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Give UP On Women and Society can Eat Itself--- Concentrating now fully on GOD

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  • Give UP On Women and Society can Eat Itself--- Concentrating now fully on GOD

    I have decided to give up on women.. I could easily get a woman if I wanted. but I don't want one.... society is feminist and man hating, The common working man no longer feels appreciated. it is also sex obsessed too and this just further makes me not want to get with a woman as society become more and more degenerate.
    Look at the media every single thing is all man hating.. even on topics which have nothing to do with it they will still try and twist it wherever they can to hate on men especially white men or Christianity or straight people etc etc. It is because the media is ran by satanists and the dark hates the light.

    But I don't care anymore... society can eat itself...which is exactly what is happening LOL... all Women are becoming more and more lonelier and are gonna be alone when they old. the LGBT people fight amongst themselves.... Black lifes matter terrorists all kill each other anyway.... Antifa and leftwingers and liberals are all depressed.... it is because they are going against NATURE and they know it. They was a article that said conservatives are the happiest people... THATS BECAUSE... They are awake. they stick to nature.. MEN ARE MEN WOMEN ARE WOMEN... They have GOD in they lifes…. they work for what they have AND they don't blame other people for they own mess ups. Unlike totally the opposite to what the left wing do which is going totally against nature and trying to turn mother nature inside out and back to front like making men women and women men etc and trying to make and turn everyone into a ''victim'' that is ''oppressed''. it is all Satanism and like the freemason saying '' Make them all speak and walk backwards ''... SATANISM

    Soo like I say.. I don't care anymore... I am going my own way... reading the bible everyday getting closer to God all that is happening in the world is no surprise to me anyway this is what it will be like in the last days and we are in the last days so I REJOICE... I don't watch tv that much anymore.. I only read the news just to laugh at the bullshit and propaganda and to keep an eye out for the bible prophercies which I SEE EVERYWHERE NOW I DONT EVEN NEED TO LOOK FOR THEM ANYMORE. I am preparing for the end now.

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    Then two day's later you will say i'm going to try and find a women or some shit.


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      Trust me I wont be doing....

      It is just me and God

      besides that's just a social experiment to see if dating sites work... I AM NOT actually looking for a woman pal.


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        Lol worthless that's why no woman wants you.


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          Originally posted by Fiona View Post
          Lol worthless that's why no woman wants you.
          Totally the other way around actually

          what do brainwashed modern women have to offer me ?....


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            if you wanna devote yourself to GOD then get off this game and dont come back


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              The more I Learn about Humans and Women..... The more I Love my Cats.


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                Brothers and sisters, in view of all we have just shared about God’s compassion, I encourage you to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, dedicated to God and pleasing to him. This kind of worship is appropriate for you. 2 Don’t become like the people of this world. Instead, change the way you think. Then you will always be able to determine what God really wants—what is good, pleasing, and perfect.

                3 Because of the kindness[a] that God has shown me, I ask you not to think of yourselves more highly than you should. Instead, your thoughts should lead you to use good judgment based on what God has given each of you as believers. 4 Our bodies have many parts, but these parts don’t all do the same thing. 5 In the same way, even though we are many individuals, Christ makes us one body and individuals who are connected to each other. 6 God in his kindness gave each of us different gifts. If your gift is speaking what God has revealed, make sure what you say agrees with the Christian faith. 7 If your gift is serving, then devote yourself to serving. If it is teaching, devote yourself to teaching. 8 If it is encouraging others, devote yourself to giving encouragement. If it is sharing, be generous. If it is leadership, lead enthusiastically. If it is helping people in need, help them cheerfully.

                9 Love sincerely. Hate evil. Hold on to what is good. 10 Be devoted to each other like a loving family. Excel in showing respect for each other. 11 Don’t be lazy in showing your devotion. Use your energy to serve the Lord. 12 Be happy in your confidence, be patient in trouble, and pray continually. 13 Share what you have with God’s people who are in need. Be hospitable.

                14 Bless those who persecute you. Bless them, and don’t curse them. 15 Be happy with those who are happy. Be sad with those who are sad. 16 Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be arrogant, but be friendly to humble people. Don’t think that you are smarter than you really are.

                17 Don’t pay people back with evil for the evil they do to you. Focus your thoughts on those things that are considered noble. 18 As much as it is possible, live in peace with everyone. 19 Don’t take revenge, dear friends. Instead, let God’s anger take care of it. After all, Scripture says, “I alone have the right to take revenge. I will pay back, says the Lord.” 20 But,

                “If your enemy is hungry, feed him.
                If he is thirsty, give him a drink.
                If you do this, you will make him feel guilty and ashamed.”
                21 Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil with good.