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Are the cops good?

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  • Are the cops good?

    We are allways told to believe in the police. And there are here to protect and serve us.

    But how can you believe that when things like this article writes about happens?

    Things like this is happening alot many places in the world. It's not fair.
    And I loose more and more faith in the police every day.

    In Denmark where I live. There was recently a terrorist attack. And now our street police is walking around with Machine Guns.
    Makes 'em scary as hell. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody here in Denmark is gunned down by the cops within a year.

    It makes me really sad that the people who are here to protect and serve the well being of the public, actually is more a threat to public in my eyes.


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    Cops.suck dic*s!!!


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        How can we as a civilian society respect and trust a corrupted civilian police system? Then again, if the police were militarized federally we would lose even more rights as a people because we would be in a police state more so than we are already... pray about it if you don't know how to act upon it.


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          The police mentality changed severely over the years
          It went from...

          enforcing the law
          protecting our rights
          protecting their OWN!

          and that is the police state we are in now. They have established a militarized state of mind where they are out to complete the objective, neutralize or immobilize the target, and deescalate the situation.

          you thrown in the fact that crime statistics are skewed heavily among the poor and particular racial demographics, the paranoia, anxiety, and hostility goes up 10 fold in areas where we see these types of environments.
          Stereotypes and profiling only makes the matters worse.

          Don't get me wrong. Both sides need to change.
          The mentality and training needs to change, but there also need to be improvements and serious effort from the communities and landlords into solving internal issues.

          There is no reason to have a bad crime infested neighborhood just because of poverty
          and landlords should put more effort into making the houses in the community appear better inside and out.
          A 4 family flat apartment should not have cracked brick walls, broke pipes, and hazardous steps in the building regardless of the neighborhood value.
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            Sad to say this but,I agree with worker


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              C.O.P Criminals Of Permission... there are the odd few who believe in enforcing the law but most are bent fuckers.


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                i don't hate on police....but on politics crippling them or forcing them to play hardball

                it's a shitty job and lots of complications so i respect the police in general but i do recognise the uniform can be used for bad

                i don't think each country has the same problem

                media was their downfall in US and UK and the good old racism but that's almost patented in the US

                europe has another problem where politics force police to 'adapt' and mirror society and therefor attracted people that should have never been a cop...

                let's not forget politics write their procedures and has more influence on them than anything else....
                It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                  But the police in netherlands ain't that corrupted either are they? Black cat :P

                  And yeah ofcourse it is in the politics that can change the most things. But in Denmark we have a leftwing party called Social Demokratiet (Social Democrates ) And they are starting to agree more and more with there sworn Enemy a right wing party called Dansk Folkeparti (Danish folkparty) who are really racists some of there members are know to be old members of Ultra White Pride (a neo nazi group)
                  So when even the leading politicians are getting more and more fucked what can we do about the police


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                    vote differently...
                    It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                      I knew Soe would climb all over this thread and ride it like he loves it.

                      Cops seem to be worse now than before as they have more threats on the street than ever before.

                      Would you all like to live somewhere without cops? Somewhere that rules and laws aren't enforced?? It would no longer be the cops you feared.
                      Get your kool-aid drinking thug life lovin' homies to stop carrying guns and cops won't react to you fucking waste of lives like they do.


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                        I believe all of you guys being bothered about police in west countries come and live in 3rd world country... You will learn to respect your police real quick.

                        simple as that


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                          Police are necessary but there is too much industry and money involved. Quotas on arrests and traffic tickets etc. Correctional Officer's unions, privatizing prisons and jails, the war on drugs, millions of my country's citizens being jailed, imprisoned, and extorted all for the financial gain of corporations and the politicians they fund and install to protect their financial interests at the expense of fellow man. Enforcing laws created to generate revenue.


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                            shouldn't blame the police they are just doing there job some are corrupt as fuck but i cant blame them shitty pay for the shit they put up with i would wanna make some extra cash on the side too....the oes who go power crazy should be forced to find a new job...all there is a out the matter


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                              Try telling God on Judgement Day "I was just doing my job" or "I had a family to feed" or "I was just following orders" . . . What about the NAZI bastards who said they were just following orders at the Nuremberg trials? Stop drop and roll don't work in hell motherfuckers. Please excuse the profanity.