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    maybe it is.. it could end tomorrow.. God knows when, not people only to look out for the signs and im seeing them all over... literally.... the world as gotten worse and less moral in the past 5 years alone.... The world is getting WORSE.

    You know all wars have been long planned by the new world order thousands of years ago.... NWO made its big play in 9/11 it planned this for 100s of yrs... ever since 9/11 stuffs gone down hill big time.... its a domino affect... which will lead to ww3 and the NEW ANTI-CHRIST

    they is NWO symbols EVERYWHERE... look at the US dollar bill for instance for one. Also shows 9/11 and the fire/smoke coming out the buildings


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      buildings do not fall straight down unless they are controlled explosions and if they did only a few floors would fall, friction would slow them down... and even if the floors did all callapse the metal skeleton would still be standing high because they where resistant to heat and fire and it was checked and proven to make sure they were. But the metal supports had cuts in them ALL OF THEM they was also pools of metal on the floor found all over suggesting that they had been cut with some incendiary bombs or device.

      Also amongst the rubble there was NOTHING at all found, except a so called hijackers passport and a red head band.. HOW THE HELL did they survive if nothing else did if the plane was hijacked ??...

      Then theys the pentagon NO PLANE RUBBLE AT ALL was found and the explosion came from inside

      then theys united 97 no plane rubble again... JUst a big hole in the ground.

      also when they released the pictures of the ''hijackers''. one ''hijacker'' was ALIVE and came forward and said WHAT THE HELL, I arnt a terrorist or a hijacker.

      The CIA is smart But they also stupid.. because theys holes all over they plan, blaming terrorists....

      then theys the boston bombers.... now on one of them as ''appologised''... SINCE WHEN DO TERRORISTS APPOLOGISE ? OR SURRENDER ?.... THEY WANT TO BE MARTYRS

      cia wants to increase terrorism so they can keep and increase funding.... ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY. They don't care about peoples lives and just use scape goats

      stop with your head in the sand and open your eyes and mind to it.. DONT BE BRAINWASHED


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          its just a box with a x in it ?