to eat and hunt so stay maxed, farming is harder to successfully pull off in a no range turbo than with range, it's all about who's the fastest, most on at toh, a little luck and timing thrown in for good measure, and multis don't really have as much of an impact in a no range, where in a range turbo they are out in full force and there's no real way to hide or use turns as wisely as you can in a no range.
    No Range Rules!
    I like an unfair advantage, Range is for me.
    Mix it up, or I don't play turbo.

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    No range is pretty unfair on free players


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      Yeh, as Roughy said, with no range you may aswell not bother if you don't have a sub.
      No ranges are boring as fuck. 1 guy clears the board.....

      If you make a poll, give people all angles to vote on.


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        I agree with Roughy, but still prefer no range.


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          I played the no range turbos while playing as a free player, I looted and did somewhat successful in only 5 or 6 TOHs at the end i rounded up a total of about 400bil... again, I did this as a free looter... no its not the trillions that get pumped in by the big guys but for a free player it was a successful round... otherwise, range or no range it doesnt matter in the end, the only people that get ranked are the people in the powerful families... at the end it just comes down to who was chosen in what family to hold the bank roll to get a rank... range/no range barely affects the ranks at all most of the same people/families rank the way they usually do.


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            no range is great for looting.. but as in most turbos people usually wait to be maxed and collect last hour..

            no range sucks on an1 trying to build dus.. especially free killers.. if there was a wayto get people to make transfers early, and collect early.. like how you have 1 transfer a hour, or two per hour, and can only send half you net then maybe no range would be good..

            but as i see in turbos no range means ever1 just waits till last hour to collect, and people dont arm because they will be hit regardless..


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              Originally posted by Roughy View Post
              No range is pretty unfair on free players
              I have had great success in no range turbos. It seems like farming kill points is harder in no range because basically if you're fast and maxed you have just as much chance at getting kp' s as the other guy. To me it seems as if the most persistent players who are hitting at TOH , hire protection and or get maxed, and don't overhire ( not a real word) or leave du's unused.


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                farming point is valid

                when i use to kill in free killing, i found no range the best.

                but right now, both range and no range sucks for free players. exception ratio rounds.


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                  yeah, just like i said in the last turbo review, I got a bronze in the last 4h of turbo. and it was no range. it is unfair for free killers yes, but if you are fast (and maybe bit of lucky) enough to hit a enemy you can guarantee a rank.

                  its the same thing for lag in my opinion, sometimes it sucks a lot, but sometimes you can use that as a advantage since the enemy also will be affected. but in that case its just luck i guess haha


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                    No range --> Transfers OFF, No revenge
                    Range ---> Transfers ON, No revenge

                    I think this would suit the ranging rules.
                    Exitus Acta Probat


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                      Turbo rules are random and require different strategy sometimes when variations are thrown into the rules. As some rules are not set [the same for every round] you can debate as much as you want but would still have to change the way you play to adapt to certain conditions. And we would not let players determine what the rules would be here, anyway, as that would just make it the same every time and boring.

                      I agree that some variations , if not thought out properly, do get boring or unfair...but we try to balance it out.
                      On the topic of range, it would get really unfair if we uncapped the round and made ops hits really low like even 100 turns per hit, but with a lower cap it still provides a safety net so stronger higher level players don't get to beat up on smaller guys...who are competing for the lower ranks against each other.
                      Game Admin


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                        Credits Won Round 651 :: Best Free Killers - Rank 3 10,000 28 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes, and 22 seconds.

                        Credits Won Round 647 :: Level 1 - Rank 2 15,000

                        Storm you gotta get the whiners to stop.

                        Fact is it doesnt make any difference . You are going to get beat like a goof every time by better players and also organized players.

                        I played the last hour only in these two rounds.

                        One is killing and one is looting . It is possible to rank on your own still and only in the last hour of play.

                        Imagine an organized group going at it for 3 days looting. Or killing at the optimal time.

                        When I started playing we had about 7 good players going at it for the full turbo and it was a lot of work.

                        Sure the transfers make it tougher to compete and there is whining about families not getting free players involved but enough with the crying and whining. It is what it is. Don't like it?? Sub up .. Can't compete?? come to the realization that you just arent that good .
                        There is no good players hardly even playing in the turbo. What are you going to do when new rules come out and the better players start to engage in the game?? Get a soother . Jam it in your pie hole, and stfu.