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    The end times are coming.. THE HOLY BIBLE AND JESUS speaks of the end times and the signs of the end.... and I can see them the warning signs are already here.

    Have you seen the state of the world recently ?

    If you haven't noticed, the world's a mess. A huge mess. Beheadings, school shootings on a rampant scale, race wars, earthquakes everywhere. It's nuts. And coincidentally, all of these messes we see everyday in the news were actually prophecied in advance by Jesus Christ and the Bible over 2000 years ago. Just one of many proofs that the Bible is divine (no other "holy books" predict the future as specifically as the Bible does.. The Bible has a 100% accuracy track record when it comes to prophecy and future events).

    This all means that Christ is about to return. Which is great if you're saved but it'll be hell on earth if you aren't. You don't want to be here for the Tribulation period.

    Though many prophecies will reach fulfillment during the Tribulation, we can see right now that all the end time signs foretold by Jesus and His prophets have emerged and are converging (all coming together at once). Here are some of these signs:

    - In the end times isreal would become a nation again and most jews would return home that's happened.
    - Israel has become a burdensome stone and is at the center of the world’s attention.
    - Unrestrained anti-Semitism is forcing more and more Jews to return to Israel.
    - Israel is literally surrounded by enemies who want to destroy the tiny nation.
    - The nations that will participate in the upcoming wars are aligned as prophesied in the Bible.
    - Everywhere you look ethnic group is against ethnic group.
    - Race wars.. race against race
    - Nations will rise up against against they own nations destroying them ( we are seeing this throughout the world )
    - Wars and rumors of wars abound on earth.
    - Russia has risen, has a hook in its jaw and is allied with Iran.
    - There are many false religious movements and false prophets.
    - The kings and leaders of the world are a threat
    - There is a move towards global religion, global government, and global economy. A NEW WORLD ORDER
    - Global communication, increase in knowledge
    - Ability to travel to and fro in all the earth
    - Nuclear capability
    - Signs in the sky
    - Signs in the earth; creation groaning
    - Return of diseases previously eradicated and the worrisome world Ebola threat
    - The world is like it was in the days of Noah, corrupt and filled with wickedness.
    - Horrible terrorist acts are causing fear in the hearts of people worldwide.
    - people will become single parents the collapsing of morality and kids been abandoned and severily abused.
    - men would become femenime and women become masculine
    - immoral perverted behaviour
    - people worshipping false idols, celebrities, fame and money and abandoning God.
    - Hyper sexualisation in music videos and videos with hidden illuminate symbols and satanic images and symbols

    LITTERALLY we are seeing all of this now.. plus they is a lot more aswell that we have seen in the past and is happening now and will happen in the future.

    When we combine current events with the fact that ISIS controls 1/3 of Syria, and many terrorist organizations have a base in its city of Damascus, it appears evident that we will soon see the fulfillment of Isaiah 17.

    We're going to see all prophecy be fulfilled soon! People! WAKE UP! You can watch real-world news and see these prophecies coming to a head! The Bible isn't a bunch of fairy stories! Archaeology and even geology and topography confirms these people, places, and events existed! And the fact that Christ's words are coming true means you're ALMOST OUT OF TIME!!!

    (we've all sinned in some capacity in our lives- how many people have you cussed at and trolled online this week alone?). The fact that Jesus Christ's words are coming true, prophecied in advance over 2000 years ago, proves He is the all-knowing, all-seeing, ONLY God!

    And guess what? He LOVES you! He loves even though you troll people or watch porn or suffer or did some thing you assume is unforgivable. People have burned His word yet He's forgiven them! And He wants to forgive you and help you get out of your sinful lifestyle! It doesn't matter if you're black, white, Brown, oriental. You're His child! And if you'll believe in Him, accept Him as your Lord and Savior and repent of your sins, He'll save you! GOD see's everyone as equal and loves everyone equally with never ending love. GOD IS THE TRUE ONLY ETERNAL FATHER.

    TAKE THAT OFFER!!! Why settle for mud pies here on earth when Jesus offers you an eternal feast?

    Don't be left behind to endure the Tribulation. Save yourselves now while the Ark doors are still open... because they're about to shut. And you DON'T want to be left here when they finally do close.

    DONT choose the wrong side. Don't let the evil spirt of satan drag you down into commiting evil with him. That's his end game- an attitude of "If I'm going down, you're going down with me!" What else can explain the insane evil you see increasing everywhere? Satan knows his time is short and he wants to cause as much damage and ensnare as many souls as possible- yours included. Don't let that monster win your soul!

    Now, your automatic response to reading all of this is probably firing off the typical cliched f-bombs and insisting none of this can be real. I don't blame you for thinking that way... this is scary stuff!

    If you doubt me, that's fair. You're allowed to doubt all of this if you want. Most people do till they read the bible and open they eyes and wake up and see whats going on around them. The casual passersby would chalk all this up to apocalyptic, crazy religious psychobabble! But the writing is on the wall every day....
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    The best thing for this world would be "an ark" taking all religious fanatics to another world.
    Good luck to you all.


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      By the way, please show me in the bible where it says there will be "nuclear capability"

      I'm intrigued


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        well theys metaphors for that ... ''hell will be unleashed on earth''.... 2000 years ago they didn't have the words for it did there...... if a nuclear bombs fall.. then it will be hell unleashed on earth.

        But nukes might never be set off.... it could be a metaphor for something else.


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          Raptor Jesus though


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              This isn't a joke you know... Im been 100% honest here... I am preparing for the end times. God as given us signs to watch out for and I can see them appearing... I don't know when the end will come only God knows that.. But I know we are in the beginning phase of the end times which started about 100 years ago. God didn't say it would be on over night thing. But a thing that will last hundreds of years. Each day will get grayer and more evil than the last.


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                As prophercised the devil is corrupting souls and attempting to steal Gods throne the devil know his time is numbered which is why he wants to take as many souls as he can with him to the grave.


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                  yea people wrote these stories and people voted over them as well for a few hundred years...over 2000 years now to be exact

                  if highly educated people can't predict the weather for next week i doubt they can predict something even further in the future....

                  i am not convinced....
                  It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                    everything that the bible predicted thousands of years ago as come true... read it and then compare with todays world and of the past and whats to come in the future and you see, USE your third eye wake up... the elite puts things chemicals etc in the water and food so people remain asleep and passive and it blocks there 3rd eye sense which is in the brain


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                      I put my trust and faith in God. I fear God. He is all powerful and is my all. I love him more than anything, and would give my life for him like he has given his only begotten son's life for me. I would give anything for him. Now listen, the NWO and illuminati hides everywhere. Illuminati confirmed adds support it. The dollar bill has the illuminati symbol on the back. I dislike the fact it is there. I strongly dislike because the Lord says we must not hate. But, God gives me the knowledge and power to help me find these things, and he protects me from the evil and deceit of this. Please, the time will come. And believe me, it will not come in 2015 or any man predicted time. The Lord has told us that we will not know when it will all happen. Parts are in effect now, but the big part has not occured yet. God has the time, date, year ready for us. He wants us to live our lives now to the fullest and obey his command. If we obey him, we will hopefully be let into the gates of Heaven. The most wonderful paradise where no evil could get in or ever prevail. Everything is hidden. The plan is happening but not the big effect yet. But believe me, parts are in TV, movies, video games. Avoid games such as The Evil Within, avoid shows such as The Walking Dead (I know it's kinda entertaining) but if you watch it, pray afterwards, for the strength and mercy of the Lord will save us. some games are ok. But you must avoid the gore. Ask for protection, ask for his shield. Movies with sexual interactivity are evil. These things must be done in private. You get the point. Anyway I'm getting tired, but never get the mark of the best and always put faith in the Lord.

                      Its much better to have faith in God... Then trust in humanity... humanity will continue to get more evil and insane and the time gos on
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                        So as long as we predict the end times tto be that year of each new year then we are cool i guess.... pluss most of the shit thats going on now has already gone on in the past just with different people and for different reasons... life is like a circle.... there is canstant torture there has always been shootings and always been rapists and always been murderers... the reason we know about it now is because of the internet and social/television broadcasting... its all already happened and will all happen again... there has always been extremists... like vikings and shit... although i still am not dissing the possibility in this and the other threads you have made to be true because i believe in possibilites.... but unfortuantely if all thus is true then id happily apoligise to god when im dead and just blame the world for not letting me see the truth... and im sure he would understand well because he is god and he loves everyone and he knows im not stupid so as of this moment in time im just going to live life the way i am because unfortunatly its just the way the world works and in order for me to get the best out of life i have to protect my stuff in all sorts of manner from the people with much more dusgusting views and opinions.... i could go on but im tired.


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                          I just copied and pasted my opinion from your tribunal 2....


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                            well I respect your opinion.. atleast you speak sense and have good points... unlike extremists that just like to bash.


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                              End of Days won't be for another 400-600 years though. Which is not that long but not even in our. Great grandchildren lifetimes