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Sex Robots and Androids

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  • Sex Robots and Androids

    I am usually against stuff like this.. like I am 100% against porn... because porn fucks up brains...But sex robots are a different thing.

    I wish it didn't come to this... but with feminism destroying men and women relationships it is inevitable.

    I don't think this is actually a bad idea... yet a lot of woman are angry about it.. WHY ?. Whats it got to do with women what men do ?... why do women care when they are big strong and independent and dont need noo man ??….Oh yeah because if men decide to start been with robots women will lose they power and control over men that is why they so concerned.

    apparently 80% of women chase after 20% of the men and 80% of men chase after 20% of women.... Soo women are always guaranteed to have sex and be in relationships.... Men arnt though... HOW IS THAT FAIR ?... Me personally I don't give a shit.. I can control my urges I don't need a woman.. but I could easily get a woman if I wanted. Men have biological urge to have sex.. WOMEN although they enjoy sex just as much as men Still do not have the urge compared to a man... THEREFORE WOMEN ABSOLUTLEY HAVE NO IDEA or UNDERSTANDING of what it is like to be a man. So Why should Men Be Alone ???... When Men can have robots to satisfy they needs ?.

    The world is not a good place for a man anymore.. we live in a degenerate man hating world now. The world bites the hand that feeds it....The common working man who as built the world.. is the one who is constantly under attack and now we don't even have women on our side anymore. THE COMMON WORKING MAN SIMPLY DOES NOT FEEL APPRECIATED OR EVEN WANTED ANYMORE... now that we have fulfilled our purpous in creating another ''civilisation''... which without decent hard working men will callapse in a number of years anyway ESPECIALLY under feminism and woman control... EVERY SINGLE EMPIRE IN HISTORY that gave women too much power as CALLAPSED !!. and that is a fact.

    Like in the game Detroit become human.... I believe the androids which are slaves to society are MEN and the humans who control them are WOMAN.... and the MEN WANT TO BE FREE BUT THE WOMEN WONT GRANT MEN FREEDOM AND SEE THEM AS INFERIOR.. which is exactly same thing in society now.
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    Bro , i think youre gay for real, or you have problems with the females


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      I think you should get the Bruce Jenner operation worker. become kaitlan worker


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          Go fuck sex robots and get over it.


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            first take the dildo out your butt


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              Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
              Bro , i think youre gay for real, or you have problems with the females
              Ahhh feminist shaming tactics.....

              with women the way they are these days... id rather be gay.... I am more emotionally attracted to men anyway because we understand one another and go through the same hardships in life and know how to truly LOVE... I am physically more attracted to women... but women don't know how to love anything other than themselves. The might look nice on the outside but on the inside....